Adorable, Affordable Fall Wardrobes for Toddlers


So . . . I got myself in trouble again with this one.  Just like last spring, I thought I’d briefly (HA – “briefly”) check out the Old Navy Toddler Sale for fall clothes and ended up putting together an awesome capsule wardrobe for Baby G.  (I included boys this time!)  Just like last spring, I stuck to my time-saving plan of choosing a general color scheme and picking pieces that would be easy to mix and match.  I’ve been happy with Old Navy baby clothes in the past because they’re so affordable and they hold up.  I have to wash Greenlea’s clothes after every wear, and they still look great. (Side note: Fels-Naptha is amazing for getting stains out of clothes!)

The best part?  Lots of these pieces are 40% off PLUS another 30% with the code “GREAT.”

Toddler Girl Fall 2015

1. Pom Pom Beanie: G still has very little hair . . . so this will help to keep her warm!

2. ‘Beauty & Brains’ Graphic T: There’s lots of awesome patterns and sayings but this is my favorite.

3. Quilted Chambray Jacket: Greenlea wears her denim jacket all the time and this is a great way to keep her warmer when the cooler weather hits.

4. Floppy Hat: Yes, I realize this isn’t the most practical thing and they’ll all probably want to rip it off but isn’t it cute??

5. Sleeveless Crepe Top: Perfect layering top

6. ‘You Make Me Happy’ Graphic T: Graphic t’s go with everything from tutus to leggings to jeans . . .

7. Scoop Back Tutu Dress: THIS.  Such an adorable fall dress.

8. Quilted Vest: Layering options!

9. Patterned Fleece Pullover (matching bottoms): Am I the only one who thinks a matching sweatsuit looks adorable on babies?

10. Skinny Ponte Knit Pants: I love these because they’re so much softer than jeans but can be worn like them.

11. Pointy Toe Ballet Flat: Adorable and not too structured for learning to walk . . .

12. ‘Dreaming is Free’ PJ Set: I actually have G wear matching pj’s like this during the day sometimes . . . I mean, there’s only a short amount of time in life when this will be “cute,” right??

13. Printed Leggings: I have gotten her three pairs of these already . . . somehow leopard print leggings look adorable on babies (and awful on adults).

14. Glitter Cap High Top: I love the look of sneaks with tutus.

15. Mini Pixie Pants: I think I’d wear these if they made them for women . . . yes, I would.

16. Pocket Sweater Dress: Over tights or leggings and cozy boots!

Toddler Boy Fall 2015

1. Solid Beanie: Love hats on baby boys . . .

2. ‘Smart & Awesome Like Mommy’ T: They have ones for Dad, Nana, Grandpa, etc. but I chose the Mommy one . . . of course πŸ™‚

3. Color Block Cardigan: The baby version of the versatile cardigan

4. ‘Full Steam Ahead’ Graphic T: Lots of different options on this graphic t as well.

5. Buffalo Plaid Shirt: I like this worn like a cardigan over the graphic t’s . . . and I just realized I’m describing Ray Romano’s daily costume . . . but it’ll be cute on the little boys.  Promise.

6. Jersey Bomber Jacket: A great jacket to throw in the diaper bag.

7. Pullover Henley: Hoods on babies.  Love.

8. ‘Resting my Eyes’ PJ’s: I say this to Zack all the time . . .

9. Quilted Performance Fleece Jacket: The perfect top layer for cooler weather.

10. Gray Skinny Jeans: Gray.  Skinny.  Jeans.  For babies.

11. Perforated Gray Slip-on Sneakers: Comfy sneaks that can go with everything!

12. Skinny Color Khakis: I keep picturing Raines in these . . . he hates jeans but I think he’d look adorable in these (they’re softer!) and a graphic t.

13. Two Tone High Tops: These high tops, the grey sneaks . . . all you’ll need for fall.

14. Skinny Cargo Pants: I think these would look adorable on boys or girls . . .

15. Denim Joggers: Comfy jeans.

I can’t wait for Greenlea’s clothes to get here . . . knowing Marquette, we’ll be needing them MUCH sooner than most of you!

Happy Shopping!







  1. Capsule wardrobe for kids = BRILLIANT! This is going to revolutionize my life lol. I have a 5 year old, a 4 year old, a 3 year old, and a 10 month old, easy mornings here I come! thank you!

  2. I love your boy picks, but I JUST bought all my boy’s fall/winter clothes over the Labor Day weekend :-/
    I’ve been a pretty tried and true Carters fan in the past but I really liked what H&M had to offer. And I found a bunch of stuff on ThredUp.

  3. Even my husband likes to dress my 20 month old daughter at Old Navy… he loved their fuzzy vest on her! Plus he found a Bears t-shirt on the clearance rack in RI in her size, so done!

