How We’re Actually Spending Mother’s Day


Sooooooo….Mother’s Day.  Maybe not brunch, amiright? But when the TME team started talking – halfheartedly – about Mother’s Day, we eventually realized that we all had something specific in mind, a sure-fire way to make our Mother’s Day amazing:

A trip to Paris.

Haha.  Just kidding.  In reality, we were confronted by things like RAIN, cold weather, sleepless nights, and the usual nonsense.  But when forced to dig deep (really, really deep in some cases), we were all able to come up with a “plan” [snort] of how we will be spending Mother’s Day.  Something achievable, yet special. So if you are still looking for a few low-pressure ideas for your Mother’s day, keep on reading.

And for those of you whose partner doesn’t start Mother’s Day with, “So whaddya want to do today, Babe?”….throw the rest of us a bone, and leave detailed descriptions in the comments.  Preferably ones we can just cut-and-paste into an email entitled, URGENT:  May 14.


Got Mother's Day plans? Ha! Only time (or kids) will tell. Ideally, we'll be urban exploring, picnicking or lazing...Our Mama's Day dreams in a post.

GO:  We’re doing the whole Breakfast-in-bed thing first (like this, right Mike?), and then I want a loooong hot shower and time to dry my hair – with a blowdryer, because, special(!!) – and put on makeup at a leisurely pace.  Once the Queen is ready, I’d love to do a little urban exploring of places where I’m often outvoted.  My top picks?  There’s a women’s photography exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and One Liberty Observation Deck is having a Mother’s Day special, too.

EAT:  The last thing I want to do on Mother’s Day is cook, so ending the day at V Street – a low key bar with crazy good food – would be pretty darn perfect.

GIFT: I’ve been misplacing my drivers license and credit cards because I throw them loose into my backpacks (or pockets), so this pretty floral card carrier would be perfect (yet still fit in my pockets).  A cool iPhone case is something that makes me happy on the daily, and a girly umbrella means there’s less chance that Mike will steal it on his walk to work.  ps.  The floral card carrier is 30% off with code MOM17

WEAR: It’s supposed to be cold and rainy on Mother’s Day, so a cashmere bodysuit, my fav ripped girlfriend jeans, and chic Sorels* (that are “perfect for light rain”) are right up my alley.  I need a raincoat that works, and The North Face Disrupter Parka, with it’s hidden hood and slim shape – is chic, flattering, and practical.

*I ordered these to see if they live up to my expectations and….yes.  SO comfy, even without socks.  Barely feels like you are wearing a heel, and the opening is nice and narrow (sock-boot like).  I threw a vid up on my Instagram stories (@shanachristine).

Amanda’s Mother’s Day Tradition

Got Mother's Day plans? Ha! Only time (or kids) will tell. Ideally, we'll be urban exploring, picnicking or lazing...Our Mama's Day dreams in a post.


GO Last year we took the kids to a Mother’s Day Alpen Festival, based on the ones in Switzerland, at a local farm. We made flower crowns, ate copious amounts of cheese and watched a herd of dairy cows wearing their own flower crowns and bells stampede parade into their new spring pasture for the first time. It was kind of perfect. This year, it’s a Peter Rabbit theme!

EAT: We usually invite my mom for dinner and I do the cooking – by the end of the day I want something that tastes decadent and looks like it took a lot of effort (but secretly was so easy I recruited my kindergartener to throw it together). These lemony whipped cream filled puff pastries topped with blueberries look just right.

GIFTLe Labo Santal Body Oil is the yummiest, sexiest unisex sandalwood-but-lighter fragrance. I love using body oil year round to counteract my love for superlong, scalding hot showers.

WEAR: I’m wearing this cool Leonard Cohen lyric necklace from a favorite Etsy shop on repeat – it reminds me of the perfection of imperfection, so important on certain long, long days. This sweet Walt Whitman quote ring and a “Ridiculously Amazing” necklace are more than fitting for your fave moms, too.


Laura’s Going To Do The Introvert Thing…

Got Mother's Day plans? Ha! Only time (or kids) will tell. Ideally, we'll be urban exploring, picnicking or lazing...Our Mama's Day dreams in a post.

GO: NOWHERE…at least first thing. I adore coffee. I adore coffee in bed. I never get to have coffee in bed (ahem, Pinky.) I’d love to sip coffee from a gorgeous stoneware mug like this one and have one of these beautiful wood rose linen napkins on the serving tray with it (um, and the whole sheet set, amiright?! Apparently I’m on a dusty rose kick these days.) While drinking my coffee from a lovely cup I’d also like to flip through an equally lovely book, like this, with attainable home décor goals, of course.

