My Black Friday Wishlist (What I’m Personally Hoping to Buy)


Based on last year’s Black Friday sales…and the fact that Thanksgiving is so late this year (thereby theoretically shortening the holiday shopping season), I predict that Black Friday sales are going to start earlier than ever.


And yes — I do expect to see steeper discounts on actual Black Friday, but if last year’s sales were any indication…the discounts typically drop by only 5-10%, and sell-out risk, by the time real Black Friday rolls around, is huge.

So just on the off chance that Black Friday-ish sales start even earlier than the two weeks prior I’m predicting…I pulled together my own personal wishlist for Black Friday.

I’ll still be doing my usual Black Friday picks as we get closer to the real event, but those tend to be a mix of pieces I already own and love (the ones I can truly recommend)…as well as pieces I’m hoping to snap up.

(Psst…for a peek at our other wishlists and keep an eye on our upcoming posts, head over to Black Friday/Cyber Monday central here.)

My Top Personal (& Hopeful) Picks For Black Friday 2019 Shopping

On the off-chance that Black Friday shopping sales start earlier than we're predicting...we made our own personal wishlist. Fashion, linens, beauty...go!

1. IRO Cropped Leather Jacket

Find it: Intermix

I’ve been wearing my longer-length IRO leather jacket for…7 years now? And, despite the initial expense, an extremely conservative cost-per-wear calculation puts it at $1.79 per wear (and still going strong), so I feel pretty good about this recommendation.

I’d like to add a cropped version to my arsenal, simply because the cropped shape looks especially good over dresses. Obviously, the cost-per-wear will take longer to get to that $1.79 range, but these really are pieces I’ll have and wear forever.

2. Phillip Lim Sweater

Find it: Phillip Lim | Shopbop | Saks

I basically live in nothing but sweaters & jeans all winter, so I’m always on the hunt for a really special one. This Philip Lim one is a stunner. Fingers crossed that it goes on major sale.

3. Jenni Kayne Sweater

Find it: Nordstrom | Jenni Kayne

I don’t quite know how the Instagram algorithm knew that Jenni Kayne’s cashmere fisherman sweater would make all of my dreams come true…but I’m pretty sure it would. I’m either trying (desperately) to hold out for a Black Friday sale, OR I’m still deciding on the color. One of those.

4. Anthropologie Giant Mirror

Find it: Anthropologie

We need a new mirror in our bedroom…selfies, you know. V. important. Anyway, I’ve had my eye on this beauty for MONTHS. It’s pricy but — oh geez — it’s already 20% off. BE STILL MY HEART.

5. Lunya 100% Silk Sleep Set

Find it: Lunya

I’ve had my eye on this subtly sexy sleep set in silk (ooo…alliteration) for YEARS. Fingers crossed that they do something for Black Friday. (C’mon, Lunya! Anything??) I’m kinda partial to the green.

6. M.M.LaFleur Ribbed Midi Dress + Sheer Sweater

Find it: MM LAFleur Dress + Sweater (plus sizes available)

I know I just covered this (here)…but I can’t stop thinking about this combo, especially for the holidays. I love that the sheer sweater could be worn with jeans (and a sexy bra), but could also make the dress totally cold-weather appropriate. If M.M.LaFleur does anything for Black Friday, you bet I’ll be snapping up this combo.

7. Dyson Air Wrap

Find it: Dyson | Nordstrom | Sephora (part of Beauty Insider sale!!)

Sooooo….I’m not completely convinced that I have the patience it takes to learn how to use this product. But I am SO TEMPTED. Everyone I know who has tried it literally raves about it. Not only does it — legit — look like you just got a blowout, but it supposedly gets easier/faster to use as you get used to it, and is — apparently — game-changing. I’m also insanely happy with my Dyson hair dryer (the TME team gifted me with one for my birthday) — and it seriously cut drying time down in half, soooo…high hopes, man. HIGH HOPES.

ps. If you don’t yet have the Dyson hair dryer…totally worth it. It’s currently part of Sephora’s Insider sale, but I’m hoping it also goes on Black Friday sale at Nordstrom.

8. Parachute Linen Bedding

Find it: Parachute Edged Linen Duvet Set | flat linen sheet

I’m obsessed with Parachute’s linen sheets. They get softer with each wash, are incredibly sturdy, and manage to be both cool in the summer and warm in the winter (they’re never cold to slip into).

9. Slip Silk Pillowcases

Find it: Neiman Marcus | Nordstrom | Anthropologie | Shopbop

I’ve used one of these every night for YEARS. My Mom turned me onto them, and we both swear they help reduce both wrinkles and frizzy hair. I am now at that age where THIS MATTERS VERY MUCH. So…yeah. Boring, but I’ll be snapping these up.

