An Athleta Refresh: Capsule Collections for At-Home and The Real World


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I think it’s fair to say the TME team has always had eyes for Athleta, but since March, the majority of the team has gone from sweetly smitten to full-blown love affair. There’s no brand that seems to have better nailed the fashion needs of this particular year. Comfortable, high-performing activewear and loungewear that can take you from Zoom to your yoga mat to the grocery store to the couch — and back — all effortlessly and with a nod to sustainability, in many instances. It’s no wonder the brand has such a loyal following.

Which is why it’s almost embarrassing to admit that it’s been a long while since I’ve picked up new Athleta pieces for myself — and here’s why: all of the Athleta pieces that I do own? Well, they might be a couple years old, but there’s not a dang thing wrong with them! They wash and wear like a dream, and honestly look as good today as they did when I first bought them. No shrinking or pilling. No compromise to performance. It’s genuinely good stuff.

Despite that, I maaaaay have mentioned at a recent team meeting that I’m planning to try some of Athleta’s current, most-coveted pieces for myself (an Athleta Refresh, let’s call it), so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for this post. Below, I’m running down everything I’m eyeing from Athleta at the moment. And just because I love the idea of being able to live in Athleta pieces day in, day out (OK, OK and because list-making is my love language) I threw them into two categories:

1) At-Home, with pieces that are undeniably suited for home workouts, cameo appearances on Lana’s morning Zoom class and general lounging; and
2) Out And About, with new-to-me pieces (Athleta denim!) for those instances where more of a traditionally…uhhh…dressed approach is required.

Cozy Athleta Faves For At-Home

Life is just easier when I roll out of bed and right into workout clothes. It’s just about the only thing that guarantees I will actually workout. And when those workout clothes are chic and comfy enough that you’d elect to stay in them all day?? (Not to mention quick-drying and anti-odor so you can actually do so without offending anyone….) Why wear anything else?

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It's Athleta capsule wardrobe refresh time. We're shopping comfy, high-performing activewear & loungewear that takes us from Zoom to yoga to errands to the couch -- & back -- all w/ a nod to sustainability.

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1 / Zephyr Tank: Five stars, 300+ reviews. I’m intrigued. On paper this looks like The Perfect At-Home Layering Piece. It’s exactly the kind of light, easy piece I want to wear for morning stretching or Pilates workouts, but it also more than passes as a Zoom-appropriate shell (the fabric totally doesn’t read “activewear”). Effortless, modern fit. Tucked or untucked. Packable, quick-drying. Rated UPF 50, perfect for impromptu walks to the coast. Sold.

2 / Flow Top Essence Spacedye: No one doesn’t want to feel at least a little cute when they’re working out (I tell myself I don’t, and it’s a full-on lie), so the flirty boatneck that gives a peek of the bra totally sells me. Plus, this is a true performance top: anti-odor, rated UPF 50, breathable, quick-drying, machine washable (and dryable!) — and sustainable. Plus sizing available, too.

3 / Swept Up Headband: I’m currently using a trimmed sweatshirt waistband as a headband for washing my face in the morning, and half the time it becomes my morning workout accessory, too. Needless to say, this would be an upgrade (and one that I could proudly wear when helping Lana over her shoulder during Zoom school). If the bow is too cutesy, you could always spin it around to the back.

4 / Cozy Karma 1/4 Zip Hoodie: I’m kinda really picky about sweatshirts — namely, the neckline — so here’s what I love about this one: when you throw it on over your jammies, you can zip it fully up and you look at least a little more polished without the collar of your sleep shirt peeking out of the neckline. Full on cozy vibes. And then, if you’re wearing a sports bra or tank top, you can unzip it a bit to let things breathe a little. Remind me why all hoodies don’t function like this? Pockets + thumbholes: also big plusses. And anything winter white always feels just a little more chic, even when we’re talking loungewear. (Also in black, of course.) Available in Regular, Tall and Petite sizing.

5 / Exhale Bra in Powervita: Total sucker for any sports bra that has something a little interesting going on with the straps, and this is just enough (while still looking like something I could easily get in an out of without dislocating a shoulder). Just a super pretty fit. Wicking, UPF 50, and machine wash-and-dryable. And (like almost everything Athleta), loads of excellent reviews. Also available in sizes D-DD here.

6 / Salutation Jogger: These joggers are made for living. Super soft, and they walk that perfect line between activewear, loungewear and streetwear (and I’d most definitely put them to use for all three). Loads of colors, but let’s face it: i’ll wear black the most. Quick-dry, so one day they’d make for great travel pants, too. Available in Regular, Tall, Petite and Plus sizes.

7 / Elation Space Dye 7/8 Tight: Buttery soft and made from sustainable recycled polyester and Lycra. And the warm cinnamon hue looks so cozy. Might make waking up early to squeeze in a mat workout something to look forward to. Available in Regular, Tall and Petite sizes. (Oh! And if you love the look of the whole outfit shown in the collage up there, the matching sports bra is here and the Pranayama wrap is here — LOADS of colors and Regular, Tall, Petite and Plus sizing and 4k+ 5-Star reviews. *adds to cart*)

Athleta Activewear Faves for Out & About

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from The Mom Edit Insider’s Facebook Group, it’s that not everyone is still rocking the same hermit status as me. Working outside of the home, dropping the kiddos at school, eating meals made by people who aren’t, well, you — it’s all happening! I mean, even I pick up the occasional library order or walk to the local gelateria — I suppose it wouldn’t kill me to don some jeans while doing so. That said, here are the Athleta pieces I’m super-intrigued by that transition seamlessly into more of a traditional out-of-the-house wardrobe.

