All Hail The Lightweight Spring Scarf (And a HUGE roundup)




Don’t I look nice and toasty warm?  I mean….my hands aren’t balled into fists as though I’m freezing, my nose isn’t pink (snort – thanks to photoshop)….ah, Spring 2015.  So fu—– cold I mean fresh and crisp.



But I get points for TRYING you guys.  And this outfit – tshirt & jeans, leather jacket, Spring scarf, pastel bag worked much better without the hat and mitts.  I do acknowledge that I’m teetering oh-so-carefully on the edge of hot mess.

It’s fine.  That’s kinda my thing anyway.





tee: Stateside Boxy Tee (size S for reference)

jeans: Citizens Rocket High Rise Jeans

jacket: Iro Tamie Jacket (size 38)

sneakers: Chucks

scarf: super old – but see below for all of my current favs

mini-bag: Rebecca Minkoff Avery Cross-body

backpack: Ecoalf Oslo Backpack

hat & mitts: both sold out (hat c/o Sole Society), but I’m DYING for these charcoal gray and neon-pink mittens, and this yellow neon-tipped pom-pom beanie


Shop Spring Scarves

Because I’m kinda scarf-obsessed (always have been, always will be, I blame my mother)….here’s a pretty big roundup of lightweight Spring scarves.  So perfect now to help add a little dose of Spring….and my favorite way to warm up a strapless dress on a cool summer night.

BTW – my fav place to shop scarves right now?  The Outnet and Ann Taylor.  Ann Taylor has some seriously striking scarves with just enough black to be cool but still scream Spring, and The Outnet?  Holy crap – LemLem on sale, and major markdowns on Chan Luu, Kenzo, Missoni, We Are Owls….some as high as 70% off.

My favs (from all retailers) below.



We leave for Puerto Rico TOMORROW.  Ask me if I’m packed.  Go ahead.  ASK.

I think you can guess what I’m doing tonight.  And why am I writing this article instead of packing?  GOOD QUESTION.  Mike will be asking the same thing, I’m sure.  It must be love, you guys.  IT MUST BE LOVE.  #bloggersarecrazy <—I want this on a tshirt


Maybe I’ll instagram the disaster (@shanachristine if you care).  On a related note, anything with the #womenirl hashtag tends to crack me up.

And now it’s time to stop procrastinating.  Really.  SELF, STOP TYPING.  WALK AWAY.


ps.  haha still here



  1. I hope you have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico! I also hope you will be instagramming while you are there!

    Are you only able to do cross body bags since your mastectomy? I find that my shoulders no longer hold up purses the regular way anymore, and also I absolutely cannot have a purse all up in my armpit area anymore. Isn’t that a good reason for a whole new purse wardrobe?

  2. So…..are ya packed? Lol
    The ps. haha still here made me laugh, it’s so something I would say!!
    Love the outfit, looks great!
    You should do a post on spring jackets, that aren’t trench coats or leather…for mamas like me who just can’t rock either!

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