Amazon Cyber Monday: Frye, 30% Off




Select styles of Frye boots and accessories are 30% off at Amazon right now.  We’re talking boots lined in shearling, perfect crossbodies, and that cool leather bracelet substantial enough to pair with a chunky sweater.

We’ve been longtime fans of Frye around here – you’d be hard pressed to find boots more durable (I inherited a pair from the 70’s that are still in great shape), and the styles are always interesting enough to prevent boredom.  Even after years of wear.

Keep reading to see my Frye favorites, including the boots I ended up buying.  (All 30% off  – discount taken at checkout, I believe.)

My Absolute Favorite Frye Pieces



1. Frye Valerie Strappy Shearling Boot – THIS is the pair I ordered!!  I’m totally obsessed with this color (even when I’m wearing all black – actually…especially when I’m wearing all black), and these babies are lined in shearling.  Nuff said.

2. Frye Melissa Domed Satchel – I adore these Dr. Doolittle bags.  So freaking cool, and holds a ton of stuff.


3. Frye Unisex Bracelet – I love these rugged bracelets.  Would be so cool peeking out from under a chunky knit.  (The unisex label scares me a bit – I suspect they might be too big for me….)

4. Frye Veronica Strappy Boot – The perfect boot for wearing allll winter long.  Through muck and whatnot, yet still pretty(?) – can we call it pretty? – due to all the little straps.  If I didn’t already own a pair almost exactly like this one, I’d have added this to my cart, too.  Love, love love.


5. Frye Tamara Shearling OTK Boot – I keep staring at this boot.  It’s beyond gorgeous, and would solve any cold-leg problems this winter….even when wearing dresses.  I’m SO tempted….

6. Frye Abigail Riding Boot – This might be the most gorgeous tall boot I’ve ever seen.  I’d wear this one with allll the skirts and dresses.  Seriously…look at the color.


More Frye Favs




1. Frye Dara Chelsea Boot – Everyone needs a solid Chelsea boot in their closet, and this one is hard to beat.  So good with cropped skinnies (it’s OK if socks peek out).  Also in two gorgeous suede colors.

2. Frye Ethan Triple Monk Strap – it’s like an oxford, but a boot.  Would be SO good under cropped jeans to show off the cool buckle detail.


3. Frye Valerie Shearling Boot – Classic Frye, lined in shearling.  Always a solid choice.

4. Frye Jenn Shearling – This one is pure fun.  I realize that light-color shearling is not the most practical choice….but HELLO, GORGEOUS.  I had to include it.


5. Frye Veronica Stud Moto Short – I can picture these boots with cropped skinnies and big, cozy socks scrunched up.  Or dresses, come Spring.

6. Frye Kelly Belted Boot – I love the buckles, the shape (so good with cropped jeans) and how this boot looks slightly beat-up.  Yet…it’s a heel, so it’s sexy enough for a night out.





  1. Hopes up and then dashed….
    It’s 30% off select Frye styles and sizes and you can’t tell if they are discounted until you select the color and size and then go to your cart. Anyway, I added no less than 20 different styles to my cart (and in multiple sizes in each), but NONE were on sale. Amazon, I love you, but you’ve failed me on this one.

  2. Gah! The Shopping Enabler strikes again! I have to STOP shopping for myself and start Christmas shopping but these sales are too tempting!

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