What a week!!  Mine started with a little trip to NYC for a blogger party, then came home to see major progress on our kitchen re-do (thank god – it’s been MONTHS),  I broke up an almost-fight on the school playground (Raines was involved!!  Can you believe it???), and we’ll be headed back up to Blue Mountain this weekend.  Both boys have their first ski race.

Raines is nervous – he hates being the center of attention (um….don’t start fights, maybe?), and Pax is pumped.  But it’s cute – the race is a small one, intended for first-time racers.  They were given their race bibs last weekend, and told to bring them home and decorate them.  As I type, there are two race bibs – full of ribbons and glitter – drying in my torn-up kitchen.  Raines wrote “See ya later, Suckers!” on the back of his bib.  I told him only really fast people can get away with that shit, but I’m not sure he got it.

Anyway.  I found some links worth looking at, but let’s start with my outfit because I am obsessed.  Turtlenecks and thigh-high boots and lace rompers oh my:



jacket | turtleneck | lace romper | boots | tights

If someone told me they were planning to wear a lace romper, thigh-high boots, leather jacket, furry bag and a turtleneck all at the same time, I’d have my doubts.  But it all worked!!

Must’ve been the turtleneck.  #storyofmylife



The romper I’m wearing is pricy, but this one is slightly cheaper and every bit as gorgeous, or try this one – a similar vibe, but on sale for under $100.  If you tend to stick with casual pieces, these two caught my eye: this floral romper, or this black patterned romper.  Both have plunge necklines that would layer well over a turtleneck now (wear with tall boots and long coats or parkas), yet still work well with flat sandals (birks??) come summer.

Still hunting for a pair of Adidas Superstars?  These seriously cool black-and-white Nikes might be even better.

Amazon Fashion has some insane deals right now.  This BCBG silk peplum blouse (check out the back) is on sale for $36, and would look ah-mazing with high-rise flares now or high-rise shorts later…..or this beautiful BCBG silk blouse (on sale for $45) would be so pretty under a suit.  I’d roll the blazer sleeves back and let the blouse peek out.

Also, after what happened on the playground, I obviously need this tshirt.  Haha.

If you have major travel plans coming up, this Bobbi Brown eye palette comes with four real brushes tucked into the lid, fool-proof instructions, and the prettiest eye shadows.  It’s like a packable, dummy-proof version of the Naked palette.


Who What Wear’s take on French-Girl Vs. American Girl Night-Out Dressing will make you feel good about wearing your jeans on date night.

Love this anti-bullying campaign started by Tarte Cosmetics.  Kiss selfies and all.

Did you know Siri can spell stuff for your kids?  My friend was sick of P-A-I-N-S-T-A-K-I-N-L-Y spelling out E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G for her curious twins, so when she realized she could just hook them up with her iPhone….YES.  Siri, how do you spell ‘genius’??

Marriage According to 10 Couples has some very sweet and spot-on advice.

Totally drooling over all the many ways James, writer of Bleubird Blog, has come up with to Amp Your Avocado Toast.  She obviously speaks my love language.


Happy weekend!





  1. Hey! Long time reader, first time commenter… I hate to shop and was joking with my mom (who wishes to see more features with your mom!) that Nordstrom needs a TheMomEdit section. Eventually I decided that I really did need to pick it up a notch and decided to use Nordstrom’s
    personal shopper service. I steered my shopper to your blog and came in to an appointment and dressing room filled with stuff that I feel certain you would approve of, and a stylist who said she would be using your blog in the future! So, thanks!!!

  2. Ok, OT: WordWeb is a great app b/c it gives definitions synonyms etc. One of my guys plays competitive travel ball, one way to handle things with a naturally competitive kid is “if you rock be a leader”. And love this look!

  3. You seem to have an exciting and inspiring life, Shana! I’m curious how you find time to breathe! What organizers/tools/time management templates/planners/ outsourcing do you use? Cause I recognize some good stuff pumping your great vibe! 😀

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