EAT: That croissant up there looks pretty delish. Yes, I’d like a fresh croissant, please, and my favorite coffee in that mug. Then, later, I’d like to go for brunch at Broder Nord, my favorite breakfast spot in Portland (it’s Swedish, so of course I love it!)

GIFT: I’ve been wanting this cuff for a while now. “She believed she could, so she did.” It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn in life, but it seems like something Sienna was born with, so I’d love to have it to pass down to her later. On a less sentimental note, I’d love a pretty bluetooth speaker to put by the bed to listen to classical music on (it’s all my brain can handle these days) or my latest podcast obsession!

WEAR: Well, I obvs need to match my linen napkins (and sheets!) with my undergarments, so I’d wear this balconette bra and matching undies with a comfy oversized sweatshirt in gray for morning lounging. To brighten up my tired-from-early-morning-puppy-waking skin, I’d use this brightening mask I’ve been eyeing. Then, I’d hope for the best, weather-wise, and wear a pretty, easy dress and these lovely lace-up espadrilles (and let’s be honest, my newest raincoat obsession on top.)


Cam’s Idea is Perfect With Friends (or just the fam)


Got Mother's Day plans? Ha! Only time (or kids) will tell. Ideally, we'll be urban exploring, picnicking or lazing...Our Mama's Day dreams in a post.

GO: a vineyard is the definition of a Perfect Day for me, so when Matt asked me what I want for mom’s day I said, “Vineyard and please, DO THE DISHES” haha…honestly, I want nada more. Treehouse Vineyards is one my favorite places in the area, with it’s back yard feel, rocking chairs, southern charm to boot and get this — there are actual treehouses all around the property. In fact, you can book one for an over night stay and SLEEP in the trees. How cool is that? Matt and I definitely have that on our bucket list.

EAT: food is the way to my heart. Diamonds? ehh. Give me food and I’ll love you forever. Since we’ll be drinking a bottle of wine (or I will…lol), we need snacks. I love a good cheese with crackers (or bread) and then something sweet is always nice. World Market always has a nice selection of fun, unique snacks – i.e. French cheese selection, baguette crisps and Funky Chunky Chocolate Popcorn (oh, yessss).

GIFT: I have been wanting a picnic basket for years…and I like the look of this smaller one from Pier 1, but hmm. If I’m being realistic about being able to use it for a family picnic, I’d need a larger one like this classic Chipwood Basket. Also, a blanket is a must have…and this Hex Picnic Blanket is so pretty. Maybe a tad much for it’s purpose, butbutbut…it’s so adorable!

WEAR: something easy and comfortable, but pretty. I want to be able to relax and not worry about how I look, but it is going to be Mom’s Day…and I don’t want to feel like a slob, so I plan on wearing my trusty cut-offs, boho top from Madewell, strappy flat sandals and my new large Summer backpack (with a pair of beaded earrings, too, to make it look like I’ve really got it going on).


He better do the damn dishes.


Scotti Will Follow This Up With Some Serious Binge Watching….


Got Mother's Day plans? Ha! Only time (or kids) will tell. Ideally, we'll be urban exploring, picnicking or lazing...Our Mama's Day dreams in a post.

GO: Nowhere!  I love lazy mornings in bed, snuggling with my two favorite people, eating deliciously indulgent food and drinking mimosas (these matching hubby/wifey glasses are adorable).  I mean, to me, that’s the epitome of the perfect mother’s day . . . not having to go anywhere or do anything.  We might go as far as the back deck to grill if it’s nice out or venture out to the couch for some Netflix (we’ve been watching The Last Kingdom and it’s quickly become one of my favorite shows of all time).

EAT: These chocolate croissants are seriously ahhh-mazing. You know that whole saying that food needs to be “worth the calories?”  These are.  And then some.  Deliciously hot and fresh from your oven.

GIFT: I’m obsessed with these little vases . . . I like having fresh flowers around and it only takes one flower to make these look adorable as opposed to a huge bouquet.  The perfect way to dress up a breakfast tray.

WEAR: Am I the only one who loves robes??  My mom, my husband and my sister all make fun of me for my love of robes, but they’re so comfy and I will not be shamed out of wearing them!  (Joke’s on them, though, because these robes are so popular, they’ve sold out!  I like this similar floral robe.)  This t-shirt is the perfect way to ask for breakfast in bed . . . any day of the year.

If you guys have any fun plans for Mother’s Day, share below!!




  1. It will be cold and rainy here, so my first choice of breakfast at the beach has been cancelled…so we are going to a funky pizza/bowling place in the city where they serve drinks while you bowl (candlepin) and then you get to eat amazingly yummy flatbread pizza (and sit near the huge woodfire oven that the kiddos love).

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