A Summer Mom-Uniform and Five Favorite Things: Camp Patton


I'm thrilled to feature Grace, a hysterical (and stylish) Mama who blogs over at Camp Patton.  I appreciate that her outfits are both awesome and kid-chasing friendly, and that her posts never start with 'let me tell you about this dream I had last night'.  Thank you for that, Grace.


1.  My Most-Worn Item of Clothing

I've been living in these cut-off denim shorts from Old Navy recently. I'm never ever on top of the laundry but I'll do a load overnight just so these are clean in the morning. They don't scream, "MOM" but they don't look like a pair of bikini bottoms, either.

2. A Fall Piece I'm Currently Coveting

I don't know if they're back in style this year but I hope that people embrace the bell bottom look all over again. It's much harder for me to find a flattering skinny jean than a pair of flares.

3. Something That Makes My Summer-With-Kids Easier

Salt-Water Sandals – Could I be any less original? I know everyone has them but they do great in the water, don't cut the kids feet, and stay put through even the most impressive tantrums.

4. My Fav Summer Recipe

I'm loving this entire Americana menu but I made the avocado cucumber salad a couple of times and am totally hooked. Any salad that doesn't involve lettuce (or kale etc) is a good friend of mine.

5. The One Makeup Product I Can't Live Without

L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in brown – hides my puff and fatigue and is so much better than any of the fancy and expensive liners I've tried. 

Thanks for having me Shana! Prayers et al for you and yours!! xx