AllSaints: 30% Off Everything



Have you guys heard of AllSaints brand? They’re one of my absolute favorites, if I could live in a brand, it would be this one. They’re a bit on the pricey side but the quality is so insanely lux,  and their modern/minimalistic styles are some of the best.  I go to them when I need a wardrobe essential like a knit sweater, a collared button down, or a biker jacket that are interesting…yet will last forever.  OR…when they have a sale.



p.s. Black Friday shopping pairs best with coffee or wine! Sip, shop, repeat!




  1. My sister got me the All Saints Itat Shrug cardigan (drapey grey one above) a few years ago for Christmas when I was pregnant and it was the best gift EVER! You can see the different ways to wear it on the website…I’m literally wearing it right now (criss cross style) because I have another baby and the criss cross drapey shape lets me discreetly nurse in church. It transitioned me from pregnancy to nursing (and back to pregnancy and nursing!) perfectly and it’s suffered no ill effects from me throwing in the washing machine in a lingerie bag.

  2. Do you have any sizing advice for All Saints? I have an Itat sweater too but I don’t think that is as size specific as a dress or chunky knit.

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