Meet Amy

Marquette, MI

Athletic | Oversized | Beachy

5′ 9″ | No Curves | Rectangle Shape | Jeans 29 | Size 6

Mama of an infant + 2 cats

I’ve always tried to stand out from the crowd just slightly. I think that’s because I love and embrace change — excited by the ever-changing world of fashion trends far more than classic pieces. But woven between the trends remains the influence of the beach in my personal style, having spent most of my life between California and the beach towns of Michigan. I’m always looking for oversized, loose and casual pieces that can go from morning coffee to a day at the beach. My wardrobe is thick with seasonal pieces that can withstand the wildly fluctuating forecast in Northern Michigan, and I’m often on the hunt for comfortable-yet-cute pieces I can photograph weddings in (which is what I do on the weekends)!

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Amy’s FAQ

Let’s get the basics out of the way: where you live, how many kids, etc.

Joyfully dwelling along the Lake Superior shoreline in Michigan with my husband (Paul, aka: Hubs) and son (Jude!); we just had our first baby in 2020 and are over the moon obsessed with him and being parents (like, I know people say that, but WOW it’s so fulfilling and amazing). I’ve been a full-time traveling wedding photographer for the past eight years but am slowly throttling back on the travel since having a baby.

Three words to describe your personal style. Go.

Easygoing, Beachy, Trend-driven 

Who are your style icons? How do you integrate those tastes into your own wardrobe if at all?

Mary-Kate & Ashley: the queens of breaking the rules and wearing everything oversized. Their boldness for the bohemian look and rocking socks with sandals as a fashion statement are just two reasons I’m always religiously paying attention to their influence. They have been my fashion icons since I was a kid asking for their entire Walmart clothing line for Christmas and birthday gifts, and the reason I often look to break any fashion rules or molds myself. But also, Princess Diana’s off-duty look is my forever mood; her ability to style bike shorts, sweatshirts and sneakers while making it look perfectly put-together was (and is) major goals.

How has your personal style changed during your pregnancy?

Wow, pregnancy made it rough for me to get dressed (or even like clothes at all). I wasn’t able to seamlessly merge my normal closet with my changing belly like I thought I could (people on the internet make it sound so easy), but once I finally “gave in” and grabbed a few maternity-specific items (or even just a few new items that made me feel confident) it was so much more – FUN! These jeans and this pair of leggings were two maternity lifesavers.

What’s your most-worn piece? (If it’s sweatpants…we won’t tell.)

Honestly, I don’t think you can ever have too many sweatshirts — and I can never wear them on rotation enough. Hoodies, crew necks, oversized, zip-ups, cropped — you name it, I’ll wear it and try to style it so I don’t look too much like a college kid rolling out of bed (but then again, maybe that’s the goal). Also, this pair of bike shorts (or the same thing but in legging form for colder days) is on my body at least 5 times a week, both for working out and athleisure-style. I’ve been wearing them for years and years, and I’ve never found another pair of leggings/shorts that is better (trust me, I look around).

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge height from an Instagram or blog post – SO…how tall are you?

5’9” and so thankful for the long legs.

Your top three beauty products?

This body serum + lotion have been life changing for my extreme dry/sensitive skin, I won’t wear mascara without this incredible product,  and this (vegan! sustainable!) oil has been amazing for my face plus I run it through my thick locks of hair, too!

What drew you to blogging and when did you start?

Honestly, I think I was just born into the generation of blogging — but it used to be all about online diaries. LiveJournal, DeadJournal, Blogger — you name it, I had one. I remember looking over my mom’s shoulder at Ree Drummond’s blog (aka: The Pioneer Woman) who was the first real example I had of someone going after lifestyle blogging; detailing her life in words and images for all of us to follow along and fall in love with. It was equally so strange and so captivating. From that point on, many WordPress accounts were created for seasons in my life (oh, how I wish I could remember all their URL names) — but it was always just a fun creative outlet, never anything I devoted time or serious energy into. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Shana for photography a few years back, and that turned into frequent shoots for both Shana — when she comes for visits back to her homeland — as well as for posts with Scotti. To have the opportunity to now contribute to this blog myself feels like the most EPIC honor! 

What does a typical day look like? How do you manage your time vs. blogging (or work)?

Wow, having a baby changes everything. While I used to, admittedly, be a workaholic and live at my desk, I now happily “clock out” and set some good boundaries so I can spend time with my little fambam. What a typical day looks like is different depending on the day: My husband is also self-employed, so he is able to be a full-time dad on Mondays and Tuesdays so I can live in my office, Wednesdays my mom watches Jude for a few hours so I can wrap up major work tasks, and Thursdays and Fridays I get to be full-time mom (while hammering out some work to-dos during nap time, of course). The winter months bring rest for the weekends, but summer means wedding season – so I’m usually photographing weddings and engagement sessions! Honestly — it’s a lot, and it’s all new, so check back later and I may have rearranged it all (HA).

What did you dream of being when you were young?

A photographer for National Geographic…so I came kind of close by capturing all of the glory that makes up a wedding 😉

What’s one fashion risk you love to see on others but would NEVER take yourself?

Never say never!!