A Perfect Picnic With Modcloth




For Mother’s Day, the boys bought me this picnic basket, featured on one of our Mother’s Day gift guides.  Apparently, it was Pax’s idea – he must read the blog (terrifying).  In any case, after the initial Picnic On The Bed, both Pax and Raines had been after us to go on a real picnic. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal – right about now is when we start playing fast and loose with bedtimes in preparation for Summer….

…but this RAIN, you guys.  THIS RAIN.  I just can’t even.

Anyway, before I bore you with more talk of the weather, suffice to say that on Saturday, we were supposed to have a few hours of sun.  And high temps.  So Mike and I, in a parenting fail of near-epic proportions, promised to take the boys to the beach.  The freaking beach, people.  For a “quick” picnic.  As you can probably guess, we took longer than expected to leave the house (playing nearly an hour of every City Dweller’s favorite game:  Where’s My Car),  and by the time it was all said and done….it was pouring at the shore, with a 90% chance of continued rain.

Hell hath no fury like a Pax denied.

So instead of the shore, we trucked on over to the banks of the Schuykill River where we had – count ’em – 20 minutes to eat and play before it rained again.


We’re just going to chalk this one up to a really good try.  A picnic dress-rehearsal, if you will.

The good news is that our picnic game is now on point.  We’ve got the supplies, a can-sit-all-day-in-the-sun menu (vegan and gluten-free, thankyouverymuch), and are going to rock the heck out of a beach picnic this summer.  GAME FREAKING ON.

The Menu


Mike and I have been on a health kick lately (a leftover from the cancer days, I suspect – trying to reduce inflammation, blah blah blah).  I won’t bore the non-believers with more detail (haha), but we have been seriously LOVING Amie Valpone’s Eating Clean.  Amie is the author behind the blog The Healthy Apple, and has a really compelling story.

For our picnic, we filled two large mason jars with her Picnic Basket Millet (millet, cucumber, tomatoes, and basil in a vinaigrette), and Cranberry Curry Waldorf Salad.  Instead of mayo (questionable on a hot summer day), she uses a blend of almond butter, lemon, and spices to create a seriously yummy twist on a classic.  For the boys, we rolled bananas in a tortilla with some homemade Nutella.  (I love this recipe.)






And let’s not forget the most important part…..



The Supplies

If you are looking for some seriously spot-on beach (or in our case, river) picnic supplies, head on over to Modcloth.  I’m obsessed with their selection:  the cheeriest towels (ps.  they’re HUGE and soft), quirky cooler bags, and amazing picnic baskets.


Outfit Details

denim jacket: similar

swimsuit: Faraway Sands (I’m wearing a size small for reference – size up, it runs slightly small.)

shorts: similar (but longer – love the zips on the side so you can control how wide these get, and how much leg to show)

shoes: Saltwater Sandals

bag: Kate Spade Cooler Bag

picnic basket: Have a Date Day Picnic Basket

Raines’ towel: Sunny Life Sunbursting With Joy

Pax’s towel: Sunny Life Dry It On For Size







Oh Hey, Picnic












Shop The Story

As I mentioned before, I’m totally obsessed with Modcloth’s spot-on selection of all things picnic (and beach!!).  Here’s why…..


All swim is currently 30% off at Modcloth right now, here are my six favorites…..



Now all I need is the sun.

Hang in there, East Coasters.  They say it’s coming…..



A huge thank-you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post!  I’m always thrilled to find (and share) everyday items that are also irresistibly fun.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices and dubious parenting choices are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It never goes unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


    • Thank you!!! Pax LOVES his leggings. He picks them out from the girl’s section at Target. This new generation is so fantastic, you know? NO RULES. Love it.

  1. Was this this past Sunday? How did you stand the temperatures in that bathing suit, because it was freezing cold here in DC!

    • GAH! Sunday was HORRIBLE. No, this picnic was on Saturday – we actually had a really nice day until about 5PM. And then back to the usual. I can’t imagine doing this shoot on a freezing cold day.

  2. Great post! I would love to hear more about your gluten free vegan lifestyle. You always looks so fantastic and glow from within! Please so share some of your secrets!!!

    • Wow, thank you!!! I’d be happy to share some things that we’ve learned…..but we’re only gluten free / vegan SOMETIMES. The majority of the time, sure, but sometimes a girl needs a burger. Or a doughnut. 🙂 We try to eat “clean” during the week, then relax the rules on the weekend.

      • Way to go Shana! What a great choice to make for you and your kids. We’ve been whole food, plant based for over four years. But only 90% of the time. About two meals a week I eat whatever I want. Keeps me sane. 😉

  3. My 6yo has been begging me for a picnic lately too, but this $&@!! weather (throws umbrella & raincoat in the trash in a fit of rage)

  4. With a toddler, I’m just starting to think about how to show healthy sexiness to my kid as he gets older. I don’t think I’d wear such short shorts (butt view!) around my guy… thinking about how I might shape his attractions… but thank you for stimulating me to think about such things. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post. You inspired me to do a mommy only morning beach trip after everyone was at school. Was a glorious two hours!

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