I Tried Aerie Leggings For The First Time And These Are My Thoughts


A few days after Christmas my 13-year-old daughter Gia casually mentioned that she liked Aerie leggings better than Lulumon leggings, “And they’re cheaper!” she exclaimed.

Ha! I don’t know when she started caring how much something cost or was her way of planting a seed for future presents, but I have to admit I was surprised by this comment as Lululemon has been a small obsession of Gia’s for a while.

The Best of Aerie Leggings: A Try-On & Review

“Plus they have more colors, like this”. she said showing off her new Cobalt Blue Christmas leggings from her dad. I have to admit, I thought all her new leggings came from Lululemon. Nope. They were all Aerie — and I was intrigued.

Gia regularly informs me about all new things fashion and beauty. It’s nice having a teenage daughter.  I have a tendency to like what I like and to stick to it. She opens my eyes to new and exciting things and this was one of them. I had to see for myself if Aerie leggings are really THAT good. So we hit the mall.

aerie crossover leggings review

Leggings l Sports Bra

By the way, there’s a huge sale happening now on many of the leggings we love at Aerie. They already were at a good price point and now? Whoa!

When we arrived at Aerie, the store was packed! I immediately grabbed all of the leggings that caught my eye and my touch and headed for the dressing room. When I walk through a store I have to touch everything and sometimes the piece won’t visually grab me but physically it begs me to try it on. The feeling of the fabric is huge for me.

1. My Top Pick: The Real Me Crossover Leggings

aerie crossover leggings review

Leggings l Sports Bra

First off, I love the names Aerie gives their collections. The Real Me line is exactly what it says: they feel like you are wearing nothing, just the real you! The Real Me Crossover Leggings were so comfortable and buttery soft, yet still provided light support in the waist (not squeezed). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good compression legging but sometimes I need a break. I’m loving this cut and the crossover is so flattering to the waistline. Even though the fabric is so light and airy, it still kept my legs looking smooth. No lumps or bumps were detected but might need to be tested in natural light. I’ll get back to you on this.

I paired these leggings with the matching top, the Real Me Low Key Longline Sports Bra. Ok, don’t judge me but over the holidays I just stayed home rebuilding my new website and unpacking from my move. I literally lived in this sports bra (and I even slept in it). I honestly forgot I was even wearing a bra, it’s that comfortable. I never sleep in bras or sports bras — in fact, I can’t wait to peel them off at the end of the night but this one, I didn’t even notice was there, but again, was still supportive. Would I run in it? Probably not but, I would dance, lift, yoga, pilates, walk, run errands, etc., in it.

The Real Me Crossover Leggings On Gia

aerie leggings review

Leggings l Top

Gia loves The Real Me Crossover Leggings firstly because they are super soft and she doesn’t like a strong compression legging. If you feel the same way these are the leggings for you. Gia also prefers this waistline to something that’s straight across — she finds it more flattering on her waist. The crossover leggings also pair really well with crop tops.

Gia paired these leggings with their matching sports bra. This bra feels the same as the leggings, super soft and comfy. It has a medium support and a nice strappy back.

2. The Real Me High-Waisted Leggings

aerie the real me high-waisted leggings try-on

Leggings l Sports Bra

Next up, The Real Me Legging. I know what you’re thinking, it’s the same legging as above with a different cut waist. Not quite. These have the same buttery soft and super light fabric (they feel more like a second skin than a legging). But The Real Me Leggings actually have a medium hold. A little bit more compression than crossover leggings, but not obvious enough for me to actually think they were different. Point being, they feel good, feel free and I can’t wait to add them to my everyday rotation.

I paired The Real Me Leggings with The Goals Ribbed Corset Sports Bra. I honestly didn’t love this. When I saw them all hanging up on display I was definitely drawn to them — I loved the idea of a sexy, corset sport bra. In my opinion it doesn’t look as good as I imagined it could or as good as it does hanging up. Once on, I couldn’t even tell it was suppose to look like a corset.

The Real Me Xtra Bootcut Leggings On Gia

aerie leggings review

Leggings l Sports Bra

The Real Me Xtra Bootcut leggings are Gia’s top pick. Same super soft, lightweight, barely there legging with medium support and just enough compression on the waist. It’s amazing how these leggings can be so lightweight yet not see-through at all. This allows Gia to run and play and dance without worrying.

She paired the leggings with the Real Me Ruched Longline Sports Bra. We both love this bra so much I grabbed one in my size. The same soft fabric and the ruching down the middle in this pretty blue fabric is so nice. The V-cut on the top and bottom of this bra felt super flattering. I’ve learned that particular cut looks nice whether it’s on a legging or a top. I’m excited to experiment with that more.

3. Goals Ribbed Leggings

aerie goals ribbed leggings try-on

Leggings l Top l Shacket

I really liked this outfit. The Goals Leggings have the most compression and thickest fabric of the bunch. These are the kind of leggings I normally go for but have been leaning away from lately, hence loving The Real Me Crossover leggings. The rib on these leggings are different than all my other ribbed leggings I have. These are ribbed horizontally across the leg as opposed to vertical ribs from top to bottom like the other leggings I have. Regardless, the texture is nice, and they feel like they’ve got me covered for a full-on HIIT workout or even a Reggaeton dance class.

I paired them with the matching The Goals Ribbed V Neck T-Shirt in toasted coconut. I liked this top a lot — big time compression. You will feel secure through anything you need to get done during the day. In fact, I was feeling a little too secure and decided maybe it was too much for me. Then I noticed it was a size small…lol. I would have gotten it except they were all out of mediums. I also really wanted this Oversized Peace and Love Shacket too, but they were all out of my size. Looks like I’ll just have to order them since they’re both on sale and in stock!

The Goals Ribbed Leggings On Gia

Leggings l Sports Bra

Here are the same Goals Ribbed Leggings on Gia, in this really pretty purple. Gia and I both loved the color, but she didn’t like the leggings themselves. Maybe a little too much compression for her. Like I said, this is there strongest compression legging and it will hold you!

She paired the leggings with the same Goals Ribbed Corset Sports Bra. Also not a fav of Gia’s, but I do think it looks awfully pretty in this purple and as a matching set.

So…Am I Wearing Aerie Leggings Now?

In conclusion, Gia is right. They are super comfortable, just the right amount of hold and the fabric is butter. They have many colors and designs and in all the styles of waists and legs (bootcut, flares, etc.). They generally range from $60-$80 but are on crazy sale, so now is the time to check them out. Grab a pair for $25-$30 and see what you think.

Remember your preference on compression before you choose your style. If you’re like me and like to take a break from compression sometimes and often pull on a pair of sweats check out these light compression leggings as a alternative to a sweatpants or jogger. I do still love Lululemon and I trust their quality because I know them. But for now, I will be wearing my Aerie, testing out their longevity, and will report back.

Leggings l Sports Bra

P.s. Apparently, I missed the Real Luxe Street Leggings! Aka, leggings you can go out in. I need to go back or order some online because I’m seriously intrigued…

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  1. Please tell me you tried the Hugger! It is Aerie’s best legging hands down. The fabric is so soft and they stay up without squeezing also. Disappointed they were not mentioned

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