A Gift Guide for the Mama who Loves allllll the Sparkly things


Last year around this time, Greenlea was great at restaurants.  She’d sleep in her carseat or be held by someone around the table and was content.  This year is a different story . . . she now is at that in-between stage where she’s too young to be entertained by an iPad or coloring book (unless you count eating the crayons) yet too old to be content with someone holding her.  “Wok!” is what we hear alllll the time now.  So I’ll put her down, walk with her around the restaurant, and she’ll stop and stare at people (at least she’s still young enough that staring is cute) and then we’ll go back to our table to eat cold food.  Not the best “night out.”  Zack and I do try to do date nights but between paying for a sitter AND the night out . . . and it’s just not possible to do as much as we’d like!  What does this have to do with my gift guide?  Well, it’s all about bringing a little luxury to your home . . . feeling that “night out” vibe without actually leaving your place.  From gorgeous glasses, decanters and serving trays to sparkly jewelry, glam perfume and luxurious throws, here are the gifts that I think would make for great nights . . . wherever you spend them.

Gift Guide for Gold Lovers1. ‘Riva’ Diamond Stud Earrings: These bring diamond studs to a whole new level.  Such a cool, unique design that I could wear all day every day.

2. Ear Crawlers: These ear crawlers are daintier than most I’ve seen but still add a bit of edge to the traditional stud earring . . . and still stay out of the way of toddler hands!

3. Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow: I finally bought one of these (in ‘kitten’) after lusting over them for years.  It absolutely lived up to my expectation and are so gorgeous, especially for the holidays.  One color is all you need for this look! (Let me know if any of you are interested in a tutorial!)

4. kate spade new york Embellished Strap Watch: I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I like a little sparkle (sequin leggings?), but this watch is an understated way to add some bling to any outfit.  (Also available in gold with a black glitter band or silver with silver glitter.)

5. ‘Daphne’ Wine Glasses: Um . . . these are awesome.  They would look great on the wooden serving tray I found! (Set of Four, also available in copper or gold)

6. S’well ‘Sparkling Champagne’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle: People love these bottles.  They keep cold liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12.   And gold.  Not your typical boring water bottle, right?

7. ‘glitterbug’ iPhone Folio by kate spade new york: This beauty holds everything you need to have right on hand . . . phone, credit cards, even a mirror that says “smile” on it.  The glitter is covered so it won’t wear off.

8. Thirstystone ‘Urban Farm’ Wooden Serving Tray: I love the way this wood tray looks with the metallic sparkle of the glasses I chose . . . I find myself using trays all the time for everything from serving food and drinks to holding remotes and magazines.  (This one caught my eye because it’s hilarious!)

9. Tri-Coastal Design Antler Ceramic Jewelry Tray: I hate having my jewelry all over the place, but if I put it in jewelry boxes I can never find what I’m looking for.  The perfect solution is to display my favorite pieces on a beautiful tray like this.

10. ‘Love Never Fails’ Trinket Tray: Ugh . . . looks like I wasn’t the only one who was coveting this tray.  Try this square one or this “sparkle” one until this one is (hopefully) restocked.

11. ‘Daphne’ Decanter and Whiskey Glasses: Ok, so whisky isn’t really my thing . . . but who says whiskey glasses need to be used for whiskey?  Especially when they look this cool . . . I say wine in the winter and margaritas in the summer . . . with limes on the rims.  Such a cool set!

12. Burberry Beauty Nail Polish in ‘Festive Gold’: What would a gift guide be without a luxury beauty item that you wouldn’t buy every day?  This gold color is a perfect color for the holidays: wear it alone or use it on just the tips or the bottoms of your nails.  (Like this or this – perfect for the holidays!).

13. Narciso Rodriguez  ‘Narciso’ Perfume: Oh wow . . . I normally can’t stand perfume that I first smell in magazines but when I smelled this one I rubbed the paper all over my neck and wrists and couldn’t stop smelling them.  It’s an amazing perfume. (I loved ‘For Her’ by Narciso Rodriguez as well!)

14. Oliver Gal ‘Mapamundi’ Framed Art Print: I can’t get over how much I love this print.  (Available in two different sizes).

15. Faux Fur Throw: When I visited Shana, she had this ridiculously luxurious faux fur throw draped on the end of her couch that changed the look of the whole room (and felt as good to snuggle up in as it looked).






  1. Love all the sparkly Scotti! Might need that golden water bottle for my stocking ;). The restaurant thing gets easier by the way. We took our kiddos out to dinner once a week when the twins were one and my oldest was three- ignored the looks from strangers and although they were a “handful” they got used to our little Friday night tradition. I would make sure to order everyone’s food when the waiter came to take our drink order and ask for the kid’s food to come first. We would entertain them while we waited by telling stories about “sugar packet people” and also sing a little song called “tap tap on the table” where you tap your fingers to the rhythm- little ones love it! We fed the kiddos first and then when our food came we would make sure to ask for the check in case we needed to make a hasty exit. While we enjoyed our hot dinner (a true luxury) we would bribe them with a cookie or lollipop stash we had brought from home which bought us at least 4 minutes of quiet (it’s amazing how fast you can eat now, right?!) Then we could leave whenever we were ready cause we had already paid the bill. With all the practice now they have the best restaurant manners (for the most part- wink wink). Thanks for the gift guide!

    • Boy, this reply just NAILS that age group! The best is when the wait-person has kids of their own and oh-so-knowingly asks if you’d like the check early. I always felt like I should tip extra to cover the poor soul cleaning the floors. 🙂
      P.S. love those ear crawlers

  2. I love all of these! Especially the gold water bottle. I don’t really consider myself a sparkly person, but all of those items are sooooo pretty! (Insert heart eyes emoji)

    And I know you didn’t share for advice but…as a mom of three VERY active young boys that I take out frequently…don’t walk her in a restaurant. Let her sit. 🙂 She will learn to sit. Practice at home in the highchair. I promise it is worth the hassle! In the meantime, I hope you gets lots of gift certificates for restaurants and sitters for Christmas. 🙂

    • As a mom of two boys, I agree. She will expect to walk in a restaurant. Let her sit. I used to pack small containers of playdough, little bags of legos, coloring books & crayons, and those sticky pipe cleaners (can’t recall the brand name). Even though my boys are teenagers now, I still carry stuff to-do = uno cards, pads of Hangman & pens, and blank paper for tic-tac-toe or sugar packet checkers. Happy holidays!

  3. *heart eyes* LOVE. Not sure if my husband thanks you for this or not LOL! Little bits of beauty in the home really brighten my day, these are all gorgeous!

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