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Gift shopping for guys is maybe one of the hardest things, ever. Or is that just a me problem? The men in my life (hi dad and brother!) are simple guys who definitely aren’t gonna tell me (or even hint to) what they want for Father’s Day gifts or birthdays. “Just save your money!” they say…

love buying gifts, so getting nothing is not an option in my rulebook. It’s quickly become one of those things that I take note of throughout the year whenever I hear them mention a problem that needs a solution. Obviously, I’m going to buy the solution because whatelsedoyouwant, pleasejusttellme. And that’s where adidas quickly becomes a lifesaver over here. 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Simple Guy: adidas

So where does that lead me for Father’s Day gift shopping? adidas currently has a ton of great golf stuff right now that I’m tempted to get for my dad so he finally takes the leap into the retired golf life (he loves watching so maybe I’ll just nudge him into that direction…I’m selfishly itching to drive around in a golf cart with a cute outfit, heh). 

Besides the golf stuff, adidas generally has styles that range from sporty to a bit nicer. Think: polo shirts and chino pants. I know my dad personally feels more comfortable in a sporty polo than a super fancy button-down. Thank you, thank you adidas. 

12 Father's Day gifts from adidas

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1. Go-To Novelty Polo Shirt

adidas Father's Day gifts: polos shirt


This is the kind of polo shirt my dad can get behind. Nice enough, but casual enough. (And heyyy, golfers!) The best part about a polo shirt from adidas is the material — lightweight and breathable.

2. Modern Canvas Structured Hat

adidas Father's Day gift: classic baseball hat


My dad and brother have had a hat collection for as long as I can remember (and I feel as though most guys can relate, right?). So a new hat? Always seems like a fool-proof kinda gift they’d appreciate.

3. Reversible Stretch Golf Belt

adidas golf belt


Yes, this is a golf belt…but if your guy just generally likes sporty styles, they can definitely add this to their outfit for a little somethin’ somethin’.

4. Ultimate365 Chino Pants

adidas Father's Day gifts: chino pants


Golf pants as normal, every day pants is kiiinda genius if I do say so myself. They’re made to be good for moving around in, so no discomfort over here.

5. Adicolor 3-Stripes Pants


A classic, easy go-to. You seriously can’t go wrong with a pair of sweatpants (so they can happily get rid of the ones they’ve been wearing for years that may or may not have holes).

6. Ultraboost 1.0 Shoes

adidas Father's Day gifts: Ultraboost sneakers


Obviously, the color-way caught my eye. But then I really started thinking: new sneakers are always a nice gift, but lightweight ones with some support? Perfect for their exercising.

7. Gazelle Sneakers

adidas Gazelle men's sneaker


Because obviously, we love some Gazelle sneakers over here. Should I make my dad match with me? HAHA. Too many good colors to choose from, too.

8. Go-To Chore Coat

adidas Father's Day gift idea: chore coat


I’ve been looking at all the chore jackets for myself, so naturally…I gotta include one for the guys, too. I like that this one is super sleek and simple.

9. Ultimate365 8.5-Inch Golf Shorts

adidas men's golf shorts


Another Father’s Day gift for the golfers. But really…I’d get my not-golfing-dad these shorts too just for the summertime when they go to some restaurants at the beach.

10. Provisional Full-Zip Jacket

adidas full-zip jacket


I know the guys in my life tend to lean towards neutrals, but this might be the perfect way to get some color in their wardrobe. It’s just a bit of fun with that bright orange, but not too crazy for their personal taste.

11. Defender Duffel Bag Small

adidas Father's Day gift ideas: gym duffel bag

duffel bag

Throw out that stinky gym bag! It’s time for an upgrade. Adidas always has the classics you can’t go wrong with.

12. Adicolor Classics Adibreak Pants

adidas track pants


I feel like track pants are making a huge comeback and I LOVE. It’s another great way to get some color and interest in their wardrobes.

Happy almost-Father’s Day!


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Oh hey, pinners…

Shopping for Father's Day gifts can be a difficult task, especially if you have a super simple guy in your life. Adidas, you're saving us.

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