Favorite New Nursing Cover: The Dria


As I rule, I refuse to enter any restaurant that serves Italian, Asian, American and Mexican fare.  It just never works out.  So when the gals at Rookie Moms asked me if I wanted to review the Dria Nursing Cover, a cover that could be used as a pregnancy poncho, nursing cover, car seat cover AND stroller sun-blocker…I was skeptical at best.  A bit snarky, even.  I think my initial response was a, "will it feed and burp the baby too?"


So imagine my shock when the nice folks at Dria sent me this little number:


Whoa.  This thing was cute.  Like really, really cute.

(And I love how Raines is also posing.  Good grief – what am I teaching him?)

Anyway, the Dria cover also looks really cool belted…voila:


So yeah…at this point, I was tentatively on board.  However, I really wanted to put this little cover through its paces.  I mean, yeah it looks cute, but can it nurse?  Can it cover?



Ooooo….yeah, baby.  It can cover.  And nurse?  This cover was born to nurse:


In all seriousness, I was skeptical about nursing in this cover.  I've always been a big fan of the wire-wrapped neckline a la the Hooter Hider, and thought that a poncho would be too overwhelming for the little guy.

Nope.  The Dria cover is so lightweight, and the poncho neckline so large that nursing is a breeze.  While I'm holding the neckline up in the photo, I can just as easily adjust the neckline to either show or hide little Pax.  And because the Dria cover is also a poncho, nursing modestly is a no-brainer, which is perfect for a nervous, new mom.

Now I'm a fairly fearless nurser, so an accidental nip here or there doesn't bother me…unless I'm either:

A.  On an airplane (and will have to continue to sit next to that embarrassed, horrified business man for the rest of the trip)


B.  Nursing in front of my co-workers or friend's husbands.  It just gives me the creeps.

And these two situations are where the Dria cover really shines.  You are totally covered, yet totally comfortable.  And while Pax's mad fist waving could take down our Hooter Hider in 2.3 seconds, he has yet to defeat the Dria. 

Additionally, due to the crazy-lightweight fabric, this cover balls down into virtually nothing in my bag and mysteriously never wrinkles.  I use it constantly for nursing, I've hung it (in various configurations) on the stroller to block the sun, and, when traveling, I've even swaddled with it (it's actually a perfect shape for swaddling). 

So yeah – the Dria cover is my new favorite new-mom must-have.  Who knew?

I'm wearing the Larisa ($60) in the photos, but I'm also loving the Oslo (stripes, also $60) and the Casablanca (made out of a limited-edition, Missoni fabric, retailing for $180. Yup.  Finding the most expensive option – it's a special talent of mine.)

Screen shot 2011-03-16 at 3.16.26 PM Screen shot 2011-03-16 at 3.17.20 PM





  1. Ok that is really cute. I’m loving the stripes! Unfortunately (kind of) I’m about 3 months away from being done nursing but if we have another… I’m on onboard! And yeah, that Missoni is beautiful! Hmmm. πŸ™‚

  2. Love these! I’m 23 weeks with #2 so I just might have to get one πŸ™‚
    Speaking of nursing next to strangers on airplanes – have to share a story:
    I flew solo with my 6 month old who had his first ear infection (can you say bad timing?). He was loaded up with ibuprofen and I planned to nurse for takeoff and landing since he wouldn’t take a paci/bottle/anything but me at the time. Worked great for takeoff but once we started descending he was screaming and wouldn’t nurse. He was clearly miserable and I kept trying, but he just screamed more and arched away from me, basically leaving me with my boob just hanging out (and I was never super comfortable nursing in public). I was in the window seat and the older guy in the aisle seat leans over to tell me to ‘give him something to suck on.’ Thankfully, the nice lady in the middle seat said ‘she’s trying!’ and elbowed him back, hopefully saving him from a show πŸ™‚ Definitely one of my more embarrassing moments!

  3. What is the fabric? I went to the website and it just says its “special” fabric…see, I’m thinking this would be super easy to make (it looks like two rectangles with a fairly large opening, one seam and some edging).

  4. I love the stripes and the Missoni print! Just a tip though, I have a Missoni cardigan and while it’s gorgeous and fits amazingly well, the fabric is a little delicate. I think if you’re hard on clothes and aren’t super careful with hand-washing, it would probably get damaged. Unless it’s just the print on cotton.

  5. Really of topic, but I’m loving the way you style your little man. If you have a post in you about styling little boys, I would love it. I’m getting tired of just throwing hand-me-downs on the boy and sending him to Pre-K looking like every day is laundry day.

  6. I too am a fearless nurser, and usually don’t bother with any sort of nursing cover, except in certain situations. I think putting on a nursing cover just calls more attention to the fact that I’m nursing. But with this Dria thing, you can already be wearing it! little did I know that every poncho is a nursing top…

  7. OMG Katie, LOL! That’s so priceless. Really? Give him something to suck on? I hadn’t thought of it. . . People on airplanes are just so damn helpful.

  8. OK. I just checked out the Dria site and, in addition to the the Larisa, I desperately. Desperately. Want the Marseille. Check out how cute it looks with red heels and all black on the cartoon character:
    Is it OK to style yourself after a cartoon? I’m gonna go with yes, because that’s what I need to hear.

  9. Love this! The multi-tasking factor makes it so I can justify the 60 dollar price tag – worth it just for the fact that it makes such a lovely infant seat/stroller cover.
    I’m due in May, so I love that this will shield baby from the sun a bit too, when I’m nursing outside in the backyard, etc. Just ordered in the Oslo print. Love the look of the casual jersey knit stripes. Thanks

  10. Hey Mamas interested in the boots: they’re vintage 1970’s Frye boots that I found on eBay several years ago and sadly resigned to S when, after having babes my feet didn’t get back in πŸ™ oh how I miss them….

  11. These are great covers! I actually have one just like it but I bought it from Covermeponchos.com . Its the full coverage thing that sold me!

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