All In This Together: Where To Give (& Find) Relief During This Crisis


I’ve rearranged the furniture in my room at least three times now and cleaned out my closet twice over the last week. I’ve never been someone who takes “just stay where you are and do what you can” well. Give me something to do — anything — to actively help. If not, I’m going to amble around my house moving my bookshelf to the opposite wall out of an unexplained urge to DO something.

But staying home is the best thing I can do right now, so my busy body and mind will have to accept that and move on to other things.

At our Monday meeting we talked about a post covering places taking donations to help those affected by COVID-19. This is 100% something I can get behind. Our ideas started with continuing to pay housekeepers and babysitters during the crisis, if and when you’re able. You can also support local shops by purchasing gift cards through their websites. With the help of Mike (not Shana’s Mike, Jeni’s Mike) we’ve put together a list of places where you can donate to support others during this time of uncertainty.

All In This Together: Nonprofits Providing Aid, Donations + Relief During The Coronavirus Crisis

To start off, this is a nonprofit directory that allows you to search for charities that are currently fighting the impact of coronavirus (or other specific purposes). And after looking through some charity sites, I came across The National Council of Nonprofits and their abundance of resources. This page includes sources explaining what the Families First Coronavirus Response Act means to nonprofits and information on how to talk to your children about COVID-19 from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Once I had educated myself a bit more on the current situation, I moved on to finding specific nonprofits to share with you.

SO, if you, like me, are looking for something more to DO and are in a position to make that a priority, here’s a starter list. And if you need support yourself, the same list applies. Some of us may just find comfort in the list itself. We hope you find this helpful, in whatever way you need it.

Support For Frontline Workers & People Affected By The Pandemic

World Health Organization

This is a big one. WHO is running the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, a global-reaching effort to provide support to patients, front-line workers, and scientists working to track and understand the virus. They’re also working to bust any misinformation being spread about the virus and have a page dedicated to Q&A for frequently asked questions about COVID-19.

GoFund Me

GoFund Me has always been a resource for people seeking financial support in times of need. There is now a main page dedicated to COVID-19 resources for facts on the virus, steps to prevent illness, notes on why it’s important to support affected people, and a broad range of ways to send support (from medical bill funds to rent and grocery funds). Donations through GoFund Me can work two ways: from you to a specific person OR from you to a charity/nonprofit group.

No Kid Hungry

Shana mentioned this in a previous weekend post, but a lot of kids depend on school meals for daily nutrition. With schools closing to help flatten the curve, many families are losing that nutritional safety net. No Kid Hungry uses donations in multiple ways to support children across the country, not only through emergency grants, but also by working with the local and federal government. You can see a few of the ways donations have already been used here.

International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps is working in coordinated efforts with the WHO, CDC, Ministries of Health, Emergency Operation Centers, and many others to bolster efforts already in place to address this outbreak and prevent future outbreaks. You can read more about their response to COVID-19 here as well as donate.

Support For Service & Hospitality Workers

*A little note for this section: I used Mike’s own words to talk about these funds because honestly, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Please check out these lists to purchase gift cards to your favorite restaurant! Remember, if you buy gift cards, stay local! Small restaurant owners are really struggling to get by while operations are reduced or suspended entirely. Gift cards bought now, to be used later, can really help make ends meet in the short term for local restaurants. You can find your city here, here or here.

Be sure to ask your favorite restaurant if they are participating or would like to participate in Dining Bonds! These gift cards, purchased for later use, will add value to the amount that you spend now. Send your favorite proprietor to to register their establishment!

United States Bartenders’ Guild Emergency Relief Fund (USBG)

Despite the organization being called the “Bartenders’ Guild”, you do not need to be a bartender to apply for relief. However, to receive aid, you must work in the service or preparation of alcoholic beverages. You do not need to be a member of the organization to receive emergency funds. The organization has also started a GoFundMe with a goal of $100,000.

Another Round Another Rally

ARAR is distributing $500 relief grants directly to applicants affected by Covid-19. To apply, you must be a member — in any role — of the service industry. They also aid local business owners in applying for SBA emergency loans. You can read more and donate to the organization, as well as apply for aid, here.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation & Southern Smoke Emergency Relief Fund

RWCF is partnering with Southern Smoke to provide aid to struggling industry workers. Please go to Southern Smoke’s website to apply for aid. Otherwise, this organization is allocating funds to go directly to industry workers, to other localized non-profit organizations providing aid to workers, and distributing zero-interest loans to local restaurant owners. You can read more about RWCF here.

Southern Smoke is offering aid directly to service industry workers and restaurant owners. Based in Austin, Texas, they are a national organization that provides aid throughout the U.S. Since 2017, they have distributed $830,000 to struggling workers and owners. You can read more and donate to the organization, or apply for aid here.

One Fair Wage (OFW) Emergency Fund

One Fair Wage is providing cash assistance to struggling and out-of-work industry workers, delivery workers, car service drivers, and personal service workers affected by Covid-19. You can apply to receive aid or donate to the organization here. #YouGotServedChallenge

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC)

The ROC has been working for almost 20 years fighting on behalf of service industry workers. They have set up an emergency relief fund for workers affected by Covid-19, but as of March 23rd, they are no longer accepting applications for aid. However, they are still accepting donations and will hopefully reopen their application process shortly. You can read more and donate to their organization here.

Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) Emergency Relief Fund

CORE is providing assistance to families of service industry workers, helping to provide food and medical necessities to children. Please see their website for other available resources. You can apply for aid or donate to this organization here.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation #LiftYourSpirirts

The National Restaurant Association (the other NRA, ha) has launched #LiftYourSpirits to aid struggling industry workers through their Educational Fund. They are providing grants to workers affected by Covid-19. Grant applications will become available on April 2nd. Visit their website to donate!

Tipping Point & Robin Hood

The Tipping Point Community and Robin Hood New York are partnering to provide aid through direct grants to furloughed industry workers. You can donate to their cause here.

James Beard Foundation Industry Relief Fund

The James Beard Foundation is providing “micro-grants” to food and beverage businesses throughout the U.S. If you are a restaurant owner who would like to apply for a grant, or would like to donate to the organization, visit here.

World Central Kitchen

You can donate to the World Central Kitchen, aiming at providing meals for those struggling across the globe. You can read more about their mission and how they’re responding to COVID-19 here.

Philly Industry Workers & Patrons

If you are a newly unemployed industry worker or your hours have been significantly slashed, it is highly encouraged that you apply for Unemployment benefits and WIC or food stamps to help hold things over during this turbulent time. Additionally, for our Philly folk, we recommend that you check out these websites:

  • BenePhilly : which will assist you in applying for aid.
  • COMPASS : which can aid you in applying for health and human service programs, should you qualify.
  • DrinkPhilly : workers, find out about other vital resources here.
  • Philly Virtual Tip Jar : You can donate directly to the staff of your favorite Philly restaurant either via Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, etc. here.

Whew. That’s it, guys. We hope this is helpful for people looking to donate and for those seeking support. Remember, we’re all in this together (at least six feet apart).

Sending love and positive vibes to you and yours,

Your Resident Dungeon Master, Syd & Mike G, Neighborhood Bartender