The Mixed Print Basics: Four Foolproof Patterns To Mix


Mamas!  One of the very biggest trends this Fall is to wear multiple patterns at once.  This "mixed print" styling trick started a few years back, and is still gaining momentum.  So.  If there was one. thing. a Mama could do to easily update her whole look…this is it

From time-to-time I've gotten reader questions about styling mixed prints, so I thought I'd start with the basics.  There are four prints that mix so easily they should be considered neutrals.   In fact, if you're a little mixed-print-crazy (yup)…you can wear all four at once.  




top:  St. James tee…also like this one from LOFT

scarfMadewell (color sold out)…similar from Gap

pants:  old Zara…or similar from Gap

shoes: Aerosoles - similar




So.  The four prints to be considered neutrals are:






Pair them with each other, pair them with everything else in your closet.  Really – these are the new neutrals.



Personally, I love leopard accessories:  shoes, scarves, hats, belts.



shirt: Elizabeth and James (on eBay!)….similar vibe here

jacket: old from ROOTS Canada….similar from Athleta

scarfMadewell (color sold out)…similar from Gap

hat: Free People Leopard Pom Pom Beanie

jeans:  AG The Legging in 18 Years Heartbreaker

boots: old DV by Dolce Vita…but Target has spoofed them


In terms of camo…I'm all about pants.  But then I found an awesome camo-print scarf at J.Crew…and have been eyeballing several camo-print sweaters (or this bad@ss cardigan).  Would be so cute with faded denim and a bright, white collared shirt.  Lipstick, of course. 



And as you may recall – I mixed plaid shirts with leopard scarves all last winter, and piled plaid on top of more plaid.  Foolproof, right?

If mixing prints feels overwhelming, try layering a long-sleeve striped top under something solid.  Add a printed accessory (leopard shoes, scarf, camo pants, etc.).  It's like a mixed-print baby step.  



shirt: old Stylemint top….similar by Target maternity

sweatshirt: old from J.Crew…similar from Gap

scarf: old from J.Crew…similar infinity scarf…or this insanely cheap one ($10!)


Mamas, I'd love to see how you are mixing your prints!  Send a pic to aintnomomjeans (at) gmail (dot) com, or hashtag me at #ANMJ on Instagram or Pinterest.





  1. I kind of love any curvy-lines print with any straight-lines print. So floral with stripes, or circles with plaid, or whatever. I feel safer if they share a color in common, even if that color is just black or white.

  2. When I saw those DV knockoffs at target I thought “Ah! my friend Shana has those but the real ones!” Aaaaand I realize you don’t even know me. But you are lovely! Your great style, your humor and the tender moments of motherhood you share are a gift to me. Blessings to you and your family!

  3. Thank you so so much for keeping this blog up and current even as you are struggling through chemo! I had become addicted already and was always so excited when I got an email or saw on Facebook that you had a new post! Of course I would 100% understand if you didn’t want to keep it up but it is so nice to a) see how you are doing because you now have so many women who feel like they know you are care about you and b) on a shallower note I desperately need help knowing how to look on trend and current into the new season! So thank you so much! Hope you are doing well!

  4. What about polka dots? I have been struggling to figure out if they’re a neutral or not. Got some new polka dot jeans (Target clearance!) but I am still figuring out what they go with…

  5. I totally saw those boots as well and thought the same thing! You are not alone in thinking of Shana as a character in your life…even if we know she isn’t our friend, we do appreciate her in many of the same ways!

  6. I have a striped scarf that is bright pink and deeper pink. Can I still treat it as a neutral, or should the pinks somewhat go with the rest of what I’m wearing? Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  7. Hey, thanks for this! I have a quick question… I haven’t been able to get into the military inspired stuff. I guess it feels too “tough girl” for me. However, my husband was actually in the military and he has some old uniform jackets that are pretty cool. First of all, do you think it would be spectacularly inappropriate to be wearing a real uniform as a fashion statement? And secondly, would it come off being more lame and show-offy (like, as in, “my husband is SO awesome, he was actually a soldier” kind of way) than cool if I wore it?
    Thanks for your blog! I love it and have been kind of obsessing over it for the past few weeks! (Should I not have admitted that?)

  8. Love my leopard with stripes but now I’m excited to give it a go with camo pants! And for a Mama with a wide foot those Target knockoffs are fabulously comfy – loving mine!

  9. I just purchased my first pair of camo skinny jeans, and was SO NERVOUS! But man, they are cute. Thanks for the inspiration!

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