    My daughter picked out her own baby pink flat shoes, so she’s going to be a rainbow, but we like the capsule pieces where whichever she picks out, she’s dressed, comfy, and happy. And at that young, matching is just an unnecessary detail!

  4. Oh yay! I’ve been looking for a cute sweater dress with pockets to replace the much beloved one that is being rapidly outgrown. Lucky it goes up to 5T! Does anyone else have a small person with such decided likes that outgrowing favourites is a total drama? (Or even, gasp, having something in the laundry!)

    • I offered to teach my son how to use the washing machine when he complained about the laundry turnover of his favorite clothes. He decided he was not THAT invested and declined, which is most definitely too bad.

    • Oh good night yes! My youngest daughter hid a shirt that she HATED (between my headboard and mattress – I found it WEEKS later!) when she was A YEAR OLD. And my 5yo caused us to miss the bus just last week because she had no clean dresses and HEAVEN FORBID she wear pants. (Honestly, where does a tomboy get these two girls?!?)

      My kids all have capsule wardrobes and I love it. KB pretty much hit the nail on the head in my book – build a capsule of pieces that work for them and for you and then let them have at it. I never really counted until I posted about it, but my school-age kids have about 15 pieces in the rotation and it’s plenty and it’s easy and it’s one less thing for me to do in the morning – hello, cup of coffee!!

  5. We have been doing kid capsules for a few years now! I pick a color palette for each kid (my son likes red, navy, grey, and white; my daughter likes bright jewel tones with black or silver), and shoes and clothes instantly look put together, no matter what they choose. Loud prints even look coordinated because color schemes are at least similar. We “invested” in plastic sets of drawers in bright colors and let each kid (4.5 and 2.5 and due in January) put away and pick out their own every day clothes. It gives them a great sense of pride in taking responsibility for their appearances, and it makes my job easier. Plus, combing clearance racks is simple if I have sizes, seasons, AND colors already picked. My son’s favorite preschool outfit is currently a red graphic tee with a robot, red skinny pants, and red converse. A little monochromatic for me, but he loves it, and he’s experimenting with style on his own.

  6. Love the pics and the idea about a capsule. With four boys it becomes a case of “why are you wearing your baby brother’s shirt?” every day. Could we get recs (maybe? pretty please?) for “affordable” and responsibly made kids clothes? You know I love y’all so don’t take offense, and maybe I should watch less John Oliver, but any ideas for eco concious kids clothing that won’t make me run back to ON clutching my purse would be awesome. I feel like OE could tackle this no prob!

    • I tried shopping more responsibly this time around and here are the resources I found:

      Buy Used – I have an ick factor when it comes to used clothes, but I’m trying to get over it in an effort to be more “green”. My local thrift stores aren’t very pleasant so I looked online. I’ve had luck with ThredUp recently and My Little Clothesline in the past.

      H&M now has a “Conscious” line. The items are more expensive than their regular stuff but still reasonable.

      P.S. LOVE John Oliver, may he brainwash us all! πŸ˜‰

        • Oh and I love love love Polarn O. Pyret. The quality is 10 times better than ON, I buy gender neutral clothes, my 2 children plus their 2 cousins can wear the clothes and they are still in good enough shape to pass on!

      • I was hoping someone would say “there can never be enough John Oliver!!!” and this comment was better.
        I’ve been using Kidizen for used clothe, hoping that helps.

      • We’ve moved a lot since we’ve had kids (military family), and I’ve discovered that the consignment shops in upscale areas just outside of big cities, particularly ones that associate themselves with babywearing and breastfeeding, tend to carry great brands in good condition and have a generally cleaner feel. I try to scout out stores like this, get on their email lists, and make a longer-than-normal trek there if there is a great sale or if I’m in the area for other errands.

  7. Oh boy. Just received a huge box of adorable clothes from a friend but now I want all the things!! I’m not even sure my little J has enough room in her drawers for this stuff, but it’s just TOO PERFECT. Love this feature – please keep doing it, especially around sales πŸ™‚

  8. Hi scotti, I love this! Can you put one together for moms? Keys being affordable, easy, and wearable. A lot of shanas recent picks don’t work for me (too short, bras hanging out, etc) as a busy mom of 3 in a preppy suburb. I want to look nice and pulled together and feel good when out and about. I would buy almost all the girls clothes you have above if they came in adult sizes! Thanks!

  9. I’m pretty sure that toddler boy is better dressed than my boyfriend…do they come in Dylan sizes? πŸ™‚ Love this and I don’t even have kids yet!

  10. We live in a small city with very little access to cute kids clothes at reasonable prices, and I’m in no position to mail order everything (hello, unusual-size kids and no spare time!). We do, however, have an Old Navy, and that gives me hope! I love everything about this capsule wardrobe and hope you’ll make this a regular! As for the responsibly-sourced clothes: Do the best you can with what you have! When one has a choice between a small Goodwill, a Wal Mart, and Old Navy – well, you know.

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