Best Of Shopbop Black Friday: Cam’s Picks


I took this Shopbop Sale very seriously and like any serious person would, I took a deep, meditative breath, whispered ‘namaste’, poured myself another cup of coffee and honed in on the top players. By that, I mean I looked for the pieces that will give me the ultimate bang for the buckeroo — the stuff that’s seriously eye-catching, but also will have me reaching for them for years to come.

Sales like this are always hard on me (yes, feel so bad for me), because I don’t just buy stuff to buy it…and I don’t expect you all to do that either, so I agonize over which pieces to include and which to leave out. That said, I am finally 100% confident in the staying power of the pieces I locked-in on (below). I considered the trends, the designers, and if they were things I myself would actually wear on a regular basis.

Add To Cart: 6 Black Friday-Worthy Pieces In The Shopbop Sale

With that said, the six items below are on my short list. Every. single. one of them is in my cart right now…and I am not at all sure how I will part with any of them. sigh. (again, you should totally feel bad for me)

FYI: I also included similar and/or more budget-friendly options below each piece.

It's Black Friday shopping time & we have 6 investment pieces in our Shopbop cart (Buy More, Save More)...Golden Goose, Anine Bing, GANNI...snap 'em up!

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere Kirsty Jacket

Shop it here.

I saw it and I knew…I was in love. haha. No, but really. That fringe! If you love a cozy cardigan like I do, consider this jacket. Cardigans are nice and all, but what about a comfy jacket that would wow the moms at school pick-up?! Yeh, that’s what I thought. I am so on the same wave length as you.

2. Anine Bing Simone Plaid Jacket

Shop it here.

Well, I don’t know how she did it…but she did it. Anine made a plaid jacket look incredibly sassy and cool. I guess I am not surprised, since everything Anine Bing is gold, but wow. I am into this trend. I’d personally throw it over…well, anything I’d usually wear day-to-day!

3. Rosetta Getty Plaid Pants

Shop them here.

The flare plaid pant thing that’s going on right now has got my attention. I am starting to think it may become the new jean this season…well, OKAY. It won’t replace our beloved denim, but it’s definitely a way to do something different with your graphic tees, pullover sweaters, etc., They may look optimal with some sort of heel, but I’d like to try them out with sneakers (b/c between you and me, that’s probably the only way I’d wear them)…anything can be tailored, right?

4. GANNI Heavy Crepe Wrap Dress

Find it here.

I noticed this dress immediately. While everyone is wearing those floral #s right now (me included), why not do something different? The smart look of this is really something! It looks like a suit almost, but in dress form. I’d wear it with sheer stockings and a tall boot. On colder days, I can see it with a turtleneck underneath. Ooooh…yeh? You see it, too?

5. See by Chloe Eddie Tall Western Boots

Shop them here.

*picks jaw up off the floor* These boots. My goodness, they are good. I don’t yet have a western style boot, but these make me want to get on that train…yesterday! I’ve been looking for a boot that isn’t too high on the leg, because I have found I don’t wear those very often. The boot has to meet a happy middle ground…and I think these are right there. I’d wear with jeans, dresses and skirts!

6. Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers (w/ Anklet)

Find the pair here.

This one is an obvious necessity to me. I can’t love my own pair of GGs more, having worn them now for about…umm…two years, at least! I wear them with literally anything. They rarely go on sale, so this is a good time to consider a pair…and that detachable anklet is a new thing, I think. Well, I love it.

Shop My Top 6 Picks In The Shopbop Sale

Good luck out there! For more Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping & #DressingRoomSelfies, plus fall, winter & holiday outfit ideas head over here.



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