Amazon’s Big Spring Sale: 30 Faves Actually Worth Buying


Happy spring, officially!! Imagine our delight when we saw Amazon’s surprise Big Spring Sale event. Think: major markdowns on beauty finds, home essentials, some hidden fashion gems and so. much. more.

30 Amazon Faves Worth Buying On Sale

Now through 3/25, we’re seeing tons of our tried & true faves on deep discounts — like, Prime Day deep. So now’s the time to spruce up the space for spring (these air purifiers are a game-changer), treat yourself to a cozy matching set (basically Free People, but for under $40) or finally hit send on that nifty kitchen gadget sitting in your cart. I’m looking at you, garlic press.

Let’s get into it.

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap

Amazon faves, Mrs. Meyers Soap, Amazon Big Spring Sale

Hand Soap

Am I boring? Yes. Do I care? No. This is still the item I’m THE MOST excited about from Amazon’s Spring sale. Only certain scents are on sale (most are only 15% off), but this 3-pack of Rose is a whopping 30% off! Also on sale? Rhubarb. 25% off. Yessss. – Shana

2. Vital Proteins Collagen

Amazon faves, Vital Proteins Collagen Powder, Amazon Big Spring Sale

Collagen Powder

Throw it in your coffee (how we like it), smoothies, tea, whatever. Tasteless and packed with skin-loving vitamins (and a ton of protein). We’ll always be rebuying this. S thinks it helps to keep wrinkles at bay (she swears she can tell when she stops using it), and it definitely helps with joint pain, too.

3. Silicone Baking Mats

Amazon faves, silicone baking mats, Amazon Big Spring Sale

Baking Mats

I use & abuse these things and they’ve been going strong for years! They not only save me tons of parchment paper but also protect my pans. – Abby

4. Citrus Juicer

Amazon faves, citrus juicer

Citrus Juicer

My passion for this device is SO strong that I’ve started buying one for every AirBnB we stay in, like….YOU’RE WELCOME, WORLD. – Shana

5. Outlet Protector

outlet protector

Outlet Protector

Honestly, these have made the bedside table situation soooooooooo much better. Highly recommend. – Shana

6. Stasher Bags

stasher bags

Stasher Bags

The most useful little things ever. I use these to hold my hair ties, nail polish, as a travel makeup bag in a pinch, for leftovers (duh), fridge organization, and to store everything & anything. This bundle is the best. – Abby

7. CASETiFY Phone Case

phone case, amazon

Phone Case

My old faux-camera iPhone case was suuuper bulky and uncomfortable to hold. This Casetify case, however, is completely flat – it’s just a retro-inspired design – and I LOVE it.  – Shana

8. Turkish Beach Towels

turkish beach towels, amazon


These Turkish-inspired beach towels are 100% cotton (made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory), have a nice, oversized shape, are available in a ton of really beautiful colors and have more than 2K 5-star reviews. Sold. – Shana

9. Garlic Press

garlic press, amazon faves

Garlic Press

I hate chopping garlic so much that I’ve actually considered buying those little containers of pre-chopped garlic (NOT my usual move). But there’s more than 22K 5-star reviews on this one, raving about how well it works (and how easy it is to clean). Done. – Shana

10. Micellar Water

micellar water

Micellar Water

Now is the time to stock up on skincare deals. I use Bioderma’s micellar water every morning. It’s even more gentle on my skin than washing my face. I just pour a little onto a cotton pad and swipe before I apply moisturizer and sunscreen. – Anne

11. Storage Bins

storage bins, amazon faves

Storage Bins

I love these for organizing lunch box snacks. I honestly use it just like the photo shows.  – Shana

12. Teeth Whitening Pen

teeth whitening pen

Teeth Whitening Pen

If you can’t seem to find the 1-hour needed for the white strips, this pen works shockingly well. Perfect for a quick touch-up. (S’s boys steal hers.)

13. Magnesium Supplement

magnesium supplement

Magnesium Powder

Ahh my fave magnesium powder is almost 50% off! I swear by this stuff. I drink it as a little nightcap when I need a surge of well, calm (especially during my period), and it never misses. The raspberry-lemon taste is pretty delicious, too. – Abby

14. Magnet Tiles

magnet tiles, amazon faves

Magnet Tiles

These are basically Magnatiles, just a different brand…but the reviews are pretty good! Magnatiles are some of our most-used building toys EVER. The boys have been playing with them since they were two. – S

15. Anker Portable Charger

anker portable charger

Portable Charger

A day hasn’t gone by where I don’t use one of these external batteries. Love this sleek design (snaps magnetically to the back of your phone), especially for travel. – Jeni

16. Pillow Slides

cloud slipper, pillow slide, slide sandal, amazon faves

Slide Sandals

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s a reason these cloud slides went viral last summer. And there’s a reason we’ll be wearing them all summer long this year, too. They’re dang comfy and the perfect, casual sandal for warm weather.

