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As I eagerly await the arrival of warmer days – with flowers poking out of the ground and trees beginning to bud – I find myself longing for winter to pack it up and say goodbye. One way I love to get a big ‘ol hit of Spring is by scrolling through the adidas website (my mom does the same thing with gardening catalogs. Lol). Bright colors always catch my eye, and this stunning blue adidas tracksuit (pants and jacket) reminds me of sunny weather, open windows, & music.

A Hint Of ’90s Style, With A Twist: adidas’ Track Suit

adidas track suit

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Jacket (s) l Sneakers

This outfit brings me back to when I was a teenager, rockin’ the track pants & looking to TLC and Aaliyah for style inspiration. adidas has done retro in the best possible way and I love it. These feel like such a fresh, Spring-y upgrade from winter’s cozy sweatpants.

adidas track pants and white tee with sneakers

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Sneakers

Swap Your Sweatpants For Track Pants

Picture this (especially if you grew up in the ’90s): it’s a bright, sunny day, and Will Smith’s “Miami” comes on the radio. You slip into these effortlessly cool track pants, throw on your adidas tee (knotted, of course), lace up your white sneakers – and don’t forget your hoops! It’s main character energy, all summer tunes and feeling super fly. 😉

adidas track pants and white logo tee

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Sneakers

These pants are designed for movement and are incredibly comfortable. They evoke the vibes of ’90s fashion, but with a modern twist. The mesh lining keeps you feeling fresh, even through teaching dance (I immediately wore these into the studio the second they came to my door). Although these track pants are very high-waisted, I personally prefer rolling down the waistband slightly while still maintaining a high-waist look. I also sized down one size.

adidas track pants and sneakers

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Sneakers

This Versatile White Tee + The Matching Track Jacket

This adidas tee is one of my all-time favorites – it pairs effortlessly with everything. The loose fit allows me to knot it up, tuck it, or wear it loose. Easy and stylish.

adidas belt bag

Pants (s) l Top (s) l Sneakers

The jacket is equally cool & oversized – just like the pants. Versatility is key and I feel like I’ll get a lot of different combos with these pieces. Plus, it’s a great jacket for transitioning weather.

adidas track suit and white tee

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Jacket (s) l Sneakers

Add A Sporty Bag

This is the first time I’ve tried adidas’ belt bags and I am a fan. Surprisingly, I like it a lot more than my current belt bag. This one has lots of room, yet still carries like a small bag. It has 3 different zip-pockets to keep things organized, one even being a convenient phone pocket in the back of the bag. I also found a little pocket inside that’s perfect for my lip balm (that’s always getting lost). These bags come in many colors including a really pretty blue!

adidas track pants, white tee and belt bag

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Jacket (s) l Sneakers l Belt Bag

Anyone else ready for warm weather?

adidas track pants and white tee with sneakers

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Sneakers

As for me, I’m off to do the running man to “Return of the Mack” in my new adidas tracksuit.

More from Adidas and The Adicolor line.

adidas track pants, logo white tee and belt bag

Pants (s) l Top (m) l Sneakers l Belt Bag

Like I said before, I am in search of color, in search of Spring! Colors keeps my spirits high as February and March can linger on. So, in the meantime, here are a few more bright finds keeping me inspired:


A huge thank-you to adidas for sponsoring this post! I’ve always been a fan, and I love how seeing the old-school pieces with a fresh twist in your line up.

Photos by Redfield Photography.

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