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Dear Marc Jacobs —

Seven years ago, I bought this bag.  It was my first Marc Jacobs bag, and when I saw it, my heart swelled, my breath caught in my throat, and despite the other, flashier bags the helpful sales woman at Nordstrom showed me, I only had eyes for the ‘mouse gray’.

An hour later I walked into the apartment Mike and I shared in Denver, my new Marc Jacobs clutched to my chest, a toothy grin splitting my face.  Mike, who was studying for some final looked up and sighed, “Babe.  What did you do?”

My grin got bigger.  “It’s a diaper bag, Mike!!  It’s big enough for everything I need and it’s the only possible diaper bag I could ever, EVER need!”  I put my hands on my (HUGE) belly, blinking at him, wide-eyed, through my lashes.

Did I mention I was 8 months pregnant at the time?

So here’s the thing, Mr. Jacobs.  I was right.  It was the only diaper bag a girl could ever, EVER need.  And for years (years!!) it went everywhere with me (well, us).

When Raines was first born, I created diaper bag checklists so Mike and I (who are both horribly forgetful) wouldn’t forget to pack a thing.  We stuffed the nylon hobo full of diapers (in this Skip Hop diaper changer – our new-baby MVP), cotton balls and little bottles of water instead of wipes (I KNOW – but the kid literally never had a diaper rash), two outfit changes (three or four in the summer months), a blanket, a sweater, a hat, two little wooden, Waldorfy toys, nipple shields, antibac hand wash (chem free), baby-safe sunscreen, a stuff-sack for wet clothes, and a fancy bib/burp cloth for public use, a simple cloth sling (in the event I forgot the Ergo), and a chic, refillable water bottle for me.

It all fit!  All of it!  And we went on like this, happily, for years.  At some point, I started branching out into other types of bags.  But I’ll admit….nothing worked quite as well my original diaper bag, my Marc Jacobs nylon hobo.


So when Pax was born, the mouse gray hobo came back with a vengeance.  And because Pax was my second, this time it was stuffed with snacks for Raines, water for me….and if I was having a good day, I’d remember to throw in a couple of diapers for Pax.  (I swear, if we ever have a third child, in lieu of a “diaper bag checklist” I will simply stick-up a post-it that says DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT THE BABY.)



So here we are.  Both of my boys are out of diapers, and even my chubby little Pax is losing all semblance of ‘baby’.  But part of me is still back there, back in Denver with a newborn and my mouse gray nylon hobo.  The cool threading has started to unravel in places from years of daily use and constant washing.  My heart still swells when I look at it, my breath catches in my throat, but for totally different reasons these days.  In this bag are a whole world of memories.  Of toothless baby grins and hats plopped onto fuzzy little heads, and of desperate digging around for that sling – quick!! – and then of warm baby snuggled onto my chest, finally sleeping, as I revel in the impossibly sweet smell.

I like to think that my boys remember those early days.  That they remember how I ran to them when they cried, how hard I worked to keep them safe, to keep them warm, to keep them fed. But I know that’s not how early memory works.  So I’ll try to content myself with the thought that my boys know my love.  The early details might be fuzzy, but the light of my love shines still.

At least I hope so.



So when I pull out my old nylon hobo and put it on, I feel as though I’m stepping into my past – the past me, the new mom.  I can’t help but to reminisce a little.  “Raines!” I say, stroking the bag, “I used to keep these little cotton hats in here to cover your bald head.  You were bald for years and years.  You had this striped one…”  He’s off, running somewhere else.  So I whisper my memories into the bag.  “The little striped one was my favorite.  And remember Pax’s wubbanub?  He would hold it in his chubby hands…”  Mike smiles at me, kindly, the crazy lady talking to a bag.  But he gets it, too.  So I allow myself these moments.  These whispered memories of everyday adventures that together, form my whole world.  I whisper them into my mouse gray, nylon hobo.  And then I zip them up tight.

Much Love,

Shana (Raines and Pax’s Mum)



















tee: old, but the Stem v-neck tee is almost identical

jeans: Rag and Bone skinny jeans in destroyed

sneakers: Superga Cotu in Intense Blue (BTW – these ARE comfy without socks)

scarf: Marc Jacobs – sold out, but the Marc Jacobs spray plaid scarf in green is similar (and a seriously great shape for effortless throwing-on)

bag: ancient Marc Jacobs Pretty Little Nylon Hobo in mouse gray….but they’re now doing a Marc Jacobs pretty nylon backpack in quartz gray that I’m ga-ga for.

sunglasses: Marc Jacobs crystal sunglasses


If any of you are looking for a few finishing pieces – a scarf that always looks nonchalant, or sunglasses that are both quirky and chic, Marc Jacobs has some fabulous options.  My favs are below, along with several seriously mom-friendly bags (some are dad-friendly, too).

Reading on a reader?  You might need to head over to The Mom Edit site to see the shopping widgets. 




ps.  A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices, and crazy-lade tendencies are ALLLLLL ME.

(photo credit:  Mike – All pics were taken at the beautiful Penn Treaty Park.)


  1. Ahhhh, this post made me cry. I totally hear what you are saying about life after the baby-stage. I am there too. I try to console myself with new bags that I dreamt of carrying back when I no choice but to pack the massive diaper bag. 🙂 Thank you for your blog, I love it!

  2. Shana, you win. You’re the only one who can get me to cry for a sponsored post (because, of course, my baby isn’t a baby so much either). Ten points!

  3. Yep, I’m crying also! Which is crazy because I am truly in the thick of it all right now (5yr old, 2yr old and a 2 month old). But I can already see me talking to my diaper bag in a few years! Thanks for this post, made me squeeze my squishy little peanut a little tighter, hope the days just stand still.

  4. My twins just turned five. For some reason THAT birthday… No mouse grey hobo, but we’ve been whispering all sorts of fuzzy memories these last weeks. Of doll-sized onesies and two babies in one basket with room to spare. Of putting a baby at each side of a blanket and BLINKING to find them spooned in the center. Watching them suck each other’s thumbs…hold each other’s hands…sing songs that only they knew the words to. Man, this motherhood thing- not for the faint of heart but demands all kinds of heart. Thanks for sharing yours.

  5. I remember looking at that bag in Nordstrom before my first arrived. But my husband had just surprised me with an expensive (and impractical, I later realized) diaper bag. I left without the MJ bag and it’s a purchase that still gets me! Years later, it still gets me!

  6. My first diaper bag was a MJ bag too! It was gray, and leather, not sure if it was mouse gray! Unfortunately the leather was too heavy and made it impractical for a baby bag (back to eBay, where I got it from too).

    Question: How is your scarf tied? It looks great. I’ve found websites with a million ways to tie a scarf but yours looks effortless like it would stay in place. Can you share?

  7. so i am not the only one sitting here at work pretending not to be crying and wishing i could smell my 2.5 year olds baby fuzzy head one more time?? My husband says i have too much “stuff” and I say that i can’t get rid of it because it’s all memories dear! i am going to show him this post so he knows i am not insane.
    p.s. i had a very expensive totally impractical diaper bag as well. once my girl hit two i discovered the magic of backpacks. secured and easily forgotten on your back where it is impossible to smash your kid in the head when you bend down to pick her up like that dang diaper bag did all the time.

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