Falling In Love With Alo: A Try-On


I have been in a love affair with Alo since before I can remember — and we’ve never even met. My favorite dance and fitness influencers are constantly wearing Alo on social media, so despite having never worn, touched or smelled Alo before, I’m a fan. (Ok, that’s not true… I have walked through their store in NYC and once in Philly.) Their online selection is really where they shine for me — I love how unique their styles are and the overall vibe makes me swoon. 

An Alo Try-On: Sweat Pants, Tanks, Leggings & More

ALO’s new summer line dropped, called Red Hot Summer, and I’m obsessed. This vibrant color and the wide selection of sweats, leggings, shorts, dresses and even underwear caught my eye. I wanted it all! So I set off to find some of these pieces in-store. Part of me believed they only exist online, on gorgeous models set against gorgeous backdrops, but I was ready to go find out.

1. Top Picks: The Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpant + The Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra

Alo try-on: The Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpant + The Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra

Sweatpants (XS) l Top (M) l Sneakers

Although the color does look different in person than online, I liked the Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpants a lot. They’re a bit more orange in person than the bright red that shows online. I would have preferred them if they were truly red, but I still liked them; and if not this color then definitely in another.

Fit Notes: Now, these sweatpants can be a little tricky — I learned it’s all how you want to wear them. I went to grab my normal medium size, which they didn’t have in store; all they had was XS and XL (darn). The sales rep informed me that many of their clothes are oversized and I could probably fit a XS (whaaaat! I’ve never been an XS). To my surprise, they were right! Sizing down to an XS fit like a fitted sweatpant, which I liked. They are comfy, and you could wear them high-waisted or roll them down. I also tried on a bigger size below…keep scrolling to see.

Alo try-on: The Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpant + The Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra

Sweatpants (XS) l Top (M) l Sneakers

You know I love the silhouette of a one-shoulder; if you’ve got a one-shoulder thing goin’ on, it’s mine. So the Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra was an easy winner. It’s comfortable to wear as a crop top/tank/bra and can easily be dressed up or down. I love it paired with these sweats in this Red Hot Summer color. There’s good coverage and support, enough even for higher energy activities. I can totally see myself wearing this to the gym, dance or out on the town. This is definitely a keeper for me.

Fit Notes: I tried on the medium and it was a little snug, so I sized up to a large.

2. The High-Waist Street Smart Trouser

Alo review:  The High-Waist Street Smart Trouser

Trouser (M) l Sneakers

I’ve had my eye on ALO trousers for a long time. At first it was The Pursuit Trouser, and now these. Like always, I want diverse pants that I can teach and dance in, but also wear to a party or out to dinner. I like clothes that I can wear in all areas of my life, not just one, and these pants like can do just that. They are comfortable and swishy with lots of room in the thigh area; I can easily move and be active in these.

Fit Notes: I’m wearing the pants in my true size (M), and as you can see, they are very wide-legged and very long. The waist fits perfectly, but I would need to hem them. I thought maybe if I sized down in these, like I did the sweatpants, it would have a better fit… See below.

3. The High-Waist Airlift Legging + The Airlift Strength Bra

Alo review: The High-Waist Airlift Legging + The Airlift Strength Bra

Leggings (M) l Bra (M) l Sneakers

I love the Red Hot Summer color in these leggings! They feel fresh, cool and something about this color made me feel powerful. Maybe it’s time I switch my all black leggings for some power colors… The compression was perfect and the waistband was comfortable, although they did feel warm on my legs, so maybe not for right now while we are in a heatwave (currently 90F in Philly!).

As for the bra, I knew it was going home with me from the minute I put it on. I didn’t even need to think twice. I loved it! Sooo comfy and soft, yet supportive. Has compression for a nice medium hold and the straps are adjustable (can be worn straight or crossed). The band is secure and can also be adjusted. I’m excited to try this one out tonight at Reggaeton!

