A Mother’s Day Gift Guide (To Spoil Us Rotten)


Mike and the boys picked me up from the airport on Sunday.  I got into the car amidst cheers of “MOMMY!! Yay, MOMMY!”

It was awesome.

Raines was giving me his shy grin, while little Pax leaned his head back in his car seat, gnawing on a Starburst, pink sticky stuff all over his face (nice, Mike).  “Mom” he announced around his Starburst, “I haf girlfriend. Her name?  Elia.”

Wait – what?  I had fully expected him to finish that sentence with “And her name Mommy” and so Elia, WTF?  Elia is in Raines’ class, is French and, even at 6, gorgeous with that whole french insouciance thing and I have a sneaking suspicion that Raines and his best friend Dorien both have a thing for her and NO.  NO TO ALL THE GIRLFRIENDS.

Raines must’ve caught the look on my face because later that night, snuggled up in bed with both of my boys, he leaned over and whispered, “Mom, you’ll always be my girlfriend….and Dad’s too, I fink.”

Oh, my heart.

Here are a few gift ideas for us moms, the forever-girlfriends.

1.  Clare V. Striped Carafe, $58

We have a white plastic carafe that we use every weekend….but this stunner I’d be happy to leave out on the counter during the week. There’s also a matching set of glasses, $56, if you’re even more extra.

2. Kikkerland Design Rainbow Maker, $42

If you are going to do breakfast in bed, why not fill the room with rainbows?

3, 4. Rolling Wood Crate, $276 (on sale for $153)

I have been dying for these rolling storage crates (they’re all over pinterest) to use as toy storage everywhere in the house.  Imagine on Mother’s Day, the kids waking you up by rolling in this crate filled with flowers – amazing, right?  (Cut flowers are gorgeous – I love this wholesale flower website – but you could also fill it with flats of flowers for planting later.)

This idea is the kind of thing I’d love, but, I suspect, is too complicated for my husband.  In fact, I’ll be surprised if he even reads down this far.  I’ll bet he read “pinterest” then “filled with flowers” and was like, “NOPE….NEXT.”  Le sigh.

5,6. West Elm Acrylic Tray, $34 (on sale for $24) and striped napkins, $42

Nothing will glam up breakfast-in-bed faster than a sleek tray and pretty cloth napkin. (And watch how excited the kids get next time you bring smoothies outside on this tray – add fun straws to really blow some young minds.)

7. Gilded Lilac Mug, $16

Gilded mugs: a breakfast-in-bed necessity.  You heard it here first.

1. Totes Clear Umbrella Umbrella, $14

Fun, chic, and cheap.  Perfect!

2. Vince V-Neck Cashmere Sweater, on sale for $133

Just the kind of cozy, drapey thing I like to wear most days.  The slouchy fit and low v-neck add some sex appeal. (Especially with a cute bralette underneath like this one, $38.)

3. Hunter Short Rainboots, $140

I’m totally annoyed with my tall rainboots, this short pair, however, would be perfect. Pricey, but if your daily lifestyle involves some sort of puddle stomping, the CPW (cost-per-wear) might work out better than that gorgeous pair of heels I’ve been one might covet.  Food for thought.  (Hunter has more available sizes on their website, FYI.)

4. Hunter Clear Smock (aka Raincoat), $175

I know, I’m killing you guys with these prices.  But that’s what makes them gifts, right?  But again, the kind of thing where the CPW might justify.  I’m gaga over the bright red, but the really sheer white might be kind of fun, too….

5. FRAME High Rise Coated Skinny Jean, $240 (on sale for $144)

Do you have a fabulous pair of coated denim yet?  Here’s a tip:  they repel water better than regular denim, making them perfect for Spring.  I mean, they’re no Polarn O. Pryet, but they look a lot better (on us Mamas, anyway).  Coated leggings also work pretty well.  Try David Lerner’s for $125.

1. St. Tropez Self-Tan Starter Kit, $30

There’s much debate about the best self-tanner, but I’m firmly in the St. Tropez corner.  Very little smell (the newest formulation is rumored to have NO smell), zero streaks, a perfect color even on fair skin (aka moi) and that mitt is magic in terms of easy application.  Love this little starter kit.

2. Athleta Baseball Hat, $38

I love a good fashiony baseball hat.  How cute would this be with a sporty little bikini?

3. Capri Fouta Beach Towel, $48 (for 1, also comes in sets of 2, $88 and 4, $148)

Yay to thin cotton towels on the beach!  Towels like these have completely lightened my beachbag-lugging experience. (hint:  use Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets for kid’s beach towels.)

4. Birkenstock Siena Sandals, $140

Birkenstock has come out with a TON of new styles and colors this season, with huge selections on Anthro and Nordstrom. View our Birkenstock Page for some of our faves.

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, SPF 15, $24

My favorite lip tint for the beach.  All of the colors are gorgeous, but the warm nude looks especially good with a fake-tan.

6. Sunny Life Beach Radio, $44

This cute little guy houses your iphone/ipod in a water-and-sand-resistant case, with speakers to amplify the sound.  (You can also play old-school radio, if you are so inclined…I’m more of a Spotify girl myself.)  Somebody tell Mike that I NEED THIS.

7.  Straw Tote Bag, $70 (on sale for $35)

I’ve been looking all over for the perfect straw bag….and finally found it.  For under $40.  See?  All of the scoping out of high-priced goods sometimes pays off.  Color me shocked.

1. Maya Brenner 14K Gold Mom Necklace, $295

This is so dainty and elegant. Perfect for new moms and moms-to-be that might not have anything showcasing their new name (Mom!!!) quite yet. This necklace is a perfect place to start. Stunning, timeless and feminine, all at the same time.

2.  Jemma Sands Moorea Diamond Bracelet, $648

If you’ve got a mama that loves diamonds and beautiful beading, this bracelet is the perfect combination. It’s handcrafted by Jennifer Heim, a California native who finds inspiration for her jewelry brand through surfing. UHH… so cool. She also uses local sea glass in come of her collections. Swoon.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!!



ps.  You might also like last year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide (I’ve updated all of the links so they’re current)…as well as ideas from our of Gifts of Experience Gift Guide.


  1. Now I must check to see if I gave away those muslin swaddle blankets when I was in a hurry to de-baby the house! Great ideas all around.

  2. Really? Muslin swaddling blankets? I tried the link and couldn’t get it to show me what it was you were talking about. We go to the beach so much that by the end we don’t even take towels (it’s that hot), just get dry before you get in the car. But I could keep some swaddlers in the car.
    And I’ve always wanted to try the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments…

  3. The link didn’t work? Shoot – maybe try again? It’s working for me. In any case, YES. Aiden and Anais swaddling blankets (at nordstroms). They’re fabulous. And the Fresh Sugar treatments are amazing….even though it drives me nuts to pay $22 for glorified chapstick. Sigh. But I haven’t found anything even remotely as good.

  4. Fresh Sugar is way better than everything else I’ve tried, no doubt. But if you have to have one on the nightstand, one in your purse, one in the car, one in the diaper bag, one at the office (yes, I have a problem) it’s kind of ridiculous. I like their plum color and for $4 the YestoCarrots tinted lip balm in plum is a decent alternative.

  5. I love Fresh Sugar. I’m not a lipstick person but it adds some color and best of all, isn’t waxy or sticky. And doesn’t dry out lips. Definitely worth it for me. Very cool post, I’m all about spoilage! 😉

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