(Mostly) Affordable Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale




Gang, here’s my edit on the Nordstrom sale.  It’s a little different from my sister’s – I prefer the Juniors department (they seriously need to change the name of that one) – but the biggest difference is in cost.  I found a few splurge-worthy items, but juuuust a few.  My edit is predominately cozy, affordable cardigans, leggings, and boots.

Leggings & Boots

Outfit One


First of all, this top.  Be sure to get one of these Free People bralettes too.

Next, we need to talk about my new favorite tall boot.  I know Shana has bad-mouthed tall boots in the past (haha) but I still like them because where I live (snow, cold) ankle booties aren’t always realistic.  These boots are by UGG and have both memory foam and their signature fluff on the footbed.

Lastly, if you haven’t gotten a pair of these Zella leggings, this is the time.  They’re the best leggings ever.



Free People Hacci Top

Zella Leggings

Ugg Boots

Free People Bralette

Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Outfit Two


These are slightly scary denim leggings.  They have a panel on top that’s made of stretchy soft material so they kind of hold you in without being super constricting or uncomfortable.  They also come in a faux leather which I ordered the second I tried these babies on.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’m jealous of Shana’s Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots (drool), but these are a great affordable alternative.  They actually stay up and are made of comfy stretchy fabric . . . and they don’t have a heel.  This sweater is super soft and perfect to throw on over leggings, jeans, even dresses.



V-Neck Pullover

Lysee Denim Leggings (M)

Ivanka Trump Over the Knee Boots

The Cardigans

Outfit One

I’m a sucker for a soft cardigan and this one is long enough to cover my butt, has pockets and is $32 . . . score.

We’re obsessed with these booties . . . the little v on the ankle makes them leg-lengthening which is tough to find in an ankle boot.




BP Cardigan (inventory is constantly changing!)

AG Jeans (destroyed is sold out, but the black high rise is super flattering)

Vince Camuto Booties (love the leg-lengthening little v on these)

Outfit Two

This is my splurge outfit.  The cashmere wrap is so ridiculously soft and luxurious (and would make an awesome nursing cover) and the shoes . . . are perfection.  (har har) I haven’t actually decided if I can keep the shoes but the BAG.  I’ve been lusting over Shana’s and once I realized how ridiculously comfortable it is . . . this is SO worth the investment.  Hands-free, people.  Yesssssss.




AG Jeans

Stuart Weitzman Perfection Booties

Cashmere Wrap (I also love this wrap that comes in lots of colors)

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

Outfit Three

This jacket is sadly sold out, but it’s a perfect layering piece for fall.  Like I said, inventory is constantly changing so grab this one if you can . . . it’s lower in the back which makes it perfect to layer over leggings and cardigans and is crazy soft.  (It also comes in navy).





AG Jeans

Stuart Weitzman Perfection Booties

Cashmere Wrap (I also love this wrap that comes in lots of colors)

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack

Anorak Jacket (sold out, similar here)

Leith Cardigan (inventory is in and out but this one from Barefoot Dreams is also part of the sale)


Damn You, Nordstrom!! (Cold-Shoulder Tops & Cool Shoes)

These pieces sold out quickly, but some are being restocked.  Last year I noticed that colors and sizes would come in and out of stock the entire sale period, so keep checking back!

Outfit One

A cold-shoulder turtleneck is perfect for when you want a little sexy but it’s COLD out.  (They’d be perfect with faux leather leggings for holiday parties.)  These sandals . . . LOVE.  If you can find them at your local Nordstrom they are awesome.




Trouve cold-shoulder tunic top (almost sold out, available in other colors)

Hinge Sandals (sold out in most colors & sizes)

AG jeans (almost sold out)

Outfit Two

I’m loving colored boots . . . last year I bought the wine-colored ones (at the Nordstrom sale) and this year I’m all about the blue.  It adds a fun little unexpected twist to “normal” outfits.



AG Jeans

Trouve Cold-Shoulder Sweater

Nine West Blue Booties (I also loved these navy booties)

The Shoes


Floral Nikes that are super comfortable and look good with jeans.  (No socks required!)



Nike Sneakers (LOVE the rose pattern!)

Free People Hacci Top

Free People Bralette


These boots.  I can’t decide if I like these bluer Nine West booties or would prefer these darker navy ones, but they’re both a fun alternative to the black booties.




Nine West Booties

AG black jeans (sold out)


These are my favorite boots ever.  How they can have a heel and be so ridiculously comfortable is beyond me, but they are.  You need a pair of these Sorels if you live in a place that gets any sort of snow and they come in fun patterns.



Sorel Wedge Boots




  1. I love your picks, Scotti! I just want to share that although some great items are sold out online, call around to stores and have them ship to you! I grabbed a few sold out items throughout the sale this way, no problem. Love Nordstrom SAs!

    • So I have a “boot size” and a “sandal size” (8 and 7.5) and I got my regular boot size in these. They were a little snug, but I wouldn’t have wanted them any bigger . . . and just FYI I wear a 7.5 in the Sorel booties . . .

  2. I’m a Lysse legging fanatic! I have a little muffin top and but they are high waisted control top type leggins that hold everything in. Just be aware the size can vary greatly depending on the fabric (it’s annoying) but get them a little tight, because the fabric is so thick it will look good. Just be patient putting them on, it’s kinda like panty hose, you’ll looked like a ridiculous boa constrictor but it will be worth it. If you love them, check out their website where they have a TON of options. I have then in faux leather, sequin, cotton, etc.

    • Christy! You had me at “sequin” . . . but seriously, thank you for this! I was wondering about sizes and how much pulling and tugging meant they were too small. 🙂

  3. Ahhh, I wish this list had come out earlier! Due to an AC that needed to be completely replaced a few months back, I am strapped for cash. I have a Hacci top from last fall that I love and just ordered the burgundy one because of how amazing it looks on you. I was ordered the Zella leggings a few days ago too to replace the crappy discount store ones I’ve been sporting for far too many years. Thanks Scotti!

    • You will LOVE the Zella leggings . . . they’re reversible, opaque, hold their shape, washable, dryable . . . awesome. And unfortunately I live SO far from a Nordstrom I had to wait for my orders to come in the mail! Glad to hear it helped though! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much, Scotti. I still love my tall boots. I have some over the knee , but love my tall ones too. Every time I go to put them on I hear Shana’s sweet little voice in my head with all of her comments about how she is kind of over them. I just can’t be “over them” yet. So thanks!!!
    I really want to try a “cold shoulder” top. What size is yours?

  5. Have you tried the Via Spiga Beckett boots? I bought those along with the Ugg boots you’re wearing and can’t decide between the two. The Ugg ones have a slouchy shaft so I’m not sure how I’ll like those in the long run.

  6. Is anyone else obsessively stalking that cardigan??? It’s been available in olive and maroon but not in black since the sale was open to the everyone.

    Of course, I’ve been beaten down to the point I might buy it for $48 after the sale if they restock. Perfect cardigans are wicked hard to find!

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