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Hey there, Mamas! Happy (official) Black Friday! We’ve been working all night adding new retailers into our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales page, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, then DO IT. I MEAN IT.

While all retailers have really good deals right now, some of the deepest discounts can be found at Amazon, on really practical (yet exciting) things. However, Amazon is one of the more overwhelming retailers to sift through SO GOOD THING WE’RE CRAZY — I mean….happily, the TME team has this covered. For you.

Top Picks From Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

My Favorite Amazon Devices, And Stuff For The Home

Is it sad that these are the deals I’m MOST excited about right now?

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, older gen – I’ve tried a ton of Kindles (even the fancier Oasis), and this might still be my top pick. HOWEVER: it might be worth skipping this deal and just going for the new Paperwhite – it’s waterproof. I might use the deal to get a Paperwhite for Raines (who doesn’t read in the bathtub or at the beach, haha).

Instapot – Laura has us all sold, and a reader just stated that she can cook rice in roughly 10-15 minutes. Done.

Nespresso – We love our Nespresso so much that we bring it to the beach house rental. True story. This set comes with free coffee samples (and FYI, the coffee pods are recyclable – they send you a mailing envelope and you just mail the used coffee capsules back for free).


Echo Show – I have a whole post coming out about how much I love our Echo Show…but the $120 off two deal won’t last, so I wanted to include it here, too.

August Smartlock – We are OBSESSED with our Smartlock. We can unlock the door remotely for package delivery (even when we’re out of town), and it’s integrated in with the Echo Dot in our bedroom, so we can double check that our front door is locked….without having to get out of bed at 11PM and run down the three flights of stairs to lock it.

Ring Doorbell and Echo Bundle – We also have this combo. The Ring doorbell can work with your Echo Shows or Dots to allows you to either see and talk (via the Echo Show) or just talk (Echo Dot) to whomever is outside your door. Frankly, to open your door remotely for package deliveries, you need both this AND the August Smartlock.

The Best Luggage Deals

On the left is a Samsonite Luggage bundle that is $300 off. The only downside is that it’s a lightning deal, and will expire tomorrow (Nov 24th) at 3AM EST. On the right is a vintage-inspired Delsey Paris suitcase that our readers have raved about. I’m totally intrigued.

TIP: I strongly suggest sticking with the medium (24″) size suitcase. Going up to 28″ or beyond means that the suitcase, when full, typically exceeds the max weight for flying. (I learned this the hard way.)

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Samsonite Set | Delsey Paris

My Fav Art Supplies From Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

I love using this sale to stock up on high quality art supplies. I find that even kids appreciate art supplies that really work.

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Watercolor Paper – Thick paper made for watercolors makes a HUGE difference. This stuff is expensive, though, even on sale it’s 24 cents per page. We sometimes cut the pages up into fourths and do tiny paintings. Totally worth it.

Brush Pack – This set of 50 brushes is great for introducing younger kids to real brushes, as well as playdates (nothing ruins a good playdate faster than being made to SHARE, ugh).

Fancier Brush Set – Your older kids still into art?  These brushes are what I’m picking up for my guys.  (Our old ones…almost 10 years old now are in desperate need of an upgrade.)

Alex Toys Drawing Set – I don’t usually go for these package sets (I’d rather make my own), but Pax really loves a nicely organized set. I can see this working well for travel or grandparents’ houses.

Staedler Watercolor Crayons – These are AMAZING. These are real artist tools, though, so even when my boys were tiny, they new they could only use “Mommy’s special crayons” under supervision.  They’re dark, rich, and when you add water…turn into watercolor paint. SO FUN.

Prismacolor Artist Markers – These are the real deal. We just got Pax this set (before the sale, grrr) and he’s suddenly into making his own comic books. Great for budding illustrators.

My Fav STEM Toys From Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

I rounded up only the toys I can honestly stand behind…the most exciting stuff for these up-and-coming Engineers.

