Our Day Date At The River To Escape The Work Week


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The Columbia River Gorge is one of my very favorite places on earth. So, to get out of the daily grind recently, hubs and I took a mid-week break to do a little fishing on the Sandy River near the Gorge, complete with a lunch date on the way back home (you gotta go to Sugarpine Drive-In!). It was perfection. 

Our Fave Gear For The Outdoor Getaway Date

We live in a really incredible place. The hardest part about a day trip from Portland is having to choose between the options. We can pop out to the Oregon coast in ninety minutes, up to the mountain in an hour, or to some of the most gorgeous rivers in less time than it took me to write this article. We are some lucky peeps.

We were totally outfitted for this latest excursion, doggo included, with some new finds from Backcountry. Think perfect water shoes (hello, Teva) and the prettiest windbreaker you ever did see. Puppers even got her own pack and rad food bag! I’ll get into all the deets below.

A Playful & Lightweight Pullover

Ok, I’ll admit…I’d seen these colorful Cotopaxi windbreakers on a few of my pals and was primed to fall in love with their latest color combo. I feel good being a part of the colorful Cotopaxi club now. Plus, gosh, these outerwear layers from this B Corp brand are so well-crafted and responsibly made — they’re definitely worth it. Next up I’m snagging one of the day packs.

These colorful Cotopaxi windbreakers are playful and lightweight.
When I took this lovely Cotopaxi pullover to the windy Oregon coast last weekend that really tested it out!

Windbreaker** (M) | Shorts (M)

This particular weekday on the river wasn’t especially cool or windy, but I mean… I looked cool. When I took this lovely Cotopaxi pullover to the windy Oregon coast last weekend that really tested it out! My new pullover kept me warm without being heavy. Love it. It’s super easy to stuff into a purse, backpack or tote, too. Because the fabric is windbreaker tech and I anticipated I’d be layering it, I sized up to a M and that was the right choice.

The fit of the Kuhl Renegade shorts are just right + they hold up to a long day outdoors.

Hoodie (M) | Shorts | Sandals | Hat | Backpack Cooler

Kuhl Shorts, Bro

Pinky was stoked to know Backcountry carries his favorite shorts from Kuhl and added a second pair to his collection. He’s pretty picky, my friends, and will not wear anything uncomfortable or too tight-fitting. These Kuhl Renegade 12in shorts are slim but not tight, have great pockets and hold up really well to long days outdoors. Backcountry also carries his favorite pants, also from Kuhl. Backcountry, thank you for carrying something he will wear 😅 and that he actually looks great in. The struggle is real, friends. LOL.

The Kuhl Renegade shorts are so good, my husband bought a second pair.

Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals

I got these Teva Sandals in June and have barely taken them off ever since. The first day I wore them we were at an amusement park all day and they didn’t rub the tiniest bit. That is a legit miracle shoe if you ask me. They are the most comfortable sandals for walking adventures — including in the river — so much so that when we were headed camping I talked the hubs into getting his own pair.

They’re soft + comfy + squishy and great for water, like the pillow slides I love, but in a great-fitting, stay-on version from Teva that is way more outdoors-friendly. I’ve since worn them camping, to the pool, and of course to the river and they’ve held up beautifully.

I got these Teva Sandals in June & have barely taken them off ever since.

Windbreaker | Sandals

Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals are the most comfortable walking + water shoe for men & women. We both love them!

Men’s Sandals | Shorts | Women’s Sandals | Shorts

He doesn’t often believe me when it comes to my recommendations. Anyone else married to someone with strong opinions? Heh. In this case, it wasn’t opposite attract because um…yeah, I’m the same.

But still, even though I [ahem] do this for a living, this guy of mine likes to find his own way…in everything, including sandals. But he is stoked about these and has worn his every day since, too! His feet are very different in shape than mine and yet they work for both of us. Score.

Day Packs For Dogs + Humans

Having the proper bag for things has become my jam in recent years. I’ve stopped trying to fit everything we need into random shopping totes and have started being more particular about fitting the items we need to take in the right kind of bag.

Hoodie (M) | Shorts | Sandals | Dog Pack

Dog Packs For Hiking

This Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack is just one example. It’s the perfect dog pack for hiking. I always tell Camper she needs to earn her keep (haha if only she could vacuum) but carrying her own stuff is a great start! We love all things Ruffwear and this pack doesn’t disappoint. She can carry everything she needs for a hike!

This Stoic Dog Food Storage Bag + Bowls is another new fav. It’s thick and insulated to keep kibble safe from wild intruders, has an easy roll-top closure for quick access and even touts a storage bag in front for dispensing waste bags. Perfect. I keep all of Camper’s things in it whenever we travel now and don’t have to worry about forgetting something (especially her frisbee!) We’ve already used this camping, too, and even just for a pet-friendly hotel and Airbnb stay recently. Works for all trips!

This backpack cooler and dog pack for hiking are both so colorful, you won't loose them on the trail.

Dog Food Backpack | Cooler Backpack

Backpack Cooler (For Humans)

Lastly, a bag for the human stuff! Pinky wore this Stoic cooler backpack to the river and said it was comfy enough he could even fish in it. That’s a plus, eh? It will easily hold a picnic for the day, complete with room for plenty of beverages.

I love the bright color so we can easily spot it and the whole thing is comfy to use and wipes clean easily. It boasts a 24-can capacity, waterproof construction, and even includes an attached bottle opener! It’d be a great gift for friends who love camping, beach trips, BBQs, or tailgating.

More Colorful Backcountry Faves

In the past, I’ve shied away from bright colors, especially when it comes to outdoor gear. But in the last few years I’ve realized…what fun is that? Backcountry has so many great brands right now that offer happy bright pieces I love. Here are a few top picks.

Backcountry has all the outdoor gear we need for adventuring around Oregon & in such fun colors to keep us looking good!



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