Abercrombie & Fitch: 50% Off Everything



Confession.  I used to work at Abercrombie & Fitch in college.  I made it about two months . . . spending most of my check on items that we were required to buy by the company . . . before I couldn’t do it anymore.

There was a long period of time when Abercrombie got a bad rap (rightfully so) and I would cringe if someone asked what jeans I was wearing while I had their denim on.  BUT.  They’ve recently gotten rid of their controversial CEO and unveiled a new brand identity with the help of Ashley Sargent Price, Creative Director of Marketing and J. Crew alumna.  And OMG is it good.  I randomly decided to check out their Black Friday sale (50% off everything & free shipping) and wanted it ALL.  Literally.  This is not the A&F you remember from back in the day. See for yourself . . .

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So what do you think??  Is Abercrombie worth another look?





  1. But what size to order?? Is it still the tiny sizing that I remember? Any suggestions for 5’5″ 126lb, usually a size s/6 – maybe medium?

    • The faux fur coat arrived (already) and it is really nice. Unfortunately, it is just a bit too small, so I’m back on the search for a faux fur coat. If you’re considering this one, I’d still recommend it!!

  2. I worked there too! *Cringe* And wasn’t allowed to promote to management bcs I was a size 12. SMH. Remember you were never allowed to wear black?? Thanks for posting this – glad to learn of the change.

  3. Nice to know about the changes. When I saw this post, I scrolled right past but then came back to check it out. Just bought 2 sweaters. The black skinny jeans which had really caught my eye? Sold out in almost all of the long sizes 🙁

  4. I bought the sequin long sleeve dress, another dress and a sweater and I really love them all! Thanks for information.

    And, I agree the sizes are true to size. I’m 5-2 105lbs and wear an XS.

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