Fit Notes: I tried the leggings my normal medium size & they fit perfectly. Bra is also true to size (wearing a medium).

4. The Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpants + The Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra

Alo yoga try-on: The Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpants + The Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra

Sweatpants (M) l Top (L)

I tried the Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpants again (in black this time) in my usual medium size, which gave me the oversized comfy sweatpant look and feel. I feel like these sweats were made to be a bit oversized, and sizing down to an XS was trying to make them something they weren’t. Since they don’t have of my size in the Red Hot Summer color, I’ll wait until another color drop, or maybe I’ll grab them in white.

Fit Notes: After I tried these on in my usual size, I was torn between the fitted xs and oversized medium, but ultimately ended up preferring the oversized look in the M with these sweatpants.

Alo yoga try-on: The Accolade Straight Leg Sweatpants + The Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra

Sweatpants (M) l Top (L)

This is the same Airlift Mesh Coastline Bra as before, but in a large size which is much more comfortable. This tank pairs well with both trousers and sweats, easily a studio-to-dinner kind of top. The color Botanical Green isn’t one I would have chosen for myself, but it is very pretty.

5. The Alosoft Head Start Dress

Alo yoga review: The Alosoft Head Start Dress

Dress (L) l Sneakers

This dress is fun. That’s what it is — a fun, sexy dress in a happy color for summer. Would I buy it and wear it? Probably not. There is no hiding anything in this dress and I am not sure I am up for that… layering something over it (a hoodie, blazer, jacket) may help. Can easily dressed up or down with sneakers, sandals, flip-flops or even heels for a super sexy evening out.

Fit Notes: It is form-fitting, but still soft and strechy enough to move around in. Beware, it shows absolutely everything, so you may want to figure out an undergarment situation for this.

6. The Airmesh Venus Bralette

Alo yoga review: The Airmesh Venus Bralette

Bralette (L) l Trouser (S)

I thought this feminine mesh bralette would be a nice little staple during this hot Philly summer. Enough support for everyday wear and even for dancing, too. An easy studio-to-street transition piece to stay comfy, cool, and sexy.

Fit Notes: Size up in the bralette, I tried on the medium at first and had to squeeze into it. I also tried on the High Waist Street Smart Trouser again, in a smaller size. You can see that they are not as long or as wide in the leg, but the waist is much tighter (too tight for me) and there is more restriction in the thigh area. The waistband in these trousers are true to size despite the elastic in the back, so I suggest you get your normal size and hem them.

Honorable Mention: The Alo Recovery Mode Sneakers

Alo yoga Recovery Mode sneakers

I also tried on their Recovery Mode Sneakers, cuz why the heck not? These sneakers are a clean-looking street shoe that come in many colors and are super comfortable. Made to be supportive with a recovery foam insole that supports pressure points in the feet, knees, hips, joints, and back. Never thought of needing a recovery shoe before… could be a good idea.

ALO Did Not Disappoint. Why Did It Take Me So Long?!

Why did it take me so long to try on one of my favorite brands? I think convenience. Lucky for me we just got a store in Philly! I was also worried they wouldn’t live up to how I imagined them or how amazing they look online. Well, they did! ALO is great, comfortable, fun and durable good quality. I still have a lot more trying-on to do. This was only a taste of what I could quickly find in store that day, I have many favorites on my list that I need to try out and report back.

Something to keep in mind, ALO stores get a limited amount of clothes and they go quickly. It looks as though they keep their staple styles and release new colors in all of it every month. The next color on my radar is “Gravel” (think: warm beach sand, not gray). Exciting! 

Here’s More Of What I Want To Try From Alo

Definitely check them out! In my opinion it’s worth the try. I think you will find something you like… Jump on it, ALO goes fast.

Until next time.



Oh hey, pinners…

Laurel, a huge fan of ALO, stopped in-store to try on their latest line of sweatpants, leggings, sports bras & more. Details, inside.
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