A Trench Coat (when all else fails)



Let me tell ya’ll something.

A trench coat is the fixer of all evils…or at least the evil of a boring, uninspired outfit.

I had put on my black turtleneck and jeans the other day thinking…”hey, cute outfit. Kind of artsy. Kind of Audrey Hepburn. I might just go with this”. Then my husband saw it and asked, “are you on your way to a miming class?”. Ha! #fail Okay, so the outfit was obviously a bit too bland and needed something (other than mime gestures) to bump it up.

So. I moseyed on into our closet, completely stumped. Nothing. to. wear. I mean, is anyone else with me on this? It starts to get painful dressing for winter weather around…oohhh…mid January. I get so bored. GO AWAY, WINTER.

…but anyways, I then saw it – my long, classic trench that I rarely wear. I almost passed it by, because…when I think trench I usually think rainy, cool…not winter. Whateverrrr. I grabbed it anyways and threw it on.

Well, well, well. That was it. It was all I needed.




To make it weather appropriate, I just added a cozy sweater underneath and topped it all off with a hat.

FYI: I think a pair of chunky socks would have made the whole outfit even better (and would have kept the ankles warm). If I had worn a pair, I would have pulled them up over the jeans a bit. It would have made it all flow a bit better – my legs look a bit awkward and chopped off at the ankle with the skin showing. A longer pair of jeans could have worked as well! I’m not a style expert. I just put stuff on, like what I see and go with it…so when I see how I could have made an outfit better, I like to point it out it out and explain how to fix it. If that helps? You tell me. 🙂




French girl? Oui oui. Mais bien sûr! I see it. I felt like it too. They say the secret to French style is keeping it minimalist with basics, but adding a little oomph here and there. The trench so perfectly finished off my outfit without looking like I tried too hard…and I didn’t. Not at all. It enlivened my dying Winter style and made me feel like I had it all together (bahahaha).

Well, I think I can make it through the last few weeks of winter now. Maybe. Ugh. I could totally wear this trench with a sweet, little Spring dress though…



turtleneckJ. Crew Tissue Turtleneck tee, on sale now with additional 20% off. I wear it at least twice a week. (wearing size S for reference)

jeansJ. Crew toothpick jeans, blacksmith wash (wearing a size down from my normal size. they tend to stretch out). They’re almost sold out, so here’s a Rag & Bone pair…it’s a cool pair of jeans that can be rolled or worn down, tucked inside of a boot. I rarely find a pair, being the giant that I am.

booties – Sam Edelman, Nordstrom Rack find…looked around and can’t find them. Darn. Maybe look at your local Rack? I did find their Jodie bootie (which is not like mine at all), but gooooodness…rockin’ (currently scheming of ways to make them mine). Dolce Vita’s Hilary is also a looker as well.

trench coat – Banana Republic (old), but here is their current Swing Trench. I also found a few more that you may fancy, ma dears…


Shopping For Trench Coats




(photo credits: Brandon Brown Photography)