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Ok before I dive into #myeverydayedit I have to say “Thank you.”

Thank you for the comments on my last post. A post that I was literally shaking when pushing publish on it. A post that brought up all my insecurities and fears as a parent. Parenting is obviously different for everyone. And I have always said that there is 1000 ways to be a great mom, you just need to pick one. But sometimes as mommas, we believe so fiercely in “that one” that we pick that we fight for it. That some how we forget that we were already choosing a style of parenting that all choices were the good ones. And then there are times when we choose something for our children. We research. Or pray. Or plan. Or we hold our crying kids who are trying to navigate this world and decided to just wing it. Because really any choice of what to do at that point is better than no choice at all.

And I’ll be honest. As much as I would love to sit here and claim that my choice to rip my sweet boy out of his school was calm and calculated. It really came down to an impulse decision. A knee jerk reaction to my broken boy that I just hoped and prayed with all my heart was right.

And then, when I pushed publish, I was frozen in fear. Anticipating “the haters” to come out in masses. Ready to point out all my shortcomings as a parent. But instead. I got you guys. And a boat load of comments that filled my spirit. It wasn’t until this morning when I stood in the mirror. Hair up and messy. My husband’s old tee. And some knit Uggs from.. oh I don’t know, 2003… that I saw that same spark in my own eyes again. The one I was missing so badly in my little boy. And I realized that this whole experience also broke me down and brought out all of my own insecurities just as it had done to him.

And today I can feel my heart beat calmer. My confidence rebuilt. I can feel it. Your comments reminded me that “I got this and It’s all going to be ok.” And for that… ugh.. words can never express what I want to say to each and every one of you who commented. So I’ll leave it at thank you. It was simply everything. 

Outfit #1

A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on


Rachel Zoe called. She wants her look back.

I loved this look. I call this my mountain resort wear attire. I have spent my whole life going to Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Telluride. All the mountain towns. But just recently I have started to notice the winter fashion. It’s unlike anything else. Boots. Coats. Fur. Ski wear. I mean, it’s kind of cool. And gorgeous. And fun to play with. And I have had a blast incorporating little pieces of it into my daily life in Denver.


Jacket: Bella Fare Cropped Jacket  (similar faux fur option) (similar and only $48!)

Shirt: Caslon Boyfriend Shirt 

Necklace: old J.Crew (similar)

Pants: Paige Transcend Skyline Bootcut in Black Shadow

Sunglasses: Gucci 52mm Retro Sunglasses in Black/Grey

Outfit #2

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So you all know that I JUST started wearing shorts for the first time ever! Remember when I hacked my pants off to make my first pair of shorts?! Awe the memories.

But just when I was getting going on styling shorts, uh… fall happened. So yeah. I was ready to tuck them away for the winter until I saw Cara Loren do this. And we all want to dress like Cara, right?


Top: Oh so very old but this one has a similar vibe and I am seriously thinking about adding it to my sleeveless sweater collection.

Shorts: Urban Outfitters BDG Dolphin Short (similar)

Tights: Urban Outfitters Fleece Lined Full Tights

Boots: Sam Edelman Josephine Tall Boot in Black

Outfit #3

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This is my PTA outfit. Where I try to look a little more pulled together but still fun and still me. I couldn’t find this shirt anywhere and I got it at a little boutique that doesn’t have a website. So I’ll skip over it and just say that anything with fringe is a “yes” in my book. And moving on to the best part of this outfit. These pants. Seriously, my obsession right now. I have no idea why but the fit is so slimming and flattering if you have any thighs at all. My mom has them in petite if you are shorter and they are just as cute! If you order anything from this post… Make it these pants!


Top: Ya Los Angelos (similar with feathers!)

Necklace: J.Crew Mixed Crystal Necklace

Pants: Banana Republic Sloan-Fit Ankle Zip Pant 

Shoes: Old Free People but crushing on these

Outfit #4

A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on


This is my go-to “It’s Fall!” outfit. Jeans. Layers. Leather Jacket. And killer boots. These boots have been super fun. They are also really comfotable and cut wide on the calf. Told you I’m having a fringe obsession!


