An Accessory Combo To Freshen That Old White Tank


One could argue the jeans.  It was hot, it was humid, and I may have been better served in denim of the shorter variety.  But there were a few forces working against my usual denim underwear, namely, ONE – we were going to be inside watching the kids’ hip-hop concert, so, hello, air-conditioning….and TWO – Pax and I had the following conversation the previous day:

[S at stove, cooking something, her pale bare legs clad in denim underwear.  Pax walks in.]

Pax:  “Mom?  What are those things on your legs?  Those….lines back here?”

S:  “They’re spider veins, Pax.  Know where I got those from?  FROM YOU!”  [she tickles Pax, who squirms away]

Pax:  [comes closer, traces one with finger] “From me…” [quiet, musing voice] “…did I draw them on?”


I have this tendency to stick with a front-mirror-check and call it good.  The back view can be problematic, and what we can’t see won’t upset us, sooooo….

But after the conversation with Pax I did a rare rear check in the mirror to confirm and YES.  Denim underwear this early in the summer may not be my best option.  You just can’t unsee some things.

So this weekend, my choices were spray tan or jeans, and given all of the other shenanigans involved (three shows between the two kids, just call me Dance Mom)…I went with jeans.  My Summertime Jeans, actually.  Boyfriend-y, skinny-ish, and I hear they’re decent on the bum.  (I’d look myself, but have already used up my monthly allotment of rear-views.)

Anyway, I wanted to wear jeans, I wanted to be comfortable….and feel a little bit fancy.  #dancemom

So I came up with an accessory combo that was kinda perfect for day:  walkable, comfortable….yet fancy enough when the day bled into night.  Best of all?  It dresses up my fav combo:  a simple white tank and denim.

Tassel Earrings + Bold Belt + Cool Flatforms

I love tassel earrings because they are so lightweight – which means that even my earring-hating self can happily wear them all day – and they’re fun without being fancy.

Of course, properly balancing the earrings (because they are such a statement piece) was key to not feeling overdressed.  I knew a necklace would compete too much, but I was surprised to find that even bracelets started to feel too….’done’.  I liked a chunky cocktail ring, but in this heat, I’m not squeezing anything onto my fingers.

It turns out that a statement belt was the perfect counter-point to tassel earrings.  This combo works, I think, because both tassel earrings and statement belts have a similarly playful vibe.  One doesn’t need a belt with a pineapple clasp, but doesn’t it make you smile?

My “belt” ended up being Rebecca Minkoff’s belt bag (solved two problems in one),  and I finished off the look with basic sunnies and metallic flatforms (for walkability and fun).

Outfit Details

tank: Madewell Whisper Cotton Tank (wearing a size for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre Capri Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Delano wash (wearing a size 24 for reference) – Gang, these might be the best yet from Rag and Bone.  While they do, technically, have stretch in them, they look and feel like a pair of vintage Levis (without stretch) that have already been broken in.  They’re not skinny, but not overly slouchy either.  Perfect for summer.

shoes: Steve Madden Krista Wedge Sandal – these are super comfortable, right out of the box.  They also come in black or tan – all colors have the white platform, giving these an almost sporty vibe.

earrings: Gorjana Tulum Tassel Earrings – I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how much I typically dislike earrings, but I have super sensitive ears, so most earrings make my earlobes itch, turn red, etc.  But these?  These are a dream to wear!  So lightweight, and you can barely even feel them swinging (usually, that’s the part I hate the most).  These are seriously amazing, and such an outfit-maker for $50.  They also come in a dark golden sand (which I’m seriously considering) and turquoise.  Stunning.

belt (bag):  Rebecca Minkoff Belt Bag – fits my iPhone 7 and some credit cards….but nothing else.  Perfect for someone like me who has been using, um, their pockets lately.

sunnies: Ray-Ban Erica Sunglasses (my old standbys…and WHOA:  they now come in WHITE.  Ordered.)

Shop Tassel Earrings


Shop Bold Belts

Shop Cool Flatforms


A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! No one will ever have to ask me twice to figure out some fun head-to-toe looks for summer.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.


  1. I’m saying this with all the love in my heart, but just say no to fanny pack, even a fancy fanny pack. Just no. I really hope they aren’t making a comeback.

    • I have yet to see “belt bags” anywhere but in blogs… I did see an actual 90s style fanny pack on a tourist the other day though (I live in Amsterdam).

      • This kind of thing can be particularly comfortable for women who have had mastectomies. Carrying stuff around without having to put weight on your shoulders is a good thing sometimes!

  2. Ugh. I just had to buy that tank in black and striped. You guys have cost me so much money this week…..

    What bra are you wearing here? It doesn’t look like the regular halter one, more like a racerback?

  3. Had to immediately order those shoes and the funky pink tassel earrings. The enabling was strong in this post. I can’t resist cool walk-able shoes and earrings are the only jewelry I wear usually. (can’t really hop onto the belt bag wagon yet, the last thing I want is something thick around my middle!)

  4. So I heard about your site yesterday from a college guy friend who’s wife is obsessed with – we were discussing the value of having a clearly defined and not self serving blog niche when building an authentic online community. When someone’s husband is talking about your blog – now that is HUGE. Now I am a fan. Happy to have found you. Love your copy tone and realness!

  5. I have a belt bag that I use all the time. It’s the mini paperback from Moop with a small waist band size belt I bought from them to go with it. I love it! Keeps my hands free, looks great, and fits the few things I actually need.

  6. Here to say I am a belt bag and fanny pack fan. I crazy love them because I can’t drop anything while chasing toddlers, and there are no straps cutting into my shoulders. I don’t know why people hate them!! You can wear them so they pretty much look like a little crossbody bag without the strap. This is my favorite.

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