25 Random Finds From Our Amazon Storefront


I’m back again with another super fun & totally random assortment of hidden gems from our Amazon Storefront. If you’ve never visited, go have a look! I update our page weekly with new finds & helpful lists, all in one easy-to-access place – right here.

I love the little treasure hunt that is perusing for the best finds possible. Sure, I sift through a ton of randomness that I truthfully don’t think you need to see (or be tempted to add to cart) but this list below + the ones on our Storefront are different. It’s stuff that we *actually* use, love or have our eye on. A whole lot of (quickly-shipping) goodness.

25 Random Finds From Our Amazon Storefront

Let’s get into all the (shockingly gorgeous, mind-blowingly useful, and/or just dang smart) finds, shall we?….

1. Reef-safe, light, white cast-free and non-irritating with a skin-like finish. AKA one of the best things I’ve ever put on my face.

2. Anyone else have an irrational fear of spiders in your boots? This thing makes me think it’s not just me.

3. Why does sequin & straw work? And why do I want it?

4. If you’re a beverage girl like me, these make a big difference. And that difference is cuteness.

5. They’re like, craize-y good. Trust me, you’ll want to try all 6 flavors.

6. A wardrobe slam-dunk. These go with SO much. We’ve tested.

7. ‘Pink Clay’ or nay? I say it’s the perfect beanie for spring.

8. Cuffing season now has a whole new meaning. And Paige gets it.

9. 96% say they’ll never go back to a regular one. Sheesh, the reviews mayyy have swayed me.

10. To girly-up your sneakers. These laces are a shockingly easy & sweet update.

11. Classic me. Of course I want this gorgeously feminine $300 top. Curses.

12. Because we love a good dupe. This floral print is my fave of the bunch.

13. Gwen recommends. So we know this travel bag is the real deal.

14. This provided shocking success. And shiny, bouncy curls.

15. Simple, elegant, and chic. And under $15.

16. For playing dress-up… As a laidback beach-town local.

17. It’s a best seller for a reason. But I’m unsure….

18. Calling all maximalists. You’ll want to see this top.

19. Denim on denim is daring (and trending). This piece will go with alllll the washes.

20. The results made me audibly gasp. This hair treatment is magic.

21. Can someone else confirm? Doesn’t this extremely basic black tee look….. amazing?

22. Smells like a million bucks. But it’s only $22!

23. Never thought a color named ‘oatmeal’ would be so dang gorgeous. Proof, here.

24. “Let’s do brunch” is right. I’m showing up in these.

25. Perhaps the best I’ve tried. And I think, like, everyone agrees.

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Xo, Abby

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