Jacket: Black Swan Heart Midnight Blue Vegan Leather Jacket and it’s currently under $100! (Update: If your size is sold out at lulus then I found it for $102 at Valley Girl Boutique!)

Shirt: old (Similar Black Lace Peplum Top)

Jeans: Rag & Bone on CRAZY SALE!

Boots: Sam Edelman Josephine Tall Boot in Black

Sunglasses: Icon Eyewear ‘Club’ 54mm Retro Sunglasses  These are seriously $10!

Outfit #5

A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on

Friday Night Date Night! Woo Woo!

I am crazy over faux leather leggings. As I said on Instagram, faux leather leggings are THE best thing ever (along with all the other things I say are the best. thing. EVER.) Comfortable and chic all at the same time. Mine are from Gorsuch that I stole out of my mother’s closet but I am also obsessed with the Spanx high waisted version. They are amazingly slimming and they come at a much better price.

As for the top… be still my heart. I love this suede fringe piece. I’ve dressed it up like this picture, but I keep finding myself pairing it with destroyed denim and my cut off boots. It comes in three colors but the black is definitely my personal favorite.


Top: Cusp by Neiman Marcus Jewel-Neck Suede Fringe Top in Black

Pants: Gorsuch Joelle Faux Leather Pant (similar slimming Spanx Faux Leather Leggings)

Shoes: Dolce Vita Yazmina Bootie SOLD OUT (Loving this one!)


You guys are so cool! I just sit and drool over everyone’s personal style. I love how something so simple like a plaid shirt can be done in so many different ways! That is seriously the best part of this hashtag. Seeing everyone’s takes on styling the same type of items. 

Here are four people who made me want to buy 500 more plaid shirts! Great job ladies!!

Plaid shirt styled for fall

@krembdelakremb / @cbdesignsshop / @sincerelyjennamarie / @madabymada

Thanks to everyone who played along with us! And (shameless plug) Follow me on instagram. I am almost at 1000 followers which would mean I’m going to do an epic giveaway with some of my other mama’s that are newbs to the 1000 club! Ok, so it’s like 1/100’th of most fashion blogger’s followers but I’ll take it!

peace ’n love — OE


  1. Yay! OE!! Thank you so much for picking #myeverdayedit. I love it when this happens!!

    And Sweetie, all your outfits are so freakin’ amazing. I want to copy each outfit–seriously. If I can pull it off, I’ll tag you. You’re rockin’ it GIRL!!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  2. I missed the previous post about your son. I went back and re-read. My heart ripped open in a familiar way… my first grader is experiencing this to a lesser degree but not as bad as in Kindergarten. We’re in Denver suburbs and on our second school in two years. He’d totally glue his marker caps to his desk, too. I’m so sorry this happened to your kid, to mine, at all. Way to go mama bear. I hope mine knows I’ve got his back, I need to up the he and I time the way you did so he knows I’m fighting FOR him, not fighting him (which I also do on occasion). Much love.

  3. I am loving every single outfit; you totally rocked it out! Plus that awesome blue streak in your hair. Love it all! Yay OE is back!

  4. Welcome back! Love the outfits!…this might not be the place for this question…but I am going to ask anyway…besides you love the Apple Watch..can you tell me if you have seen any glitches? Like stuff loading slowly ? Do you have the 38mm or the bigger one?

  5. I just read your story about your little one and his (and your) struggles. I am a teacher and it broke my heart to read that he felt like his teacher didn’t like him. I am glad you were able to find a solution, even if it meant switching schools. As you said, sometimes it isn’t the right fit. I also want to commend you on your graciousness- that you are able to say positive things about the school and the teacher (that she might be a god fit for other kids), despite the fact that you must be feeling so angry really says something about the kind of person you are. Your child’s new school is lucky to have you as a part of their community and your little guy will have the opportunity to learn from his rough start, rather than dwelling in the negative. Yay for a fresh start!

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