A Week Of Summer Outfit Ideas For A Toddler Mom


This past year was the first one we put our kid in a preschool program, which means this summer is the first “schools out for the summer!” feeling I’m getting to experience. As much as I loved having space to work uninterrupted and clean the home during the week with no one around, I have missed my cheeky toddler. 

While we gear up to take advantage of our annual Safari Park passes (mine + the hub’s favorite) and our Legoland membership (the kids’ fave), long days making sandcastles at the beach and mornings spent chasing the kiddo on his scooter (he’s freakishly fast now) – I want to look cute doing it. I mean, I always want to look cute

toddler mom outfit, jumpsuit and a striped cardigan layer

pants (M) | tank (L) | sweater (L) | sandals

Schools Out For The Summer: 1 Week of Outfit Ideas for Mom 

Summer outfits as a toddler mom are better suited as practical, sure, but they can still feel put together. It really just takes a few simple swaps. Instead of grabbing my same ol’ bike shorts of yore, I have a cute new skort. When it’s sweaty and hot out, we can ditch the denim for the ever-popular boxer style short. When reaching for a tank, I’m loving the modern tie-front options

To keep it simple, I’ve rounded up a week’s worth of outfit ideas, from a mom who prefers to keep things casual, comfortable, and cute, of course.

Outfit Idea 1: Errands & House Chores

toddler mom outfit, oversized sweater, striped loose pants & flip-flops.

pants (M) | similar crewneck (would link The Eras Tour one if I could!) | bag | similar hat | sandals

I’ve had buyers remorse oh, maybe only twice in my life, and these pants initially were one of them (only for the fact that there’s extra space built in for the hips, of which I have zero, and I wasn’t sure they laid well on me).

But it took only a few weeks of them hanging in my closet for me to realize I was grabbing them for all my “Get Shit Done” days. Every single one. The pants are thin but sturdy, comfortable but not at all clingy. I can be on my knees scrubbing the baseboards or strolling the aisles of Target and am magically the best dressed for each occasion. Now I can’t picture mom life without these.

Outfit Idea 2: A Day At The Park  

Toddler mom outfit for a day at the park: denim jacket, striped shorts and adidas Samba sneakers.

shorts (M) | top (L) | jacket (XXL) | shoes | laces | charm necklace

We all know by now that I’m Team Boxer Shorts (don’t worry, they’re boxer style shorts, not my husband’s underwear) and there’s nothing easier to pull on when headed to an amusement park for the day (or even just to the traditional jungle gym down the street). These cotton pull-on shorts (also available at Nordstrom, different colors have been restocking) have easily been my favorite, and are about to pass up my beloved J.Crew pair for the title of Most Worn. 

Outfit Idea 3: Backyard Lounging

Toddler mom outfit for summer: wide-leg jumpsuit and a cardigan layer.

pants (M) | tank (L) | sweater (L – new colors added!) | sandals

I discovered this matching set a few weeks ago and have practically needed someone to tear it from my fists – I can’t stop wearing it. The pants remind me so closely of my fave NakedCashmere linen pants (extremely thin, lightweight and suitable for hot temps), but for a fraction of the cost (this entire set is under $40!). Sure, it’s not as high quality, but when I’m three excavators deep into my kids sand pit, I don’t really want high end. Plus, it’s just so damn comfortable.

Outfit Idea 4: To the Splash Pad/Local Pool/Beach 

Beach outfit idea, pool outfit idea, summer outfit idea

pants (S) | swim top (L) | button down (M) | sandals | tote bag

While I’m not typically a water-shoe kinda gal, we recently discovered Legoland has a mega splash pad. My knock-off Birks have done the trick, but I’m pretty close to just grabbing the real thing (even more stock here), since the one downside of my pair is they are a platform – which just really doesn’t work well for me when chasing a kid. 

Outfit Idea 5: Lazy Day at Home

pants (M) | tee (M)

These satin track pants initially sold out before I could share them, but adidas recently restocked them in a black color. They are a serious win for us tall girls – I’m just a tick under 5’10” and they fit beautifully. A track pant is always an easy decision when running after young kids, but make them satin and you immediately feel almost…chic. 

Outfit Idea 6: Weekend Sports (Or Scooter Chasing)

skort (M) | tank (L) | hoodie (L) | sneakers | similar cap

I grabbed this skort on a whim earlier this spring and have since been wearing it weekly. It’s either some variation of this tank + cropped hoodie + dad sneakers formula (perfectly sporty without the icky sporty clothes), or an oversized tee draped loose over it. 10/10 for comfort.

Outfit Idea 7: Casual (But Cute) Weekends

top (L) | jeans (28)

It feels as though I’ve tried out a crap ton of tie-front tops this spring, and this one is easily the best. The fact that it’s sold out TWICE already proves I’m not the only one who thinks so (it’s been restocking swiftly, join the waitlist if your size is gone!). The ties stay tied (even with grabby, sticky hands), there’s little to zero awkward wardrobe malfunction possibilities, and it sits loose and comfy all around. 

Happy Summer!

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