Gang, Amanda has been writing for The Mom Edit for quite some time now, but just the other day we realized that she was never formally introduced.  And since it’s always so nice to be able to put faces with words (and she has some seriously good words to share), here’s Amanda, our Home & Design queen.


Hi Mom Edit readers! Some of you may remember when I did a few home decor posts back when the blog was still Ain’t No Mom Jeans – and I’m so excited to be back on board for The Mom Edit!! I’m so thankful to Shana for including me on her outstanding blog. I found ANMJ way back when I was pregnant with my first and trying to hide, then dress, my growing belly in a cute way, and then for the loveliness that is postpartum bathing suit shopping. Motherhood, especially first-time and the early days, is such an all-consuming experience that we lose a little of the person we used to be, and struggle with figuring out what our new identity looks like. A big part of that is how to dress the ever-changing, sometimes alien landscape that is your pregnant and postpartum body. It was so helpful and reassuring to have Shana as a stylish guide that showed me “mom style” didn’t have to mean frumpy and disheveled.
While it was difficult to navigate personal style changes after kids, it was much easier to make changes to the house because of practicality and kid-proofing. White couch? Nope. [S cringes as she eyes her once-white couch that can only be described now as “taupe gray with spots”], Sharp corners at eye-level for new walkers? Out. But small people come with a lot of gear, and soon it felt like we were living in a primary-colored plastic wonderland. So, I started looking for furnishings that can stand up to spilled milk and “washable” markers while still looking great – modifying stylish interior designs I saw online using kid-friendly home decor.
I had grand ambitions of starting a home design blog after my oldest daughter was born and I stopped working full-time – I even registered a blog name! Then when she was 6 months old we temporarily moved to a new city where my husband worked long hours at a demanding job, I was freelance writing in my spare time, and we had no family nearby to help with childcare. Take a wiiiiiiiild guess what happened to my bloggy dreams? Fast-forward to a few years later when Shana did a post on ‘Pinterest to Shoppable Reality’ where she recreated a schmancy catalog-perfect outdoor oasis, and put out a call to readers that might be interested in writing those kinds of posts, I couldn’t type up a response fast enough! It was the perfect situation where I could combine my loves of writing and kid-friendly home design while contributing to an established, well-respected blog. I was floored when she agreed to let me write some posts, and have enjoyed every minute of it. [Note from S:  I still love these posts!  If you missed it, Amanda did a kid-friendly dining space, and a seriously cool, black-and-white toddler room.]
My hope is to show moms that a stylish home is still possible once kids (and all their stuff!) enter the picture, and can be done in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Sure, some Pinterest-worthy rooms still seem totally unattainable from my vantage point on a Cheerio-dusted couch with my preschooler and infant, but spaces that look lived in and loved – spaces with soul – are so much more interesting. It’s not about perfection, it’s about creating surroundings that make you happy while still being practical for sharing your space with littles.
– Amanda
Love this, Amanda!  “Spaces with soul” – yes. YES.  Exactly that.  I’ve been so thrilled to have you on board!  And readers, let us know what you’d like to see more of from Amanda.  Personally, I’m on the hunt for cool, kid-friendly patio furniture, quirky throw pillows and seriously modern (and fun) kid bedding.  And maybe a bunkbed set.  You?


  1. I’d love to see some ideas for people who have play “corners” rather than play rooms… Especially art spaces with all the materials that need storing and the requirement that mess can happen without too much stress for the parents.

  2. I have a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl who share a room. They both are still in the bottom sheet + “special” blanket + bed full of stuffed animal phase and I’d like to give their room a make-over with big kid bedding. I’m having such a tough time figuring out how to give them something they’ll be excited about while its still something that I think looks nice. I’m especially having trouble finding bedding that’s cool and affordable for my 5 year old boy – something that’s not babyish or sports-team themed. Help Amanda!

    • I’m on it, Katie! Kids’ bedding is so fun, there are some great options out there that don’t have to be expensive – it takes a beating anyway, so I wouldn’t consider it an investment like adult sheets! Stay tuned!

      • I have a boy (2) and girl (6) room share request too. Most efficient use of small space, bunk beds? With storage drawers instead of dresser? Room does not have a closet so i use a standalone armoire. Haven’t bought any new furniture yet but in the planning stages. Thanks and look forward to your posts! Love the mom edit!

  3. Oh, I love the above idea of a play “corner”. Right now I have an easel crammed into the wall space between the living room furniture and dining room in my tiny house, with nowhere to stash paints, markers, or brushes.

  4. Hey Allison & Amanda, I also love the idea of a play corner – we’re running into the same issue at our house with art supplies strewn all over the darn place! (If i step on one more crayon…) Good news – I have a project already in the works that will solve your art space problems!

  5. Welcome, I totally look forward to more of your input! I agree sometimes it’s easier to dress the house than the body. ..every so often I hit up Pinterest for “decorating with kids”…it’s always dicey 🙂

  6. Another room share question: big kid in a twin, little kid in a toddler bed. how to coordinate a cohesive look, given that toddler bedding is so limited??

  7. Also, I should be schooled on wall art. I have so many great paintings and things, yet i would love to be able to mingle family photos and kid art on my somewhat limited wall space. Is there a way to do this in a non-chaotic way?

  8. welcome Amanda!!
    Shana…is the drop down menu working for you? Because its not yet for me…anyone else? I mean I need my daily fix of the “shop” section.(Sorry I don’t mean to bother you about it.)

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