10. Parachute Towels

Find it: Parachute

Our current towels have been left — wet — in the washing machine one too many times. That mildew smell isn’t going anywhere, despite my best efforts. I’ve been waiting to replace them — literally since March — for Parachute’s Black Friday sale.

11. Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm

Find it: Colleen Rothschild

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve waxed poetic about Colleen Rothschild skincare. I’ve been using it for freaking YEARS, and it’s so insanely good. I always use a sale to stock up on my favorites…and I never hold back. I’m picking up the jumbo size of the life-changing cleansing balm because I’ll be using that product until the day I die. If it helps, my nighttime routine (after cleansing) is her retinol & vitamin C eye serum, this pink face oil (retinol & vitamin C), followed by the extreme recovery cream. Several times a week I’ve been using her newest exfoliator and it’s insanely good — like a 2 min, at-home microderm treatment.

12. J.Crew Sequin Cami

Find it: J.Crew

Oooo…this is a perfect holiday top to pair with jeans. I’ll likely layer it over a t-shirt…or a black turtleneck if it’s really cold. Either way, this is going to be MIIIIIIINE.(And….done. It’s 40% off, which I’m calling good enough.)

13. J.Crew Earrings

Find it: J.Crew

I love using J.Crew’s insane holiday sales to get some seriously fun earrings aaaand…these are unique and gorgeous. Whoa.

14. Emerald Green Loeffler Randall Heels

Find it: Saks | Loeffler Randall | Anthropologie

I wore the heck out of Loeffler Randall’s cute leopard print mules this summer…and found them shockingly comfortable (ps. they were just restocked). So when I saw these emerald green beauties, I literally swooned. These are leather (not fabric) and a higher heel…so no guarantee that they’re as comfortable…but if they go on sale, definitely worth trying. #research

15. Clare V. Duffle

Find it: Shopbop

Okokokok. I’ve tried, you guys. I really have. I have tried to resist this adorably sporty / nonchalantly chic bag for months. It’s pricey, it’s Clare V (like literally all of my favorite bags over the last two years) and…well. It’s basically perfect.

16. J.Crew Cashmere Beanie + Matching Mittens

Find it: J.Crew beanie | J.Crew texting mitten

I can’t resist a cute hat-and-mittens set, especially in cashmere. I don’t need another hat-and-mittens set…but if they go on sale (and oh hey — they’re 40% off right now)…I want another hat-and-mittens set. It’s the one (easy) way to make all of my winter puffers more interesting.

17. Take Along Crock-Pot

Find it: Williams-Sonoma | Bed Bath & Beyond

I recently realized that we’ve been using a 4 qt crock-pot which…is cute. But small. 8 quarts feels really aggressive (but good for large parties, maybe), but I suspect the 6 quart is what we really need. Add in the fact that it has a handle(!!) for carrying to friends’ houses(!!!) and I’m all in. (Linz, expect to see this bad boy show up at your house on the next snow day.)

18. Sweaty Betty Snow Pants

Find it: Sweaty Betty

I actually bought these a couple of years ago — they are, by far, the best ski pants I’ve ever worn. Insanely warm, waterproof, and seriously flattering. They are also, however, a liiiiiitle too tight. I blame the many hours of dance for giving me a bigger booty (and don’t you tell me any different!!). Sweaty Betty now offers them in different lengths, too, which is a nice new feature. Definitely adding these to the list.

19. Spyder Ski Jacket

Find it: MooseJaw | Similar on Backcountry

My Spyder ski jacket is well-worn, well-used and many years old. Which probably explains the zipper situation. I suspect that Spyder would fix my old zipper OR…I can just upgrade my old jacket to this one. (I always buy down-filled ski jackets because I am that always-cold kind of person.)

20. GRLFND Carla Jeans

Find it: Nordstrom | Revolve

The chance of these going on Black Friday sale is prob slim to none…but a girl can hope. I basically have these exact jeans in a light wash (see them here), and I’m still obsessed with the shape. They’re a cross between a flare and a trouser jean, and just feel really fresh and current. I’d love a darker wash.

Fingers crossed for Black Friday…




  1. I love the Colleen Rothschild products! Started using them after reading your reviews and I really like them. That recovery cream is so good.

  2. For the Dyson Air Wrap its not that hard to use. There is a learning curve and here is what I do and I think it works best … section off your hair. – for curling specifically. I start on the left and clip back everything but about 2 inches (going from top of scalp down vertically) .. and start drying and unclip as you go all the way around your head until you’re done. The dryer can pull so much hair in at once if you don’t section it to control it, it does not look as good. And the good news is .. it dries REALLY fast.

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