All I Want for Christmas – A Gift Guide to Shiny Objects for Moms


let’s face it.  You're shopping last minute: you need something fast and you need something shiny.  Shiny objects are always a big hit with moms, but you probably have no idea where to
start looking.  If you haven’t picked up
on any hints as dads are sometimes wont to do, worry not.  I'm a magpie-like connoisseur of shiny objects and here I submit a few suggestions for you to offer up to your beloved baby mama.  Let’s just dig in since I know you’re
scanning anyway and you don’t have much shopping time to spare!

Monica Rich Kosann “The Fine Art of Family” Lockets ($190.00 – $795.00)
I don’t
know what it is about becoming a mom—maybe it’s because I feel like I’m missing
an appendage when I’m without my boys—but I love having pieces of jewelry that
symbolize and remind me of them, even though we’re together 24/7.  My hands-down fav from this collection is the
Round Vine Locket
in sterling silver ($695.00).  At 1-1/2 inches in diameter on a 26-inch chain
and with a beautifully detailed swivel clasp, it is large-scale enough to suit
my funky vibe but classic enough to stand the test of time.  Also, should my baby bug persist, I’ll be
able to fit shots of multiple (“huh, what!?!” I hear Dave exclaiming) kiddos
together on either side.  An option that
will provide you with literally YEARS of effortless gift giving (and I know you'll love that!), or for those of you planning large families, is the more
delicate Round
Half Locket
in sterling silver ($190.00)—you can add additional
silver discs
($165.00) for each child and charms (such as the true love
tulip) for mothers’ day or birthdays, a beautiful tradition that will be a big
hit with your lady.   The Sterling
Silver Toggle Necklace
($495.00) and the Rectangular
Gate Frame Necklace
($795.00) are two other stunning pieces in this

Monica Rich Kosann Large Round Vine Locket in Sterling Silver Monica Rich Kosann Sterling Silver Toggle Necklace Monica Rich Kosann Rectangular Gate Frame Necklace

Gemstone Jewelry ($295.00 – $495.00)

you see a display of Ippolita jewels all together, it is as if you have found a
perfectly-preserved treasure chest from the future.  Individual pieces are no less striking.  They shout to me, “Weekend in Capri!” and I see
myself there, just . . . floating . . . in the emerald water, even though I’m a
stay-at-home mom who lives in a land-locked state.  Chicks need this kind of transformative imaginary
play, dads.  You don’t have to understand
it, just know it and play to it.  I love the 2 Oval Stone Bangle ($295.00) in Turquoise–I imagine it on warm, tanned skin, in Capri.  Also insanely beautiful: the Constellation Ring
in blue topaz ($495.00) or clear quartz ($295.00), and the Rock Candy Teeny Teardrop earrings in gold & peridot ($350.00).
Ipolita Oval Stone Bangle in Turquoise Ippolita Constellation Ring in Blue Topaz IPPOLITA ROCK CANDY TEENY TEARDROP EARRING IN PERIDOT

Michael Aram Polished Aluminum Giftware ($90.00 – $250.00)
Dads, when
your mom asks you what your wife would like for Christmas, don’t say you don’t
know.  Don’t offer up a piece of kitchen
technology she’ll never use.  Don’t
suggest an item of clothing.  Tell your
mom your wife likes shiny objects, like the Michael Aram Bark Vases
($90.00 – $240.00) in polished aluminum or the Mushroom Patch Snack
($92.50) or the Botanical
Leaf Tray
($179.00 – $299.00).  Don’t, however, get these
items for her yourself.  These are not
gifts a woman wants from her husband.  I
can’t explain why.  I guess it has something to do with the fact that when your husband gives you something to serve snacks in, it's hard to imagine yourself living large in Capri. 

Michael Aram Bark Vases in Polished Aluminum Michael Aram Mushroom Patch Snack Dish in Polished Aluminum Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Tray in Polished Aluminum

Bittar Crystal-Studded Earrings ($175.00)

I just
thought I’d mention these earrings, which appeared in my accessories post last
week, again.  You know, just in case
anyone was wondering if I really meant that I liked them a lot.  I like them a lot, and so will the mother of
your children.  I like these earrings so
much because, as a modified hoop, they’re casual enough to wear daily, refined
enough to wear out at night and with all that sparkle, they feel luxurious and
are a great sub for diamonds without the $2k+ price tag.  

Alexis Bittar Crystal-Studded Earrings 

Stocking Stuffers!  Don’t forget stocking stuffers! ($5.00 – $30.00)
know how each year, you wake up on Christmas morning to find a stocking bulging
with little things like ornament-print boxers, Pez dispensers, your favorite
bubble gum and other such trinket-ey goodies?  Now look at the stocking next to it.  Yes, the sad, lonely, limp one that doesn’t have anything in it.  That’s your wife’s stocking, and it’s not
empty because the elves don’t like her. 
It’s empty because she is the elf. 
Put a few shiny things in it this year, like Bath and Body Works’ Shimmer
($5.00), Sephora’s Kat Von D "Sinner" Rollerball Perfume ($16.00), a Godiva
Holiday Mini Cocoa Tin Trio
($20.00), and then, for the shiny-things kicker, throw in a deluxe
car wash (about $30.00) to shine up her car (triple points for removing the car seats, taking it in yourself and having every
last cheerio and Annie’s Bunny Gummies sucked out of it).  Then insist that she drives it over 60 miles per hour on the highway whilst blasting her favorite tunes for a minimum of 20 minutes
before you put the seats back in.

Bath and Body Works Shimmer Lotion Sephora’s Kat Von D Sinner Rollerball Perfume Godiva Holiday Mini Cocoa Tin Trio

Dads, good luck to you in your last-minute holiday shopping adventures.  If you didn't find something you like here, also check out A Cozy Chic Gift Guide for MomsA Gift Guide To Help Guys Who Google "wife christmas" and our post on holiday accessories.  Oh, and don’t forget to place your online orders by
close-of-business on Friday to get your gift here before Christmas!








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