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It's Athleta capsule wardrobe refresh time. We're shopping comfy, high-performing activewear & loungewear that takes us from Zoom to yoga to errands to the couch -- & back -- all w/ a nod to sustainability.

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1 / Edgewater Rain-Out Parka: This is one of the most fashion-forward, genuinely waterproof (not just water-resistant) rain jackets I’ve seen — especially for under $200. It’s got cool architectural styling, with fun volume and kind of a trench coat vibe, but the generously cut hood, sealed seams and zippered pockets make it all business. Love the black, but really into the olive color, too.

2 / Momentum Tank: Soft little performance tank that would be just as easy to pair with jeans and would be perfect under sweaters. Totally seamless, so there’s no chafing or bunching whether you’re working out or just piling on the layers. Anti-odor technology, too.

3 / Cozy Karma Asym Pullover: I love this for all the same reasons I love the Cozy Karma 1/4 Zip Hoodie, above. The funnel neck means it completely disguises whatever you might have underneath (just because I’m leaving the house doesn’t mean I’m not going to at least try to wear jammies), while the asymmetrical tulip hem makes it super-interesting and chic. Available in seven pretty, neutral colors, and Regular, Tall, Petite and Plus sizing.

4 / Leopard Beanie: Why not add a little pop of leopard to make an otherwise simple ensemble feel like you tried a little? (Fake. That. Effort.) Made from recycled materials — and if you’re in the mood to coordinate a bit with the At-Home wardrobe, above, it’s also available in the same warm cinnamon-y color.

5 / Everyday Non-Medical Face Mask: These things were so hot when the pandemic first started that they were hardly ever in stock. Reviews are excellent, colors are perfectly subtle, and at 5/$30, they’re an affordable way to stock up. Not the most technical fit (there’s no nose wire), but the ear loops are adjustable, and they’re triple-layer, which is key.

6 / Sculptek Ultra Skinny Midnight Jean: OK, these have piqued my interest in a biiig way. Are they the secret IT jean that no one is talking about? As much as I loooove all my light-wash, distressed rigid jeans, there’s something about a classic pair of darker wash skinnies that beckons. And even though no one seems to be talking about them, people are most definitely talking about them, because reviews are stellar. They’re rated for hiking, so you know that stretch fit is no joke, too. I feel like these are a must-try. Available in Regular, Tall and Petite.

7 / Brooklyn Lined Jogger: The super-popular Brooklyn Jogger — jersey lined. That means that, for all intents and purposes, they feel like jammies on the inside. Hello, cozy. Intrigued by the Hazelnut brown, which has more of trouser feel — but let’s be real: we know I’d probably go for the black. Loads of technical advantages, and sustainable, too. Available in Regular, Tall and Petite.

And of course now that I’ve been through the Athleta site another dozen times since I first pulled this together, I’m eyeing this Tugga Sherpa Jacket (the ribbed hem and cuffs!); this sustainable puffer and that craaaaazy well-rated Pranayama Wrap I touched on up there, too. Gah.

What are you guys feeling most? Should I (continue to) lean into the cozy, home vibes or try my hand at a few pieces that are made to be seen by the world? (Rain jacket and jeans — I am most definitely looking at you.)

Or maybe we find ourselves in more of an “All of the Above” situation, which always seems a safe bet. 😉 Free shipping on all orders over $50 and free returns on all orders so…why not?

Weigh in, friends!

Big thanks to Athleta and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. Some of my very fondest memories are closely associated with the fantastic Athleta pieces I was wearing at the time, so I’m just tickled to vouch for the brand’s quality. (We’re talking first row at Celine Dion upon the conclusion of chemo, and dang, what I wouldn’t give to have that black bodycon muscle tank maxi-over-mini situation in another color. If you’re reading, design team, please bring it back…?) And as always, big hugs to you, our readers, for reading along and supporting the brands allow us to keep doing our thing. We so appreciate it!

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Oh hey, Pinners! This one’s for you…

It's Athleta capsule wardrobe refresh time. We're shopping comfy, high-performing activewear & loungewear that takes us from Zoom to yoga to errands to the couch -- & back -- all w/ a nod to sustainability.


  1. Last week, I finally got around to order some Athleta masks and was really disappointed to see very recent reviews saying that they’ve changed the fabric since the summer and the new ones are no where near as good. So I didn’t order any. Have any of you guys purchased them recently? Is this true?

  2. I ordered them within the last month so not sure how they compare to earlier versions. The fabric is lightweight and pleated which I like. And the nose is somewhat adjustable, but I find I have the same problem I have with a lot of rectangular masks in that they ride up into my eyes. So, I like them ok, but definitely not the holy grail of masks for me.

  3. I recommend the made to move masks. They do have a wire that works somewhat like it should, and it is not rectangular and is fitted for your nose and chin. I wear them when I power walk and I wore once to an outdoor barre class. They wash well too

  4. I currently have 3 pair of the sculptek jeans. One was a repurchase after the first finally started wearing through the crotch. The sizing on the very first run was way off (had to size down 2) but it’s more normal now. So. Comfy. And in spite of their magical stretchiness, they still read as jeans, not jeggings. Love, love, love. You will probably never get me back into rigid denim.

    • Oh thank you for clarifying that they still read as jeans — I was wondering if they’d feel too jegging-y! Gonna give ’em a shot.

  5. Seconding Renee to say that Sculptek denim is where it’s at… I also have four pairs! The material is sooo soft and the high waist is comfy. I don’t love the new ultra skinny fit (I have two of the older skinnies and two straight legs), but your calves may vary. Try them!!

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear you ladies say this! I’m usually all about the rigid denim but there’s something about jeans that have “hiking” in the description that is verrrry appealing to me. Can’t wait to try them!

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