17. Shapewear Bodysuit

shapewear bodysuit


When you want everything to be snatched, grab this bodysuit from your drawer. Makes slipping on jeans a delight and works great as a layer underneath blouses and sweaters. – Anne

18. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

noise cancelling earbuds, amazon big spring sale


An affordable in-ear headphone option — especially at 40% off. Really great reviews, too!

19. Kindle E-Reader

kindle e-reader, amazon big spring sale

Kindle Paperwhite Bundle Edition

If you don’t have an e-reader yet or just want to update yours, Kindle bundles are on sale right now and this beautiful agave green cover and device are calling my name. – Anne

20. Dog Bark Deterrent

dog bark deterrent

Bark Deterrent

Guys, we couldn’t do a shock collar. We bought one (that fancy Halo one with the GPS fence), watched allllllll the videos on how to train her and…then…couldn’t…do it. While we’ve just emotionally accepted that we’ll always need to be outside with her, Bad Gal NiNi is still driving us nuts inside: jumping up on counters, scratching incessantly at the fridge, etc. So…maybe this? It uses sound instead of shock, and the reviews have me cautiously optimistic. – Shana

21. Fleece Jacket

fleece jacket, amazon

Fleece Jacket

Is this fleece jacket as warm as Halfdays, or Patagonia or North Face? No. But it is really cute, with sleeves that don’t skimp on length, and a nice, cropped shape (that can be cinched in at the waist). It was a surprisingly good find. – Shana

22. Solo Stove

solo stove, amazon big spring sale

Solo Stove

Ooh the Solo Stove we love is 20% off right now! Snap this up for summer, it’s perfect for your outdoor tabletop ambiance (and s’mores-making!) Seriously the best low-smoke fire pit.

23. Mosquito Repellent

mosquito repellent, amazon big spring sale

Mosquito Repellent

I’m one of those people who seem to attract mosquitos from miles away. I’m also one of those people whose mosquito bites swell up HUGE. This product works surprisingly well, especially if I’m staying in one spot: eating at a table, sitting around a fire. I stock up on these every Spring. – Shana

24. Two-Piece Sweater Set

sweater set, free people dupe, amazon faves

Matching Set

I wear this set all the time (it’s excellent for travel). It’s pretty much an exact dupe of the cut and quality of the Free People one – for under $40! The pieces are cute as separates, as well, which is why it’s an easy one to pack for trips. Fit is TTS – I’m wearing a small and it’s sliiiightly roomy. Oh! And I machine wash mine, no biggie. – Em

25. GHD Flat Iron

ghd flat iron, amazon big spring sale

Flat Iron

We LOVE GHD products. Not only do they heat up in mere seconds (and cool down just as quickly), but they also are voltage-switching, so can be used overseas without burning out (as long as you have the right adapter). They’re nice and gentle on the hair, too, yet work. This exact style can be used as a straightener (duh), but also makes the beachiest, most casual waves, too. 

26. Molekule Air Purifier

molekule air purifier, amazon big spring sale

Air Purifier

This has been a game changer for S. Not only does it protect against viruses, but the difference it has made in her allergy suffering is wild. She now has one on every floor of her house, and we’re getting one for the office, too. (Sidenote: S says to stick with Molkule’s own filters – she tried the Amazon brand filters, and they don’t work nearly as well.)

27. Toddler Audio Box

toddler audio box

Toddler Audio Box

One of the best things we’ve ever bought our toddler — and even though we purchased a handful of additional Tonies, his favorite has been the Playtime Puppy that is included. -Amy

28. Lace Long-Sleeve Top

lace top, long-sleeve top, layering top

Lace Top

This long sleeve lace top layers over tanks and under tees perfectly. There are a ton of colors to pick from. I’m wearing a size medium. On sale for $15! – Anne 

29. Home Projector

home projector, amazon big spring sale

Portable Projector

This is one of Mike D’s (Shana’s hubs) favorite things ever. Not only is is great for impromptu movie nights wherever, but he’s been know to throw it in his suitcase for travel, too. 

30. Peloton Bike

peloton bike, amazon big spring sale

Peloton Bike

Everyone that I know that has a Peloton, LOVES this thing. Shana & Mike D, included.

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