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Little Bits Marvel Hero Inventor Kit – Typically I find these types of things too gimmiky, but I’ve learned that Little Bits is one of the few that gets it right! Pax, especially, would FREAK OUT over this kit. You build stuff AND it’s a functioning costume? SOLD.

3-D Drawing Pen – This thing just gets better and better. There’s also a starter pack available, but I think the pack with extra filaments might be the better buy.

Lego Base Plates – Setting up base plates with a few loose bits of legos is a surefire way to engage the kiddos on a day when they’re SO BORED. Clean baseplates are like magic for playdates, too.

Anki Overdrive – This game is SERIOUSLY fun. The boys got it for Christmas one year, and it’s one of those toys they still pull out from time to time.The starter kit is great, but I think I’m going to add on with additional track pieces (corners here) and new cars (this one and this one are on sale). Each car has different capabilities…and you can battle them – it’s seriously cool.

Amazon Fashion Black Friday Finds – Cute Workout Gear

There are also some cute party shoes in Amazon’s Black Friday sale section (you can see my favs, here), but I was most excited about the cute workout clothes.

Pretty, Pretty

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.


ONECore IO Bra Top (it’s star print!!) and Leggings (both come in plus sizes) | Alo Fluffy Sweatshirt | New Balance sneakers

TWO: Alo Shiny Bra Top | Alo Shiny Leggings | Alo Fluffy Sweatshirt | New Balance sneakers

A Little Edgy

Please forgive these really stupid titles.  My brain is mush right now.

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

ONE: Core IO Sports Bra (A-H cup sizes) | Alo Moto Leggings | Alo Mesh Sweatshirt | New Balance Sneakers

TWO: Alo Interlace Bra | Alo Interlace Leggings | Alo Sweatshirt | Under Amour Sneakers

Something for Home, the Kids & Great Shoes – Scotti’s Favorites

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Echo Spot: I love the Echo Show that we have and would love to have a smaller option in my room with the ability to call, drop in and check up on news stories as I’m getting ready/folding clothes, etc., And if you buy 2 (one for you, one for a gift to someone you’d like to chat with), you’ll get $100 off the original price.

Round Daybed: This is AMAZING. OMG. A retractable canopy and a 4-piece daybed that can be used pushed together for a giant bed or separately for a table and chair setup. I absolutely love this.

Cuisinart Copper Cookware Set: This is a great deal on a set that I am in dire need of. All of our pots and pans have so many scratches and mismatched lids. This set would be a great investment (and would make a great gift!).

Baby Jogger Double Stroller: We love our Baby Jogger stroller and this one is awesome for two kids. (Check out the link for the 16 different seat combinations.) We have used ours traveling and have been so happy we had it. This is a great deal!

Gifts for Kids

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Schleich Stable with Horses: Schleich has the most realistic and detailed playsets and animals – we’re huge fans of the brand.  Their playset prices tend to reflect the quality, though – they’re expensive.  So I’m thrilled that Schleich has a bunch of playsets on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  My favorite (the one I know Greenlea would LOVE) is the horse playset. The stable turns into an open riding area and the fence can be set up however they want.  It includes all of the fun extras like hay racks and drinking troughs.  (Also available?  This jungle research station and a really good barn playset.) 

Zoomer Playful Pup Robot Dog: This has LONG been on Greenlea’s Christmas list. This is an interactive robot dog that responds to touch and can be taught 25 tricks.  Easier than a puppy.

Hi-Rise Dollhouse: Ok, Greenlea would flip over this.  It includes 6 rooms, an elevator and garage, 15 pieces of furniture and three play people. Love the gender-neutral color so Ozzie can use it when he gets older without everything being PINK.

Bike: My niece and nephew have these and LOVE them. It can be used from 9 months – 3 years old. You can help them steer (which was VERY helpful when G used it and kept running into things) and the combination of them pedaling/you pushing eliminates the problem of having to carry them and/or the bike when they get tired. I love the drink holder, sun protector and basket on this one.

