Random Finds At Amazon: Summer Edition


Hiiiii! Happy summer! Warm-weather trips and breezy summer days are on the horizon and man am I pumped. I usually celebrate the inaugural early-July, laid-back, hot days of summer by treating myself to a few things for my seasonal wardrobe, soon-to-be-sunkissed skin, long-planned travel days and everything else that summer has to offer. It’s like, the best.

25 Random Summer Finds From Our Amazon Storefront

Sooo on that note, I’m back again with a handful of really freaking fun, helpful, cool and unique finds from our Amazon Storefront. I mean, what’s summer without colorful bubbles, outdoor pizza hangs and cute sunnies? I hope to never know.

I love the little treasure that our Amazon Storefront is. It’s filled to the brim with good finds for each season. I also update that thing allllmost weekly with fresh picks & new-to-Amazon (or just new to me) pieces. It’s kid of riveting to sift through haha. But of course, I bring you only the best. 😉

A reminder, all the below picks live in one easy-to-access place – right here. (Plus soooo much more.)

1. An aspirational tee. These are how I live out all my dreams.

2. Strictly medium. Sorry to hurt your ego, but c’mon. Be honest with yourself.

3. Not your regular bean bag… but French vanilla flavored.

4. Raffia lover 4 life. How could you not be?

5. Ohhhh, you pretttyyyy. And under $35.

6. We all need some R + R. And “a petal-soft glow”.

7. Machine washable sandals that are actually cute. ‘Nuff said.

8. Because it’s an aqua blue mini grill. I mean.

9. One can never have enough stripes. Not even now.

10. Easiest way to be the cool, fun mom. You know they’re kinda delicious.

11. Shiny, yet barely there. What a combo.

12. A summer road trip must-have. Just…. don’t fill it with broccoli.

13. If spoon messes make you crabby. Enter your new BFF.

14. For see-through tops. My fave lacey one ever.

15. The most popular sport of the summer. OPA!

16. Gimme a huggie. Or two.

17. No need to be green with envy! Just buy ’em.

18. Chamomile & peach. Ahhhhh….

19. What’s straw and leather and tan all over? This summer dream.

20. Pink tennis balls. That’s it. 💅🏻

21. Love u, Chimi. These are a gorgeous classic.

22. Suddenly my margarita feels.. heavy-duty. Daaang.

23. Stopppp a carrot popsicle?!? Wait, not what I meant.

24. Scorched scalp saver. Just ignore the pic of the girl spraying it in her hair (???).

25. Shell yeah. I had to.

Don’t forget to follow our Amazon Storefront to keep up with all of our new lists + fun finds!

Xo, Abby

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