Amazon Prime Day: Laura’s Prime Day Picks


Sale season…it may take us all out before it’s said and done, but gosh darn it. We’re here with the good deals this week. Whew. Alright. Prime Day favorites…that I could actually get to on the site! Woo! There really are some great finds. I either already own, just ordered or would order if I didn’t have something super similar already to each of these items on my list. I hope that’s helpful here! There’s a ton going on right now. Give your brain a little break and let us sift through the crazy for you!



  1. Echo in Heather Gray with Smart Plug – Ok, no surprise this is on the list. We have an Echo and we LOVE asking Alexa to turn on and off the lights for us. If you haven’t yet set this up at home I highly recommend it. The nice thing about it, too, is that you can turn your lights on and off from the app when you’re away from home! Cool. Plus, of course all the other benefits of the Echo like music, shopping lists (my favorite) and dropping in on family members who also have Echos (don’t worry you have to enable this first!) It’s so fun to pop into my mom’s kitchen and say hi though! We also love playing Jeopardy at dinner time or having Alexa read us a short story. I’d imagine many of you already have this setup, but if not, it’s so fun and convenient.

2. Michael Stars Racerback Midi Dress – A go-to summer dress or dress for layering all year round. I love this. It comes in a few deep colors and gets great reviews. Says fits true to size and looks flattering on many different heights. Wear now with sandals and this fall with ankle boots and a moto jacket.

3. The Fix Hampton 2 Crossbody Bag – This is seriously adorable. Want. It comes in some fun bright colors, too, like red, orange and blue, but you know me. The perfect fun accessory for date night.

4. New Balance Women’s 696 – You can’t go wrong with a good washed blue New Balance. They’re so great with jeans for a more subtle sporty look and SO comfy for everyday momming.

5. Adidas Women’s CF Advantage – LOVE these. Classic and cool, especially with the black heel. I typically size down a half size in Adidas, at least in my Superstars.

6. Lucky Brand Ballet Flats – My SIL loves this shoe! I’m loving this fun blue color. It will be adorable this fall with all the black and white plaid as a pop of color. There are a ton of colors in these and they seem to be well stocked. TTS


7. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette in Db Stripe Multi – This might be my favorite item from Prime Day. It’s hot. I do not want to be wearing regular bras right now. This one is classic and also updated and adorable. Love. Matching undies available too, but sadly not a Prime Deal.


8. Wonderskin Jade Roller – Ok, ok. I know. But if JVN uses one, it’s good enough for me! It looks so refreshing and calming and I think anything that’s this inexpensive and could help with eye puffiness is a-ok in my book.

9. Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen 18oz – GUYS. (Insert screams of mom-joy because this is on sale and I hate all our current half used tubes of sunscreen) This sunscreen is our TME favorite as it’s not greasy, it soaks in well, doesn’t smell and my least favorite thing ever it doesn’t have a weird powdery dry feel on your hands after application. And all the pasty people say hooray!


10. Satva Organic Cotton Adjustable Waist Amy Jogger – These are adorable and look comfy. I love anything with a taller waistband like this =  more flattering and more comfortable. They also come in heather gray. You know me and joggers. The rest of the team is so tired of hearing me talk about them but they are pretty much my life right now. Haha.

11. Instant Pot 6 Quart – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (I know Julieta will, too!) I LOVE MY INSTANT POT. I’ve recently found new uses for it: when it’s so hot and you don’t want to use the stove, oven or toaster oven, ya cook a one pot meal in this. Also, one word – yogurt – Pinky has started making our yogurt weekly and it’s SO good and easy and much cheaper than the same amount of organic cultured yogurt in the store. I can’t tell you how delicious it is. Lastly, my MIL and FIL retired last year and are doing the RV thing. They love preparing meals to freeze and then cook on the road in the instant pot. So convenient! Might be a great gift for a retiree in your life. The smaller size would be perfect for the college student! Ok. Bottom line…just get one.

Have fun and good luck out there!



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  1. After a million tries to get it into my cart (and feeling like the biggest American cliche), I ordered my Instant Pot yesterday! Any favorite Instant Pot cookbooks or recipe sites that you love? As always, your tips are on point.

  2. I love, love, love Supergoop! products, but the everyday sunscreen has a definite ‘sunscreen’ smell. The city serum on the other hand, is really and truly odorless and also has that nice not-drying/not-greasy feel.

  3. Hooray! We honestly kind of wing it and just review the top recipes that come up when we search for different dishes. I know. SUPER helpful. My favorite things to make in it though are split pea soup, lentil soups (fav soup cookbook is Love Soup and I adjust the cooking for Instant Pot by just referring to the booklet on how to cook lentils), yogurt, hard boiled eggs bc you can do a ton at once (do 5min cook, 5min release then into ice bath), butter chicken curry from and honestly any recipe with beans, peas or lentils adjusted for instant pot. It cooks them SO well without soaking or taking forever. Hope that is helpful!

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