Magnetic Stick n Stack Jr Set: Greenlea loves playing with her magnet tiles and this kit comes with “StileMags,” pictures that can stick to the surface of these tiles and be peeled off easily.

Piano: Greenlea has been asking about piano lessons and we’re in no way able to buy a piano.  This is the perfect solution (especially in these young years).  This one comes with a stand, bench, headphones, a music rest and a microphone . . . for under $80.

Statement Boots

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Rockport Burgundy Sock Boot: Rockport shoes are super comfortable and I’m loving the pointy toe and kitten heel on these.  Also in black and taupe.

Leopard Print Booties: I have been searching for leopard print boots that don’t look cheap but aren’t crazy expensive.  Here they are . . . for under $40 (60% off). They also come a fun green velvet star print, black glitter and navy velvet.

Navy Velvet Boots: I love this rich navy color and chunky heel. Also in magenta. (Check out reviewer’s photos for more views.)

Green Velvet Sock Boots: I have had these sock boots on my wish list for awhile now . . . they were $99 last I looked and are on sale for under $40 today. LOVE the green (also in black and a fun floral print).

Fancy Shoes

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Top Row

Calvin Klein Pumps: These come in a ton of colors and are 50% off.  I love the leg-lengthening tan color, but the green and red are gorgeous colors too.   

Franco Sarto Pumps: Love the shape of these shoes and the ankle tie. Super-sexy but with a reasonable heel. 

Glitter Pumps: The perfect statement shoe to add to a basic outfit. Like lipstick for your feet.  😉

Bottom Row

Black Pumps: Such a cool design that also helps to keep these pumps on your foot (mine often slides out of regular heels).  Comes in lots of colors.

Pearl Flats: I just think these are lovely.  So unique and the bow looks awesome tied at the ankle (check out customer photos).

Wedges: These are in my cart.  The heel only feels like  2.5″ with the platform sole and these are designed for “stability and balance” with a high rebound foam and heel cushion.  Blah blah blah – COMFORT is what I hear! (Also in black).

Sweaters and Snowboots – Cam’s Favorites

I’ve been on the look-out for some travel-type deals – warm boots and luggage. Hoodie: sporty old school vibe. It comes in several different colors, too.

Cable Stitch Sweater: this is a favorite sweater of mine. Something a little different, cool stripes on the arm. It looks great with my Levi’s.

Sorel Snow Boot: have heard only good things about these boots. I actually need them this Winter for a trip up North, so perfecttttt. They come in a bunch of different colors, too…kinda also like the charcoal black…

Samsonite 2-Piece Hardside Luggage Set: great luggage at an affordable price. I like that it’s a set of two!

Travel Outfits and Instapots – Laura’s Favorites

Hey hey. Thinking I’d like to wear this whole outfit on the plane ride home today. I don’t think Prime shipping is quite that fast though, but loving these pieces nonetheless. The dog camera sends you selfies of your dog and y’all have heard me go on about my love for the Instant Pot. Some good finds! Happy Weekend.

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Furbo Dog Camera – Fellow dog moms understand this would be amazing to have while you’re out…a camera that not only keeps you in touch with what’s going on in the house, but also TAKES DOG SELFIES and throws your pup a treat. Dying. It may sound unnecessary, but since our pup Camper just started being allowed to stay out of her kennel while we’re gone this would be a lifesaver. Plus, did I say dog selfies??!

Instant Pot – You’ve heard me rave before and I think I’ve convinced most of the TME team of its amazingness…if you don’t have an Instant Pot NOW IS THE TIME, FOLKS. We have the 6qt which is on sale for under $60 today. Run to get it. This is a slow cooker and pressure cooker and rice cooker all in one. It makes perfect soups and full meals (even from frozen!) in a fraction of the time. We’ve started saving money by making our own organic yogurt weekly. Pinky even made a video on just how easy it is to do! I can’t imagine cooking without this thing now.

