A Summer Mom Uniform and Five Fav Things: Life in Mod



It's me, Cams. Some of you may know me by now, but if not…well, hello. Nice
to meet you! :). I blog over at Life in Mod– all about being a mama, styling
through all of the changes life brings, yada yada. It's a fun gig. ps. I am now
14 weeks pregnant with our 2nd…which is awesome

She's amazing, eh? Let me just say that first and foremost. She has been such
an amazing example of strength for me these past few months. Every time I have
spoken to her within the past couple of months she has blown me away with her
positive attitude. It's like, wow…if I was in the same situation would I
handle it with such grace, patience and …even spunk? Probably not. She's a
superwoman. S, I am so happy to have met you via the blogosphere. I consider you
a dear friend (as silly as that may sound since all of our communication has
been 99% blog related). Still. I really do. You are a blessing to so many. xx.

that all of my sap is gone, let us move on… 😉


Summer Mom Uniform

favorite go-to Summer momiform is denim cut-offs, a tee, sandals and aviators.
It's just a win on all accounts- simple, yet gives me that
I'm-still-cool-even-though-I'm-a-mom look. I think… 😉


1.  My Most-Worn Item of Clothing

Well, very recently I
became the proud owner of a pair of white Converse Chuck Taylors. Why the H did
I just think to buy them? They are glorious (and I found them on E-bay *brand
new* which makes them that much cooler). I have been wearing them everywhere…with
almost everything (except maybe to bed with my pjs). Here's where you can find
yourself a pair.


2. A Fall Piece I'm Currently Coveting

Either these or these.(Molly's note: the Wyatt Disc shorties are to-die, and they're included in the Nordstrom sale for $219 – SOLD!). *swoon* Take me now,
Frye..with your genuine leather and rough, edgy-ness. I am putting these at the
top of my 'Honey, I love you. Can I buy these? I'll never buy anything again'

3. Something That Makes Summer-With-Kids Easier

& I are currently becoming sidewalk chalk artistes. It keeps her busy for
at least 20 min (which is a long time for a toddler). I'm all about the
"old fashioned" ways of Summer entertainment for kids- chalk,
sprinklers, bubbles etc. 

4. My Fav Summer Recipe

grilled, really. I just pinned this grilled
Salmon with Corn recipe and would really like to try it. Really

5. The One Make-Up Product I Can't Live Without 

Yeh, I jumped on that train…and I love it. It's lighter feeling than a
foundation, but seems to give me the same amount of coverage. I've heard
there's a new runner-up. What is this CC Cream? Hmmm. For now I am sticking with
my BB. FYI, I pick it up at Target.


Shana Update:

Hey Mamas!  Shana is at home and resting with her family.  Keep sending those good mama vibes! -M.