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One of the biggest jewelry trends we can expect to be seeing this year are chokers.  I know, I know – I can feel the collective eye roll that happens at the mere mention of “chokers”.  I mean, we’ve already lived through the 90’s and survived that decade’s questionable style trends with our dignity (mostly) in check.  (Thank GOD there wasn’t social media then – amirght?) But recently, a wise TME reader Deborah reminded me, ” in fashion, all things that once were will be again.”

She’s right.

So, I caved in to the trend and bought a lovely velvet choker I’ve had my eye on, and was surprised by how much I loved it. The downside, however, was that the choker, well…it choked me.  So I started looking for a less claustrophobic option and found my answer in the leather bolo style necklaces by Vanessa Mooney and others (I also like this one). I adore the boho vibe of these necklaces but because I’m cheap and broke I wasn’t ready to part with $50 or more for basically a few yards of leather cord.  So.  Still desperate to have one, I macguivered my own version using leather cord and a few washers.

Here’s how you can make your own adjustable leather bolo happen tonight for less than $5.00!

diy bolo necklace3

What You Need:

bolo DIY directionsDirections:

All you do is thread the washers through the leather cording so it’s basically the most simple DIY project there is but here are a few tips to help you breeze through it:

  •  Evenly line up both ends of the leather cord before threading the washers through
  • The washers should fit so snuggly that they stay on by themselves and there is resistance when adjusting the washers up or down.
  • If  you have trouble squeezing both ends of the cord through your washer, cut the very bottom of the cord edge at a diagonal angle to create 
  • And voila!

I hope this mini-tutorial inspires some of you into glorious DIY action.

Happy DIY trails!




  1. Aha! What a great post! And, I am so glad to have inspired you…thanks for the mention. The other fun thing about repeat fashion styles is that sometimes a trend won’t really grab you the first time, but the second time it seems like just the thing…case in point for me: Mary Janes. No big love the first time and they did not make an appearance in my wardrobe….but, lately, I can’t quite look away and I wonder “How can I make these work….?” Take care and keep diy-ing!

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