Amazon Prime Day – Where to Start


Gang, we’re off working on round-ups of all of the best of Amazon Prime Day deals in fashion, beauty, home, and toys.  But if you are wondering where to start, here are some of my very favorite things from Amazon, all designed to make your life a little easier (or just more fun).

Start Here:  Echos and Kindles

Echo Show + Security Camera Bundle, $75 Off

We are OBSESSED with our Echo Show.  Not only can I “drop in” on my mom and sister (they have them too), but the kids can read lyrics to their favorite songs, and I can see – at a quick glance – everything on my calendar.  The show comes with the usual set of Alexa functions – flash briefings, adding items to a to-do list, or updating a shopping list.  SO. GOOD.

This bundle, in particular, would be really good for new parents.  Consider this the new, much more functional….baby monitor.

Just want Alexa?  You can take $100 any order of two Echo Shows with the code SHOW2PACK, the original Echo is $80 off, and the tiny Echo Dot is only $35.  We have an original Echo in the boy’s room so they can play music and listen to their Audible Books, and the orginal Echo is a pretty great speaker, too.  This has been a really popular holiday gift for kids around Raines’ age (9) and older.

The Echo Dot, while only $35, isn’t a great speaker.  There is a bundle deal, however, where you get the Echo Dot and a portable Sony speaker (a cute one) for $67.

Kindle Paperwhite ($30 off) vs. Kindle Voyage ($50 off the wireless-only)

Both the Paperwhite and the Voyage are e-ink readers, so you can read them in direct sunlight.  Plus, they’re backlit, so they can also be read at night (without a book light).  Both have high-resolution displays, are lightweight, and a battery life that lasts weeks.

The main difference is that the Kindle Voyage has a page-turn technology that allows you to press on the side of the kindle to turn the page, rather than sweeping your finger across the page.

The other difference is that the Kindle Voyage is lit a little more evenly, which is nice for reading at night.

I started with a Paperwhite (years ago), and then upgraded to a Voyage simply because I read really fast (so the page-turn technology is appreciated, and almost always at night.

Why isn’t the Kindle Fire on this list?  The Fire is basically the same thing as an iPad – you can install apps, games, movies, etc.  (I personally like the iPad better.) . In any case, Fires, iPads, and tablets are all lit with a blue light, which makes it impossible to see the screen in bright sunlight, and can cause sleep disruption when read at night.  For serious readers (S raises hand), e-ink readers are the best.

Kindle For Kids Bundle is 20% off

There are good reasons to go with the Kindle for Kids bundle:  there’s two-year worry-free protection, ads are disabled, the Word Wise feature where kids can look up words they don’t understand AND the fact that this Kindle is e-ink, so can be read in direct sunlight….yeah.  I think it’s time for Raines to have his own kindle.

The only downside?  Unlike the Paperwhite and Voyage (above), this Kindle isn’t lit….at all.  Which means that bedtime starts once the lights are out….unless you want your little to be able to read in bed without another light on.  So if your kid is a little older….you might be better off with the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Unlimited is 40% off (today only)

I’m seriously obsessed with Kindle Unlimited.  You have access to thousands of books, and – my personal fav – many of these Kindle Unlimited titles come with “Kindle Unlimited With Narration”…which means that you can also listen to that book via the Audible app.  Even better, it’s smart enough to let you seamlessly switch between reading and listening, which is HUGE for those starting-to-read years.

Stuff To Make Your Life Easier

August Smart Lock, $50 off – Mike installed this thing, much to my annoyance, over a year ago.  It’s basically a way to unlock your door using an app on your phone (an old-fashioned key will still work, however).  But now I LOVE it.  We can give friends/contractors/etc access to our house for periods of time, and we can even open the door for deliveries remotely.  It works amazingly well – we once unlocked our door for a delivery….while in Europe. (Works best with a camera/doorbell like this one – sadly not part of prime day deals.)

Tile Slim – Phone and Wallet Finder, 20% off – Mike uses this every morning to find his wallet.  Every.  Morning.  I also stick these babies on the back of our kindles.  A total sanity saver.

Mophie External Charger, 25% off – I love these portable chargers because they’re so pretty and sleek…yet work like a champ.  I’d get the rose gold (but it’s also available in regular gold).

Travel Charging Strip With USB Ports + Surge Protection , 60% off – We’re throwing this into our suitcase for charging all iPhones, iPads, and Kindles while traveling.


Outdoor Fun (Cause Why Not?)

  1. Stand-Up Paddleboard and accessories, 30% off
  2. Coast LED Flashlights, 20% off – Are your kids as obsessed with flashlights as mine?  I love the slim design, range of colors, 10 hour battery life, and the fact that the beam can go 72 ft.  (Water resistant, too.)
  3. Timbuk2 Gist Backpack, 30% off – this sleek guys’ backpack is super durable, too.  We love Timbuk2.
  4.  Adidas Shin Guards and……
  5. oops
  6. Soccer Balls – 20% off – Every Fall, when soccer season rolls around, we always discover (the night before) that we don’t have matching shin guards, or that the soccer balls have magically disappeared.  Not this year!!
  7. The Prettiest Hammocks – OMG allll the yes….
  8. Kids’ Outdoor Table and Bench Set – 20% off – OMG I DIE.  This is seriously cute, and looks just like an umbrella we bought at CB2.  Perfect.
  9. Trampoline, 10ft Round, 20% Off – Not for my city kids, but I really want to get one for my parent’s place….
  10. Drone With CameraObviously we need this.  Live video, cellphone control.


More to come!!!




  1. Total Alexa/smart home convert over here, and generally curious about all things VR/Ai/blockchain/IOT – BUT, as I’ve noticed you’re also an Alexa fan, Shana, I have to suggest you & Mike check out Jon Taplin’s book Move Fast & Break Things. He does a complete overview of the creative industries, Silicon Valley philosophy, creation of the Internet, and its impact on the creative industries and on our current socio-political structure, including our last elections.

    It blew me away. He gets a little curmudgeonly in the last 4/5 of the book, but it’s overall an extremely impactful read for us as we give our lives increasingly over to Amazon, Facebook and Google.

    I’m not saying I’m wearing a tinfoil hat (Alexa controls our Sonos, Nest and my grocery list!), but I feel that I’m able to make better informed decisions and ask better questions about how these behemoths are invited into our household and how I want to ask my politicians to hold them accountable.

    Pls excuse the random tangent but in some ways applicable – and a v interesting and current read!

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