Airport Style: My Favorite Travel Outfit (Even Works For Nursing)


We received a reader question about airport style recently.  Specifically, airport style that is comfortable, yet chic enough to go straight from the airport to a party.  Oh and nursing friendly, thankyouverymuch.  Here’s what reader M wrote:

I need an outfit that will survive: nursing, running to the airport, flying (Hello gorgeous naptime, it’s been awhile!), lunch, baby shower, pumping, and flying back. All in 9 hours.   I want to escape my usual maternal athleisure costume & be pretty! But I need to be COMFY, not “comfy”….I’m thinking since you’ve traveled recently you might have some fresh ideas for me? 

Yes!  I do, actually.  On our recent trip we flew overnight to Barcelona, then immediately caught another flight to Nantes (in France), and upon landing there, met the family we’re doing the house exchange with…for drinks.  Obviously I had to be comfortable enough to sleep on a plane (and deal with mad temperature fluctuations and madder children haha), but I wanted to look good, too.

Turns out, I’ve got a dress for that.  It feels a little bit like wearing pajamas, never wrinkles, is nursing-friendly, kind on the post-partum tummy, and dresses up nicely for a party.  Keep reading for pics of my travel outfit, as well as a few examples of how I’d tweak the styling if I were nursing or traveling with toddlers because #momming.  It’s how we do.

Also, traveling with kids of any age is kind of a gong show #extremeparenting, so keep the photo expectations low.  Most look like this:







blazer | dress | shoes | sunglasses (bra and bag are old – see below for options)

This dress is long enough to keep the backs of my thighs from sticking to the seat, cool in the heat, and layers comfortably under a sweatshirt blazer.  The cut of this dress also allows me to tuck my feet up under me on the plane without any major wardrobe malfunctions.  And the unexpected detail (a strategic fold, asymmetrical hem) make this dress special.  It always looks chic, in virtually any situation – casual or dressy. I bought this dress almost two years ago, and it’s been one of my go-tos for travel ever since:  Puerto Rico, the Jersey shore, France, Barcelona.  Gray was the only option when I bought this dress, but it’s now available in both gray or black…..and I might even like the black better….???

One word of caution:  The neckline of this dress is very, very low.  I’m totally OK with that, but I realize the look is not for everyone.  In the collages below, I linked to bra options that will work with this dress, including some that will make it more conservative.


This most closely matches how I styled this dress for travel.  All of the pieces (except for the bra) are the exact pieces that I’m wearing in the pics above.

1. Riller & Fount Bianca Pinched Front Mini Dress 

2. Garrett Leight Dillion Sunglasses  – I’m actually wearing this pair in the pics above, but the Garrett Leights are the sunglasses I wore for most the trip (and they look better with the outfit).

3. Net A Porter Triangle Bra – insanely expensive, but the most similar to the one I’m wearing.  But let’s talk bra options for a sec:  if you want way more coverage, this bra top would be perfect, or even this lacy one.  I’ve also worn this Cosabella bralette under this dress.

4. Kate Spade New York ‘Leopard Lyla’ Weekender – I’m obsessed with these weekenders.  When we flew to Spain, I had mine stashed with my kindle, cozy socks, and a ton of snacks.  It was perfect.   My floral bag is no longer available, but am dying over the leopard print.

5. James Perse Double Breasted Blazer –  This piece was pricy even during the anniversary sale, but the single breasted  James Perse Cropped French Terry Blazer is slightly more affordable.

6. Lucky Bashina Boots – my favs.  I’ve talked about these before.

Nursing Mamas, I’d go for a rockstar baby vibe:  pointy toe flats, majorly cool sunglasses, and a military-inspired sweater that you can slip on right over the Ergo carrier.  Add a scarf for a bright pop of color (and it’ll double as a nursing cover).
1. Riller & Fount Bianca Pinched Front Mini Dress  – love the black for stain-hiding reasons.

2. Caslon Aubry Pointy Toe Flat  –  Pointy-toe flats have such a rocker vibe, and these look comfortable.  Or if you want to be really on-trend, slide on these textured black mules.  You probably won’t be able to run, but getting through security will be a cinch, even with a baby in the Ergo.

3. Ray-Ban ‘Icons’ – OBSESSED.  Totally and completely.

4. Cosabella Nursing Bralette  – the prettiest and most practical nursing bra ever

5. ERGObaby ‘360’ Baby Carrier – This carrier was the sole reason I had any santiy left after Raines was born.  You can also find it at Amazon.

6. Monogram Military Sweater Coat – a decent alternative to the James Perse sweatshirt blazer!

7. Kate Spade New York ‘Large Lyla’ Weekender – my fav tote in stripes.

8. Love Quotes Linen Fringe Scarf – this lightweight linen scarf comes in a ton of gorg colors, and is currently on sale.
airportstyle2-01For a sporty vibe, swap the flats for seriously cool sneaks and a soft denim jacket.

1. Riller & Fount Bianca Pinched Front Mini Dress  AND Kaanas sneakers (I love the dress styled exactly like this)

2. Sole Society Geometric Print Scarf – love the pop of color

3. Cosabella Nursing Bralette  – still my fav, also available on Amazon

4. Everlane ‘The Modern Commuter’ Backpack  – Everlane is killing the backpack game right now.

5. Paige ‘Rowan’ Denim Jacket  – the reviewers rave about how soft and perfectly tailored this denim jacket is.

6. Quinny Yezz Stroller – my favorite stroller for travel – super light, yet can handle cobblestone streets.  It folds super fast and can be carried over your shoulder.  It’s amazing.

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There’s no doubt that my favorite dress for travel is either the Riller and Fount dress, or maybe this wrinkle-proof Ninobrand dress,  especially after culling the internet looking for alternatives.  But a few more options never killed anyone so…..

Anyone else have a go-to travel dress?  Please share in the comments!  It was surprisingly hard to find some good options (especially nursing-friendly clothing options).  For more of the best clothes for travel, check out our Travel section!