Airport Style with Two Little Guys In Tow


Looking cute while traveling has not always been on top of my list since I became a mom. I mean, I try. For 4 years my airport look has always been: joggers, a v-neck pullover (nursing mom), sneakers and a biker jacket. I travel around twice a year to Colombia to visit my family, the flight is either too early  or too late, midnight to be precise. I’m usually tired from the whole day and then an overnight flight with two little ones leaves me as a walking zombie.

Sometimes I do look cute, only when the flight is really short and in the daytime. Then I will try something more put together and stylish. Other than that my airport look is pretty much solid and I don’t like to explore. However, just a couple of days before my flight to Colombia Shana asked if I would like to try the Madewell roadtripper jeans during my overnight flight. I’m always up for trying something new and said yes, but was really skeptical. When the day came I started second guessing my decision. I was switching my trusty comfy joggers for jeans. Was I crazy?

airport style with kids airport style with kids
airport style with kids

Not quite! I started wearing my jeans a couple of hours before heading to the airport, they felt good. One of the key moments for me was already in the airplane with a sleeping baby in my arms. They passed! So they are definitely soft and stretchy. Another key moment was 13 hours later since I put them on. I asked my husband at least 10 times how they looked, he said they looked great. More importantly, I felt they fit like the first moment I put them on.

As you can see I kept the rest of my outfit true to what I usually wear. As a nursing new mom I don’t change a loose v-neck pullover, a comfy pair of sneakers, and a cute jacket that makes me look both stylish and put-together.

My Thoughts on the Madewell Roadtripper Jean

Sizing: Most reviews say to size down. Since I was so short of time I went straight to the store to try my usual size and a size down. No luck cause they didn’t have my size so I had to order overnight. I found the sizing of the blue ones to be bigger than the black ones. In the blue ones I needed a 24 (size down) but the black ones were true to size and I got my usual size. For some reason I liked the fit of the black ones better for my body type.

One thing I didn’t love as much was the rise for ME. You may have seen that I only wear true high waist jeans, so the 9″ rise was a little shorter than what I like. However not something that stopped me from loving the jeans.


I re=ally wanted to get pics during our flight. Too crazy, and we were too tired so we went back to the airport to get pics in case you think I don’t look too zombie. But if I do look like a zombie, I didn’t get more than 2 hours of sleep the night before, babies don’t sleep well while on vacations. Tried to keep it as real as possible with very minimal make up too. It counts right?


Jacket – Blank NYC Suede Moto Jacket in Slate Blue – Currently 29% off. Favorite suede affordable suede jacket. Some colors are on super sale right now. Remember to use some clear nail polish on hardware to avoid noise. Other colors 40% off at Nordis.

Top – BP V neck Pullover (similar)

Jeans – Madewell Roadtripper – Wearing 25. As a mom of two little ones who is always doing all kinds of acrobatics trying to sneak out of the baby’s room, these are not only for travel use but for everyday use.

Shoes – Nike Juvenate Sneakers – 6 flights and counting. Most lightweight, soft and comfortable pair of sneakers I own hence always my go to’s for what to pack for vacation. They can handle the swelling on my feet after hours of being seated. Also the easiest to put on and take off when going through security and having your hands occupied with kids.

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Julian Backpack – I chose the nylon over the leather one because of weight reasons. It’s super lightweight and more manageable in my opinion.

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Chao Chao,


Find me over on Instagram (@theunbosom) for a lot of tired-mom style and rawness about motherhood. I’m in Colombia at the moment so come and see a little bit of this gorgeous country.


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  2. You look great! I was wondering how tall you are – I’m petite too (5’1″) and 24/25 in jeans and I love being able to see how clothes look on similar-sized people.

    • Jana, I swear I replied to this comment as soon as I saw it….don’t know what happened. Maybe I did in my dreams, as many other things that I’m totally sure I’ve done but then noticed I didn’t. Anyways I’m 5’2″ and wear 24/25 in jeans too, sometimes 26. Hope that gives you an idea on what things would work for you.

  3. Julieta, I think you nailed airport style! Kudos to wearing jeans on a crazy long flight. I have a pair of black high waisted legging jeans from Express that are comfy enough to fly in. Otherwise, I’m totally team joggers 😉

  4. Thank you, more posts about this. We travel overseas to see family every other year. I usually wear either a dress and leggings or stretchy jeans. I would also love a post with some small travel capsules (formulas) etc.

  5. Someone at Madewell one told me the darker the jean/pant, the smaller the fit and vice versa- so in a light wash pair I sized down 2 sizes and in a black pair I ended up sizing up one size.

  6. So I’m currently at Whole Foods surfing the internet as one does — wearing pretty much an identical outfit to you except for in my case old school Air Max’s, once I spotted that jacket on sale on XXL at Nordstrom Rack and made the rep call around to like 83 other stores to locate my size — anyway can we just discuss how beautiful you look in these pictures? At first I was like, her hair looks great, but then I was like, no it’s the color of the jacket w/ your skin — you look luminous!

  7. Where did you find the pants your little boy is wearing? I love that they look like tweed but soft. My kindergartner would like those!

      • Laura and Sarah… I keep looking for them online but they are not. I got them at Target. They are Oshkosh. Last time I went to the store I saw them, but in limited sizes. You may get lucky and find them at your local Target….other places I get stylish joggers form boys are H&M and Zara. Also love Cat and Jack from Target.

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