Hopefully Not Annoying: The Best Way To Subscribe To Our Content (Even During The NSale)


Hey gang!! Based on some reader feedback (as well as years of newsletter analytics), we recently changed the way our email newsletters work. Factored into this change is our upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 coverage — some of you want it all, some of you find it annoying.

And since our goal is first and foremost to be helpful (we have busy readers, let’s not waste anyone’s time), we thought it best to just spell out some of these changes, so you guys can figure out what’s going to work for you.

Our Email Newsletter Service Is Kiiiind Of A Big Deal

I’m kidding. But seriously — our newsletters are pretty great. We take the responsibility of going into someone’s inbox very seriously, and have been working hard to re-vamp our entire newsletter strategy, so we’re not abusing the privilege (or trust) of our readers.

If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can click here to do so. This sign-up form will allow you to set your newsletter preferences (there’s more than one option!).

Each of our newsletters have some sort of special, newsletter-only content in them (and frankly, if I get my way, that piece will continue to grow). We’ve also re-structured our newsletters so everyone can decide how often they want to see them: daily, weekly, or three-ish times per week. We’ve also created a special set of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale newsletters that will be coming out during the NSale period (in addition to whatever other newsletter subscription preferences one has chosen).

Our Newsletters – What To Expect?

If you’ve already subscribed and want to change your subscription preferences, simply go to the very bottom of any of our newsletters you’ve ever received, and click the link at the very bottom. It’s literally the last sentence in the fine-print box that says, “You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list”. Follow the directions from there.

When you sign-up (or change your subscription preferences), you’ll be presented with the following choices. Here’s what they mean, in detail:

1. Weekly (Sunday Roundup Only)

What this subscription includes: One weekly email, sent every Sunday morning with the subject line, “What You May Have Missed On The Mom Edit This Week”. This email has links to our latest Weekly Sales Report, and the latest Weekend post. It also highlights our top four (most-read) articles from the past week, as well as our two most popular Instagram looks.

Finally, at the bottom of this newsletter is a list of all posts that have been published that week, if you just want to scroll through and see if anything else catches your eye.

Special newsletter-only content: This newsletter subscription also includes a collage of pieces that the TME editors have been buzzing about on our private slack channel (some of which may have shown up on TME, some of which have not). It’s a little behind-the-scenes, sneak-peek situation. Subscribe to this newsletter, here.

2. The 3-4 Times Per Week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)

What this subscription includes: The Sunday special newsletter (described above), as well as two additional special newsletters on Tuesday and Thursday. The Tuesday and Thursday newsletters contain 100% special, newsletter-only content, stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

Tuesday Special Newsletter: The Selfie. The Selfie newsletter is always a personal peek into what the editors are actually wearing/cooking/buying, and always has a theme. This week’s theme is “What I’m Wearing To Summer BBQs”, and last week’s was, “My Favorite Sandals”. Past newsletters have been focused on topics like, “Shorts I Don’t Hate”, or “My Most-Worn Piece This Month” or even “My Favorite Recipe” or “The Bra I’m Wearing With Tank Tops.” The title of this newsletter changes with the weekly theme.

Thursday Special Newsletter: Best of The Week (Sales, Articles, Everything). This newsletter is like a best-of, sneak peek of our weekly sales report, as well as a few of my favorite highlights from our recent articles. Sometimes there are selfies, sometimes there are just picks, but the TME editors are forced to edit their sales picks down to just one, and I share my own twist on our content. Like highlighting the fact that Amy’s mascara combo IS as epic as she’s promised (Scotti and I also completely swear by those exact products), and that the Steve Madden and Dansko sandals mentioned in Linzi’s recent comfort shoe post do stand up to miles of walking — even fresh out of the box.

Subscribe to these newsletters here.

3. Daily (Once A Day, Plus 3 Weekly Newsletters)

What this subscription includes: The daily option will send you an email every morning, with a link to all of the new content that’s been published on The Mom Edit in the last 24 hours. It also includes all three of the newsletter-only special newsletters:

  • What You May Have Missed This Week
  • Best of The Week (Sales, Articles, Everything)
  • The themed, selfie newsletter

Newsletter-only content in the Daily: As I mentioned, we’re always playing around with fun, extra content, but right now, the daily newsletter contains our latest Nordstrom look, in case anyone needs some fun style inspo.

Subscribe to these newsletters here.

New: Additional Content For Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Newsletter Subscribers

If you want immediate email notifications of our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try-on articles, then sign-up to receive our extra NSale coverage. If text is better, then sign up for text notifications: we’ll text you as soon as an #NSale try-on article is published. That’s easily the best way to make sure you see our content come together in real-time. And, as always, you can opt out at any time.

Other than our try-on articles (and maybe a few re-stock notifications), we’re not going to send out any other text alerts to this special group of subscribers.

Instead, the rest of our additional coverage will be featured in five special newsletters, spread out over the four weeks of the sale. Some will feature overlooked (hidden) #Nsale gems, some will have styling tips, and some will have some behind-the-scenes content. Should be fun.