Meet Linzi

Philadelphia, PA

Playful | Feminine | Easy

5′ 2″ | Pear-Shaped | Short Legs | Jeans 29 | Size 8

Mama of two kiddos (a just-turned-teenager and a younger, wanna-be-teenager)


I like to consider myself the reigning Queen of Comfort shoes here at The Mom Edit and LOVE doing all.the.research (i.e monster long posts) on comfortable shoes, as well as white tees, puffer coats, denim, easy go-to outfits, super-fun accessories and kids’ toys.  I’m definitely more of an“ expert shopper,” not an “expert fashionista” —  for sure. I love buying pieces that bring me joy in some way, and then wearing them….easy! That’s pretty much my personal style— easy, playful, bright, a bit feminine, and ALWAYS ALWAYS comfortable. 

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Linzi’s FAQ

Let’s get the basics out of the way:  where you live, how many kids, etc.,

I live in Philly (a couple blocks from Shana) with my husband and two kiddos.

Three words to describe your personal style. Go.

Playful, Feminine and Easy

Who are your style icons? How do you integrate those tastes into your own wardrobe if at all?

Is it weird that I don’t have any style icons? I’m a “shopper,” not a “fashionista” for sure. I shop for items that bring me joy in some way, and then I wear them. That’s pretty much my style.

How has your personal style changed since becoming a mom?

My personal style I think stopped completely when I had my first-born…my only requirement was stuff I could whip my boobs out of. I think it’s only been in the past few years that I kind of got back to wearing stuff that I find “fun” and “interesting.”

What’s your most-worn piece? (If it’s sweatpants…we won’t tell.)

MOTHER jeans. Year-round, on repeat.

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge height from an Instagram or blog post – SO…how tall are you?

5’2….another shortie I’m afraid.

Your top three beauty products?
  1. A T3 Curling Iron: To give my curls a little extra help here and there or to curl all my hair for a smoother look. 
  2. NudeStix Nudies: Obsessed with these things. Quick swipe on my cheeks, eyelids, and lips…have loved EVERY color and glow shade.
  3. Oribe Restyling Spray: I use this in the mornings for frizz and to reset my curls with scrunching, finger twirling, or my curling iron.
What drew you to blogging and when did you start?

This is a really funny question to me. I wasn’t really drawn to blogging…I’m pretty sure it happened accidentally with me complaining to Shana that she wasn’t featuring enough Danskos on the blog. Ha! I love sharing with friends suggestions for kids’ gifts, researching the best kids’ products, and problem-solving toys to keep kiddos entertained in various settings, so it happened fairly organically that I started helping Shana with both toy and shoe articles, and now day-to-day favorite clothing as well.

What does a typical day look like? How do you manage time with kids vs blogging (or work)?

My kids are both in school now, so I do some of my work when they’re at school…then I hop back online while I’m sitting at their after-school dance class… and then hop back on at a bench during their parkour practice…and then I hop back on after bedtime… and then I hop back on before they wake up…I definitely have to grab moments here and there while keeping up with my “other job” as meal-planner, homework-helper, laundress, picker-upper, boo-boo fixer, class party planner, chaperone field tripper, financial planner, tantrum manager, calendar creator, dish-washer, etc., etc.,….you guys, of course, know the drill. 

After the craziest, worst days we all find salvation in seeing our kids. What’s your favorite thing to do with them to decompress?

Play games for sure! I LOVE playing games with my kids. I get sad that during the school year we don’t have as much time for family games, but our summers are filled with game-playing.