Meet Cam

Rock Hill, SC

Feminine | Euro-Chic | Comfortable

5′ 11″ | Slim | Got A Bum | Jeans 27 | Size 4-6

Mama of 3 kids — 1 girl, 2 boys

Wife, mama of 3, true believer in the importance of finding meaningful ways to stay sane(-ish) throughout motherhood, such as style blogging, making absurd videos on Instagram & hiding in the guest room. It’s not always easy, but when it’s hard…there’s always Netflix. *peace sign*

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Cam’s FAQ

Let’s get the basics out of the way:  where you live, how many kids, etc.:

Soooo I live in this relatively small town just south of Charlotte called Rock Hill, SC. I wasn’t sure about it…at all…when we first moved here, but soon realized how awesome it is. It’s an up-and-coming area, with quaint coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, antiques & tons of Southern charm (i.e. you become friends with the entire staff at your local grocery store…and they know the names of all of your children). Basically, it’s the hipster capital of the world and I LOVE IT. I have three kids – one girl, two boys. I want more! I grew up the oldest of six kids and I just don’t understand life without constant noise, chaos and insta-best friends. I don’t know where I’d be without my siblings, so I do hope our kids grow up feeling the same way!

Three words to describe your personal style. Go.:

UGH. I actually hate this question, because to me personal style is something that can continually evolve. I guess, if I had to whittle it down, I would say that I tend to stick with feminine, euro-chic and comfortable… – emphasis on comfortable.

Who are your style icons? How do you integrate those tastes into your own wardrobe if at all?:

Twiggy, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Alexa Chung. I think one thing they all pull off really, really well is cool …without trying very hard. It’s all very effortless. I like that. I guess I try to pull of the same with my own style, by starting with simple basics and adding a fun, different element. For example, if I am wearing a tee and jeans, I’ll add a unique pair of shoes…or a blazer – just something that gives it all some oomph. 

How has your personal style changed since becoming a mom?:

It hasn’t changed that much, actually. I just think I’ve just gotten more and more realistic about what will actually work, now that I’m a mom. I always think, will I want to rip this off in 5 sec. while holding a babe and running after a two year old? No? Okay, then I’ll wear it.

What’s your most-worn piece? (If it’s sweatpants…we won’t tell.):

Oh, sheesh…hmmm. I would have to say my Sam Edeleman Gladiator sandals. If I could wear them all year long, I would. They have proven to be so versatile and the perfect added edge to a tee and jeans.

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge height from an Instagram or blog post – SO…how tall are you?:

5’2. HAHA. I’m 5’10. Yes, I do still wear heals (and I am taller then my husband…don’t care). Tall girls unite!

Your top three beauty products?:

Honest Replenishing Mist, Urban Decay Naked One-and-Done Complexion Perfector and benefit Puff Off.

What drew you to blogging and when did you start?:

I was drawn to blogging as a new mom, right after we had our first babe. I was feeling stuck and not like myself at all, which I am sure many of you can relate with, so…blogging was my place to go and BE MYSELF. It felt awesome to create in my own space. So. I ran my own blog for years, but then it started to lose its charm when it started to become more work than it was enjoyable. I let it go…& then…Shana got her claws into me. By this time, I hadn’t been blogging for about a  year and I was ready to start something new. Plus- S and I had been blogging friends for years and it just felt natural to join in on the fun with her. It’s been a crazy, fun ride that I am incredibly grateful for everyday. 

What does a typical day look like? How do you manage time with kids vs blogging (or work)?:

Well, I don’t manage time at all…at least, not well. ha. It’s a roller coaster ride most days. I never know what to expect with the kids. That said, I do try to make a to-do list, if for no other reason other than to keep my head on (somewhat) straight. I never get it all done, but it does help to keep me on-task and focused. 

After the craziest, worst days we all find salvation in seeing our kids. What’s your favorite thing to do with them to decompress?:

Snuggle on the couch and watch movies…and by snuggle I mean, try to persuade them to sit still and quiet for 5 minutes, so that I can catch my breathe. Yeh, so really…I like to send them to bed, so that I can decompress with a BIG glass of wine and think about how cute and wonderful my kids are (especially while they are asleep).

If you could give only one piece of advice to a timid, new mom (we’ve been there), what would it be?:

Don’t worry. You’re a good mom. Tomorrow is another day!

What did you dream of being when you were young?:

A supermodel…and I’m not joking. I went as far as getting signed with Wilhelmina Models, did a few things…was told I would have to lose more weight to really make money in runway shows. I played the game for a bit and then just said screw that and decided to go to school to become a therapist!….aaaaand now I’m a blogger. It all makes sense. 

What’s one fashion risk you love to see on others but would NEVER take yourself?:

I’ve had trouble with seeing Birkenstocks as a good choice, ever since they came back around a few years ago. I still  haven’t tried them, but I guess never say never. They do look incredibly comfortable…