The Most Comfortable & Effective Sports Bra I’ve Ever Owned (Also: Weightlifting Shoes?)


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Let me just start here: It’s not easy to find a comfortable, effective sports bra for larger bust sizes (let’s say size C and up), regardless of workout. I’ve been looking for one that doesn’t just squish the girls together (sooo uncomfortable), but instead nicely supports them during workouts AND(!!) keeps their shape. I also want a sports bra that’s easy to get on/off – wrestling tightly bound fabric over my boobs makes me feel defeated before I even begin!

Additionally, thanks to Laurel’s STRONGER series, I’ve been getting pretty serious about lifting heavy weights, and have found myself curious about weight-lifting shoes – are they worth buying?

bra (m C-D) | leggings (m) | sneakers

I know when I’m properly geared up (bonus points for cute), not only do I feel more motivated to work out, but there’s a difference in performance, too. Spoiler: Strength training shoes make a big difference aaaaand I found my dream sports bra (both on sale right now at Adidas).

Let’s get into it.

Weightlifting After 40: The Right Gear Matters

I’ve been “weight-training” for years, but I say weight-training and not weight-lifting because I’ve previously relied on 2, 5, and 10-lb dumbbells. But once I hit 40, I kept hearing about the importance of lifting heavy weights. And in the past year, I’ve upped my weights to 12, 15, and 20 lb dumbbells (thank you, Laurel–I’m now working towards 25’s!).

Having the right workout gear make a huge difference in how I feel while working out, and even makes a difference in my performance during exercise, especially when lifting weights!

1. Dream Workout Bra: Adidas TLRD Impact Luxe Training High-Support Bra

bra (m C-D) | leggings (m)

Adidas’ Impact Luxe Training High Support Bra is basically my dream sports bra come to life. It’s not easy to find a comfortable, effective bra for C-D cups, but this one is SO much better than any other sports bra I own. It doesn’t just squish the girls together in an uncomfortably tight way, but kind of holds them in place while keeping their shape. (And by holds them in place, I mean it…I tested this one out while running and there was none of the typical bouncing!!)

bra (m C-D) | leggings (m) | sneakers

I love the adjustable straps and the adjustable band…and it’s so much easier to get on than some of the other bras I have to literally fight with just to get over my boobs. This is probably the most comfortable AND effective sports bra I’ve ever owned. Seriously, it makes such a difference!

My exact bra is listed below, as well as a few additional options that are basically the same bra, with a few tweaks (zipper front, more colors, etc). Almost all are on sale right now!

2. Adidas’ Weight-Lifting Shoes Are A Game-Changer

leggings (m) | sneakers

And here’s the big thing…I’ve never worn shoes when lifting weights. Working out at home on my own mat, I just never saw the need. But I often experienced back twinges and pain, needing frequent chiropractor visits because things felt out of alignment. It never crossed my mind how important the right shoes could be…and I wish I had tried these sooner!

bra (m C-D) | leggings (m) | sneakers

The 6mm midsole drop creates a flat and stable platform and helps you find proper alignment. I tend to rotate my foot inward and collapse into my arches (which can cause a horrible chain reaction), but these sneakers provide the right support to prevent my feet from rolling in, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes. (And they’re made with at least 50% recycled content–one of adidas’ solutions to help end plastic waste.)

leggings (m) | sneakers

My exact shoes are almost completely sold out in white, but there are other colors available. And frankly, I’m so blown away by how helpful weightlifting shoes actually are, I think that’s the important point here: wear ’em. So I rounded up a few additional options.

3. Not-Black Leggings I Actually Love: Adidas Tailored HIIT Leggings

bra (m C-D) | leggings (m)

These leggings are awesome! I’ve never seen leggings with such a grippy band that actually keeps them in place. The design is fantastic with great lines, a high rise that stays up, and that grippy band making all the difference. I also love the mesh insert details and the fact that they’re not black!

bra (m C-D) | leggings (m) | sneakers

Normally, I avoid non-black leggings because they don’t offer enough coverage, but this dark purple color is perfect. Plus, the compression is just right, making them both comfortable and supportive. These leggings are basically sold out in almost all sizes (not surprised – they’re great) but fingers crossed for a restock! Will let you guys know!

4. Don’t Overlook This Cover-Up

sweatshirt (s) | bra (m C-D) | leggings (m)

Finally, how cute is this sweatshirt?? It’s the perfect top layer to wear while working out (the open back panel keeps you cool), but looks just as cute running errands or going for coffee.

sweatshirt (s) | bra (m C-D) | leggings (m)

I love the hidden racerback construction that layers away for a sleeveless finish–which I did NOT realize when taking these pictures, so make sure to check out the pics of the models wearing it in the sleeveless way. SO cute and functional!

sweatshirt (s) | leggings (m)

Have you guys started lifting heavy yet? I started by slowly adding more weight to my routines, focusing on less reps and heavier weights. I’ve actually found that I’ve never enjoyed working out more than I do now. I typically am not a fan of cardio, but lifting weights? I love it. I always feel so much better after working out and lifting heavy weights. I’ve never felt stronger, and it’s an amazing feeling!

Cheers to finding workouts you love!



A huge thank-you to adidas for sponsoring this post! I’m a huge fan, and I love that I found a solution to my alignment problems! As always, all product choices and opinions are my own. And readers, thank you so much for your continued support–it is so appreciated!

Photos by: J. Birdie Photography


  1. My old strength coaches used Converse shoes as you can feel the floor with them. I use them too. Thank you for this post.. as a 32D/DD here it is incredibly difficult to find a small enough in the rib cage sports bra with room for the girls. I’ll give this a try for sure.

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