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The boys had their end-of-year hip-hop performance on Sunday.  As you might imagine, it’s hysterical.  They’ve been taking lessons since January with Movemakers Philly, and Vince, the founder and director is some kind of kid-wizard.  The difference in my two boys in just a few short months (especially my shy Raines) has been profound.  Family dance parties are now our daily norm, and I love that even Raines will just let loose.  It’s a blast.  (BTW – at the show, Pax was in his element.  Vince introduced the littlest kids for a quick solo performance,  a “Give it up for Pax!” kind of a thing, and Pax went nuts.  The vid is up on Instagram, if you are interested. @shanachristine.)

But the performance was one of those times where I needed to look…presentable….yet the day was going to be grueling.  We’re talking a noon rehearsal, followed by two performances (2pm and 4:30pm), and I had volunteered to help wrangle 50+ kids backstage.  Yikes.

It’s times like these that I’m always searching for a fancy-ish top.  The kind I can throw on with jeans, isn’t overly precious, yet goes far beyond the basic tee (like this one).


Before the show, we stopped at Tela’s Market for sandwiches and snacks.  Locals, have you been?  It’s kind of amazing…..














Outfit Details

shirt: Vince Camuto Boxy Tank (size xs for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone The Dre in Kennedy (size 25 – my normal size – for reference, but size down if you don’t want them super slouchy)

bag: Vince Camuto Tuck Leather Crossbody  (I like how this bag looks like there’s a foldover flap, but instead there’s actually a zippered top  – easy access, and nothing falls out.)

shoes: Splendid Wrap Sandal (in rose gold) – these are kind of amazing.  They stay tied through the ENTIRE day – shopping at Tela, walking to the Performance Garage, through the rehearsal and both performances, dinner at Pub and Kitchen, and they didn’t even come loose during my mad dash back home (we had a kids on a bike situation).   I mean…..that far exceeds my expectations for such precious looking shoes.

sunglasses: similar sunglasses

bracelets: similar Chan Luu, similar gold bangles


Shop Vince Camuto Fancy-Ish Tops

Nordstrom had asked me to take a look at their Vince Camuto clothing line.  One of the things this brand does really well (in addition to some seriously good bags and office attire) is to nail that sort of fancy-ish (but still totally practical) top.  (You might remember this one from last fall.)  Here are a few of my favs:



And lastly….


Vince, you rock.



A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


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  1. You’re in my neighborhood! I love Tela’s and the performance garage. For grown up dancers of all levels, check out Philaelphia dance fitness- I met one of my best friends in a beginner zumba class.

  2. Hooray for boys and dancing. The version of the featured Vince Camuto “Tuck” bag seem to be different between the one you have in the photo and the one on the Nordstrom site (I too would prefer a faux flap top bag – so pretty!)

  3. Love these tops, and the performance…he is impressive!
    Any suggestions for bras that will work with some of these shirts. Love the one you’re wearing and the black OTS, but this nursing mama cannot do braless right now!

  4. I love that your definition of “presentable” includes jeans with the knees ripped out 😀 That would not fly in any of my circles as anything other than mega casual.

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