A Minimal-Effort Trend We’re Excited About: Oversized Bags


One of the trends we’re excited about over here for 2024 — oversized bags. It’s the type of ‘trend’ you can easily add to your wardrobe without a total revamp or changing up what you’re used to. (Creature of habit speaking, here — I feel you). There’s a ton out there to choose from. Like a TON. All different sizes (some are large, others are HUGE), different shapes, patterns and fabrics…so I wanted to make sure to do a good mix of ‘em for all different occasions. Beach, everyday activities, running errands…ya know, all the things. 

An oversized bag is always great for its practicality, too (aka stuffing all of the stuffs into one place because I obviously might need that thing and that thing and oop, can’t leave home without that thing either). Or…if you’re a hater of having all things on hand, at the very least it simply looks cute and like an effortless, yet intentional addition to an outfit that makes a big difference to an overall lewk.

Trend Alert: Oversized Bags For Spring 2024

My personal favorite oversized bag style at the moment? A slouchy, boho-esque shoulder bag. It has that easy, effortless feel that I’m going for despite its size. But…okay yeah, I’m eyeing all the others, too. Way too many good ones out there to choose from, but I managed to narrow it down to a top ten. Round of applause for that, please.

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1. Free People Roma Suede Tote Bag

free people bag

At Free People

I definitely did not think this particular tealish color was something I would gravitate towards in a bag but it got me, guys! I fell for that suede fabric, too. This is that perfectly slouchy bag I mentioned above that I’m trying to refrain from buying but inevitably will end up in my cart. Definitely check out all those other colors, too…there’s only 12. No biggie.

2. Banana Republic Factory Vegan Leather Slouchy Tote

slouchy bag

At Banana Republic Factory

You can never go wrong with a simple black bag, but that slouch and size make it a little more statement-y and…special. Business chic, but perfectly casual-enough for every day life.

3. rag & bone Remi Shopper Tote


At Shopbop

Because would it really be a bag roundup if I didn’t include a silver metallic one? I think NOT. And this one? Oh, it’s good. I thought maaaybe a metallic bag this size would feel overwhelming but something about it just works. I think the crinkled, worn fabric, skinny straps and simple shape keep it somewhat grounded. Definitely a splurge, but boy…I am in need of this thing! Serotonin BOOSTED.

4. Anthropologie Raffia Checkered Angular Tote

oversized bags

At Anthropologie

I kinda have a thing for checkered anything (as I stare at my giant checkered carpet). I also have a thing for the color green, so this bag was a no-brainer. But, it does come in a brown color-way too that’s super tempting. I’d say this bag is a chic way to make checkers work, and even though it has that raffia material, it’d still work all-year-round. I can’t deny that I could see it as the perfect spring-to-summer bag, though for picnics, park days and all the activities in-between.

5. Isabel Marant Darwen Stripe Jacquard Tote

oversized bags

At Nordstrom

Did I have to include an Isabel Marant bag? Yes, yes I did. It’s the type of bag you’d have around forever. Whether you’re in need of a fun mom bag, travel bag, beach bag…activity bag? This thing is perfect for all of it. And don’t those stripes and colors just make ya happy?

6. Anthropologie The Love Knot Slouchy Bag

oversized bags

At Anthropologie

There’s something about the way this bag hangs (check out the black color to see it on someone). Simple, sleek but decidedly not boring with the knot detail, luxe faux leather and that drape. It’s all about that drape.

7. Banana Republic Factory Paper Straw Shopper Tote

oversized bags

At Banana Republic

I freakin’ love this thing. I tend to gravitate towards darker colors even in the spring and summer, so this bag felt like the perfect balance. It still reads warm weather without the brightness and colorful colors. The shape, too. So good. I can imagine in my most romanticized life that I’d casually carry this around as I run errands and pick up some flowers for myself and oh-so-effortlessly pop them into this bag.

8. Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

oversized bags

At Amazon

If you wanna try out an oversized bag, but aren’t quite sure if you’ll like it…this one from Amazon is a great price ($26-30 depending on the color) and comes in all the perfect neutrals. Make sure to click through and check out all the photos to get a feel for how it’s structured. It’s way more casual and slouchy in the wild. A reviewer said it looks vintage and I can see what they mean. It’s the kinda bag I could pull out of my moms closet and gasp at how dare she not wear it in years.

9. LSPACE Voyager Cooler Tote

cooler bag

At Anthropologie

Would you believe me if I said this doubles as a cooler? Because I didn’t believe it at first until I inspected it further and saw the insulated material that…get this…you can remove. I love a multifunctional closet piece. Practicality, forever. And I mean, it’s just the most gorgeous ‘cooler’ I ever did see. It’s a great catch-all, mama-going-to-the-park and running around with kids kinda bag (and most importantly, the snacks and drinks will stay the perfect temp, ohhhh yes). I might have to test it out…for work research purposes…

10. Free People Slouchy Carryall

free people oversized bags

At Free People

This bag’s similar to the first one I talked about, but instead of suede it’s faux leather in ALL the fun colors and neutrals (12 to be exact), and it has a single long strap instead of two. Yes, yes…I do like my neutrals and darker shades (as mentioned above), but I can’t deny that sometimes a girl wants a statement bag for some fun. And this red color is doing exactly that for me.

From one bag lover to another — treat yourself.



  1. I literally have the BR Vegan slouchy tote but in matte silver linen that’s at least 15 years old. It’s even from BR! I’ve tried to sell it a two different consignment stores over the years (once last year!) and neither bit, so it looks like this is the year to rewear it!

    I also have a giant metallic silver Kate Spade, looks like this will be my summer, lol.

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