Skip The Leg Prisons And Try Track Pants (They’re Surprisingly Fun To Style Up)


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I hate to say it, but I think the baggy jeans trend is making even leggings feel like leg prisons. I’ve still been reaching for them when it comes time to work out, but as for casual sporty looks? I haven’t been as interested.

Enter: the track pant.

I fell for adidas track pants at the start of the year when I scooped up this classic black pair. They have become my perfect solution for when I’m looking to dress comfy, yet still feel more put-together than wearing sweats, but also don’t want to pull on anything tight. 

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Now, here we are nearing the end of the year, and I’m still so into track pants that I scooped up a second color, and this one is incredibly pretty in real life (a bit darker & creamier than what it appears online). 

Move Over Sweatpants, adidas Track Pants Are Here To Stay

The adidas Court Adibreaker Pants are, maybe somewhat surprisingly, not hard to style. I’ve come up with a few go-to pairings that make an amazingly easy outfit, everytime.

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There is, of course, the white tee. A favorite white tee partially tucked into these pants is an easy and underrated move. Then there are oversized cardigans. If there’s one thing in my closet I have somewhat of a collection of, it’s oversized cardi’s, and they look ESPECIALLY cute draped over these adidas pants.

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But my favorite option as we head towards the cooler holiday season is cropped and cinched waist jackets. Thanks to the extra high rise nature of the Court Adibreaker Pants, a jacket that has an elastic waist to cinch tight around your midsection, or a classic cropped top, is the perfect top layer to pair with these pants.

adidas Mixes Corduroy And Fleece For A Cozy, Unique Jacket

Fleece and corduroy are always at the top of my wardrobe favorites for holiday and winter outfits, so much so that they just feel like festive fabrics to me now. I about squealed when I found this jacket that mixes both materials together, resulting in the coolest, most unique take I’ve ever seen for a cozy fleece top layer.

jacket (M) | pants (M) | sneakers

adidas’ Adicolor Corduroy Fleece Mix Jacket has loose shoulders and extra fabric in the arms which makes for my favorite silhouette, especially in a jacket I want to feel cozy in.

The jacket isn’t actually considered cropped, but more so hits lower at my hips. However, thanks to the discret elastic waistline, I’ve become in love with the way the jacket looks tucked up under for more of a cropped appearance.

The sleeves also have that fabulously discret elastic built in at the wrists, making it really easy to pull up the arms for a casual, lived-in style (and also: incredibly practical). 

jacket (M) | pants (M) | sneakers

This jacket was an easy decision to snap up for myself, but I can’t help feeling like this would make for a stellar holiday gift, too!

The Sneaker I’m Reaching For When Needing A Little Extra Cushion: adidas Gazelles

I’ve become quite infatuated with adidas sneakers and am pretty much only reaching for my Samba and Gazelle pairs these days. 

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While Samba’s are easily one of my favorite grabs to style up with an outfit for a casual event or errands, I’ve learned (the hard way) that they are not the shoe to grab for long days at the zoo or amusement park with the family – basically any place you’re putting in some serious miles. Maybe I’m just getting old.

For true comfort that will cushion my feet and look cute doing it, I actually prefer the adidas Gazelle. They are the wiser, more experienced older sibling of the Samba shoe, in my opinion.

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I was initially bent towards the fun trends and purchased a pair of Gazelles in a vibrant, velvety, raspberry hue, but sadly didn’t end up reaching for them with my personal wardrobe like I thought I would. I wound up ordering this second, neutral toned pair and they’ve quickly become a go-to for the days I know I’ll be on my feet a lot. 

jacket (M) | pants (M) | sneakers

There’s currently a charcoal gray + white Gazelle shoe tempting me that would be so good for the darker winter months. If you’re starting your holiday shopping early, or at least starting to assemble lists, these shoes are kiiiiind of a must-have…for everyone!


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