A Gift Guide For The Mama Who Loves A Date Night In And Giggles At Mark Twain Quotes




1.  A Cozy, Yet Interesting Cardigan

All Saints Silk Itat Shrug, $230

Cardigans rarely catch my eye, but this one – in a deep “bordeaux” with silk detail – is gorgeous.  Perfect for sliding over bare shoulders on a date-night-in.


2.  Sexy PJs

Eberjey – Rosette Pajamas, $111

Sexy PJs are a must for a date-night-in and these are Mike’s favs.  (Mine, too.)


3.  Ballet-Inspired Warmups

Free People Camp Fire Thigh High Legwarmer, $28

You could lounge around in sweatpants….or you could wear tiny little shorts with over-the-knee legwarmers.  Guess which one feels sexier?  (This was my fav trick post-partum.  I’d just add a big swingy sweater to hide the pooch.)


4.  A Lux Cleansing Balm To Ease Your Nighttime Routine

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm, $65

I hate washing my face at night.  HATEIT.  I’m always exhausted, and the whole splashing-water-on-face thing just feels like too much.  I’ve been using facial cleansing wipes but they don’t remove all of my makeup, so I then have to follow them up with a toner (a couple of times) and even sometimes eye makeup remover and UGH.  But I’ve been thrilled with this cleansing balm.  It feels like a pot of solidified oil cleanser – scoop some out, warm it up on your fingertips, then rub on your face.  The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which you wet with warm water, then use to wipe off your face.  Makeup is dissolved – completely (I’ve tested it by running a cotton ball of toner over my face – NOTHING is on it) – and my skin feels soft and balanced.  This balm feels more like a pampering face mask then a cleanser.


5.  A Bracelet To Remind You You’re Loved

MantraBand I Love You To The Moon and Back Bracelet, $35

This simple little bracelet reads, “I Love You To The Moon and Back” which makes my heart stutter a little because that’s like the game I always play with my boys.  “Mom, I wuv you more den all dese GRAPES!!”  Says Pax.

6.  Bedtime Socks

Old Navy Cozy Socks, $5

If you have iceberg-feet, these are the ONLY socks that will thaw those frigid piggies in bed.  THE ONLY ONES.  Magic socks.  You can find these fluffy little socks pretty much anywhere, but I like Old Navy’s price and available patterns.


7.  A Huge Soft Scarf To Cuddle In

Anthropologie Hiram Scarf, $78

You’ll never take off this this huge, luxuriously soft scarf.  It is fabulous, and so perfectly completes the whole ‘I effortlessly lounge looking tousled and sexy ‘ vibe we’re going for.


8.  Cute and Cozy Slippers

Ugg Cozy Knit Slipper, $129

Because I keep wearing my mini Uggs in the house (gross – they go everywhere outside, too), and because Mike remarked that my Ugg Fluffy Flip Flops make my feet look like Hobbit feet.

9.  Flirty Pillows

My husband irrationally hates all throw pillows which is exactly why these would be a GIFT.  Besides, FLIRTY PILLOWS.  (ps.  Feel free to wake me with “Hey Gorgeous” anytime.  Any. Time.)

Hello There Handsome and Good Morning Gorgeous throw pillows, $35 each

10. Silk Pillowcases in the Manner of Royalty

My mother claims that silk pillowcases will help prevent wrinkles from forming AND I THINK THAT SHE’S RIGHT.  Nothing like says ‘stuff it Scientific Process’ like a random tidbit that relies solely on one person’s desperate attempts to not age (consider yourself warned) but here we go:  I switched to silk, and now whenever my silk pillowcase is in the wash (this could be days/weeks I’ll never tell), I SWEAR I have more wrinkles when I wake up.  I do.  I know I do!  I feel it, you guys.  I feel it in my soul. #science

SpaSilk 100% Silk Pillowcases, $20 each


11.  An Upgrade Of Her Favorite E-Reader

Kindle Voyage, $199 (without 3G) – $269 (with 3G and wireless)

THIS!!!  You guys, I am a HUGE Kindle Paperwhite fan.  Forget the Fire, forget the Ipad, all I want is a device that lets me read millions of books wherever I want.  I want e-ink so I can read outside (even at the beach), and I want it back-lit so I can read in bed with the lights off.  The Paperwhite does all of those things (I have one, it’s amazing) but the Voyage – the next-gen Paperwhite – has even higher resolution, automatic light sensing based on your environment, and easier pageturns.  NY Times said, “You don’t just forget that you’re reading an e-book; you forget that you’re using any kind of electronic device at all.”  YESYESYES.


12.  Exfoiliation So Good, Even the Kids Will Notice

Roden+Fields Redefine Macro Exfoliator, $279

My friend Molly (longtime readers will remember her as, ‘M’) sent me this kit a year ago.  I had been complaining that my skin was so dull and gray from all of the chemo and I felt like I had aged 10 years in a matter of months.  Next thing I knew, Molly (who is selling Rodan+Fields) sent me an insanely huge carepackage of fab Roden+Fields products.  I’ve been using them for a year now (am planning to do a full review next month) but THIS ONE, the Macro Exfoliator? Oh my.  The first time I used it (at night), I came downstairs in the morning – no makeup, bald, and in my pjs – Raines took one look at me and said, “MOM!! WOW!  What did you do?  You look beautiful!!” and ran over to touch my face.  I mean seriously.  Even Mike was all, “Whoa, Babe. C’mere.”  Good stuff, Mamas.  GOOD STUFF.


13.  Funky Bookends For Nostalgia

Grazing Giraffe Bookends, $65

Love this witty design.


Happy Holidays!