A Gift Guide For the Mama Who Pins Inspirational Workout Quotes


Hey there! Products come and go but style is forever. All links are similar (if not better) versions of the looks modeled and updated for the 2015 holiday season. Happy gifting!


The Mom Edit

2013 was my year of cancer, 2014 was my year of recovery, and 2015?  2015 will be my year of bad assery.  My year of workout domination.  My year of health.  If anyone else is obsessively stalking Pinterest for workout quotes (my latest fav?  “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up”)….here’s a gift guide for you.*

*A disclaimer for new mamas:  My “baby” just turned four.  This is the first year – since my oldest was born – that I feel like working out on a regular basis.  That I can actually make workouts part of my life again.  I haven’t worked out – with any sort of regularity – since Raines was born in 2008.  If you are sitting in the midst of diapers and spit-up and stained nursing bras and are feeling bad reading this article and wondering how the hell I manage to have any time to work out….please remember this:  My babies are not babies anymore.  (sob!)  Your time will come.  Go easy on yourself – up until very recently, I was there too.

Better Quality I Work Out TME-01


1.   Lululemon Down For A Run Pullover, $168

I’m obsessed with this sweatshirt-puffer jacket hybrid.  Perfect for throwing on over workout gear, but chic enough (and warm enough) to wear around the rest of the day.  You’d totally rock school pick-up.  The zippers on the sides let you control how fitted this piece it – unzip to hide a pooch, zip up to show off a waist.  I love the teal, but this jacket is also available in black.2.

2. Alo Blossom Longline Bra, $72

It’s called a “longline bra” but I’d wear it alone.   Sexy, yet functional.

3. Free People Pom Beanie, $4

A chic beanie to keep your head warm post-workout. (Yay for the faux-fur pom!)

4. Lululemon Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise), $98

The fabric looks super cozy, and I love that the cut is more pant-like, rather than workout tights.  Exactly the kind of pant you can camouflage for all-day wear.

5.  Fabletics Workout Gear, complete outfits range from $40 – $80

Fabletics works like Fabkids, or Stylemint: you basically become a member (it’s free to signup), and every month you have the chance to purchase a new workout outfit, OR choose to skip that month (and won’t be charged).  Their outfits are seriously affordable and shockingly on-trend.  In addition to the outfit shown, I’m also obsessed with “Blast”.  I’d pick the bright blue tights, teal bra, and gray twisted shirt.  (Also check out “Owyhee” – the camo workout tights are so flipping cool.)

6.  ToeSox Bella Half-Toe Gripper Socks, $16

I started using these socks for Pilates and am shocked by the difference they make!  Also in full toe if you get cold easily.

7. Classic Mini Ugg Boots, $134

I have these in chestnut, and they are – hands down – my most worn boot when the weather turns.  Just so easy and comfy, you know?  I wear them to school drop-off and pickup, and wear them to the pilates/yoga/barre studio.  And….well, that’s kinda my day.  Am thinking that I’d love a black pair to go with all of my workout black.

8. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, $50 – $75 (depending on color)

I was sent a Jade Harmony Yoga mat while going through chemo.  It’s made from natural rubber, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals when you’re getting your ohms.  It’s also just an all around great yoga mat.

9. emblem Fair Isle Flip Top Mitten, $57

I love adding in a bit of fair isle to sporty work-out gear.

10. Fitbit Flex, $99

While I like the look of the Jawbone UP24 better, the Fitbit (which supposedly works just as well) has one main bonus that the Jawbone doesn’t…..

11. Tory Burch for Fitbit Leather Bracelet, $175

This product is genius.  This gorgeous bracelet (available in gold or silver) can hide your Fitbit Flex in a seriously cool package.

12. S’well Crocodile 17oz Water Bottle, $35

This is easily the chicest water bottle I’ve EVAH seen.

13, 14, & 15:  Studio Membership/Class Punch Card

One of the best gifts for us mamas trying to get back in shape is a punch card (or month or yearly membership) for workout classes.  Here are my current favs:

Mutu Mamas – this is a complete online program to help Mamas get their bodies back.  Wendy, the founder, is an alignment nerd (in the best possible way), and helps us understand why some of us (myself included) still have that hard little belly bump that won’t go away (hint: diastatis is only a symptom of a bigger problem).  I find Wendy so inspiring and her private Facebook community (available to subscribers) is impressive and supportive.  All of these workouts are online, and perfect for all moms whether you’ve just given birth, or are years/decades out.

Belly Pilates – There are a few Pilates studios popping up that focus on post-partum.  Locally, I love Belly Pilates in Bryn Mawr.  Kelly (the founder) is nothing short of a post-baby-body genius, and her classes are like rehab.  I started going to Kelly after my mastectomy, and she has been a huge part of my recovery.  Also?  My lingering post-baby belly is almost gone.

Barre3 – a pilates/yoga/ballet hybrid.  I had done Barre3 quite some time ago, but recently rediscovered because they have a new studio here on the Mainline.  (They also have online workouts available, but I don’t like the online nearly as much as an in-person class.)

Most gift guides yet to come!!  (Aren’t these fun?)