Converse Leather Hi Black Studded Sneaker – Forever a fan of Converse and these would be warmer and more weather resistant for winter than my canvas pair. Love the studs, too. High tops look great with almost any style jean making them a real go-to for me! I size down 1/2 size in Converse typically.

Alo Moto Leggings – Alo makes fabulous, sturdy leggings. I have a pair that have held up so well. This is a great pair that can go from workout to the rest of your day easily with a cozy black sweater and OTK boots (Shana) or high tops (me). I find they run TTS and are one of my favorite legging brands for barre3.

James & Erin Black Mixed Stitch Sweater – I haven’t tried this brand yet, but this is adorable and their other sweaters get good reviews. I love the cowl neck, the fit and the seam detail on the bottom. Super cute and cozy looking.

Haven Short Packable Down Puffer – This is super cute and I love the fit and the color. Their jackets get great reviews and this is a steal for a packable puffer.

For Busy Moms:  iRobot Vacuums and Fitbits – Tiarra’s Favorites

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Sherpa Lined Full-Zip Hoodie: This fall/winter is shaping up to be my coziest yet! I can’t have enough sherpa, so I’m all about adding this to the collection. It comes in seven colors and there’s a men’s version! At $20, it’s a great gift so your loved ones can feel like you’re hugging them all season long.

iRobot Vacuum: My girl scored one of these last Black Friday and I’ve wanted one ever since. It seems like such a small thing, but I would love walking in the house after work knowing one chore has already been taken care of! It’s Alexa-compatible, so grab your Echo Plus and/or Dot and schedule it to run from anywhere!

Samsonite Underseat LuggageNo more checked and lost luggage! Many more airlines are imposing restrictions on overhead carryon luggage, so be ready with this compact alternative. I generally prefer stowing under my seat so I don’t have to keep getting up. Everything I need is right there. It comes in five colors, so there’s something for everyone on your list.

Fitbit Versa: I love my Fitbit Flex2, but thinking it needs a little bit of an upgrade. I like that the Versa has the aesthetic of a (smart)watch but without all the other distractions. I think it’ll be just what I need to stay committed to crushing my fitness goals.

Finds for the Fam – Linzi’s Favorites

Amazon Black Friday is in full swing! Check out our top picks: favs for home, kids & Amazon Fashion, toys & electronics...all here.

Dyson v7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum:  If you don’t have one of these, I STRONGLY encourage you to think about this sale. My heart (weirdly) beats rapidly thinking about my Dyson Vacuum (after trying so many less expensive/less quality ones).  I don’t know how I managed a household without it (added bonus…my kids LOVE using it and are in charge of vacuuming the 2nd floor themselves).  This one is on Black Friday sale and is an incredible deal.  This one, though, is the newest version of the one I have…more power and longer battery life (which I love). Higher price tag, but also on sale right now.  

Acer Chromebook:   My pick for best first computer for kids.  We got our 10-year-old son one last year for the Holidays—he does daily typing practice, seamlessly works on his school google classroom assignments, and emails his grandparents (when we make him!)  This bundle is a great price for Black Friday, but we have this one (which is on regular sale as well). 

Catan:  One of our favorite family games..we are actually all set up to play it tonight with the extended family (it’s my 10-year-old’s and husband’s favorite…and my 5-year-old and I play as a team).  Good price today on Amazon.  

Tumbl Trak Mats:  We have this mat underneath bars that are attached to our ceiling (crazy I know!), but the kids have a blast with all types of rough and tumble play with this thick cushy mat.  Expensive, so Black Friday sale helps a lot!  Here’s another smaller option also on Black Friday sale.

Happy Shopping!

Team TME


  1. Hey Scotti- just wanted to say, as to the piano, that you might be surprised at how easy it can be (caveat: maybe this depends on where you live?) to get one that someone is giving away. Of course, the catch is often figuring out how to move it- but it may be more attainable than it seems. Our kids’ music school often had free ones posted on the bulletin board, and I think Craigslist could work too.

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